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The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui - (Part 5)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 7 June 2019

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In our previous article, we shared the Classical Feng Shui methods of identifying the wealth sectors in your home, and Master David explained the major flaws of these methods. Here’s a brief summary of these methods and their shortcomings.

The major flaws of Classical Feng Shui methods

1. 45 Degree Method

no door (1)

It’s a simple and generalised method which doesn't require any extensive calculations or even the analysis of your home floor plan. Most importantly, it disregards the year of construction of the house and the birth charts (Bazi) of the occupants. Both are crucial components in the authentic practice of Feng Shui.

2. Purple White Methodology (Xuan Kong Eight Mansion)

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Likewise, the Purple White Methodology is oversimplified as it assumes that there are only eight types of houses available. It ignores the year in which the house was constructed and is unable to offer any prediction or forecast of events that occupants may experience – something that differentiates an authentic Feng Shui master from a generic one.

Because Classical Feng Shui doesn’t take into account these factors that are integral to administering the most effective Feng Shui solutions, the result is a diluted methodology of Imperial Feng Shui application.

In this article, Master David shares the most common Classical Feng Shui methods used to activate the wealth sectors in your home and explains why these methods consistently fail to produce meaningful results.

Why do Classical Feng Shui masters compromise and offer these solutions?

  • It's easier to offer ‘remedies’ that are readily available.

  • It's convenient and lucrative to offer synthetic crystals or man-made artefacts due to their low cost and enormous profit margins.

  • It's easy to attract customers using gimmicks or hype.  

Why does Master David insist on preserving the heritage and culture of Imperial Feng Shui?

Similar to the master watch craftsmen who dedicate their lives to their art, Master David champions authenticity and heritage of Imperial Feng Shui.

Since day one, Master David insists on using natural and authentic precious gems that Imperial Feng Shui masters of the past have applied for Chinese emperors and royal families.

His relentless commitment and result-oriented approach have helped many clients to achieve breakthroughs and important career, relationship and business milestones in their lives.

Backed by three generations of Imperial Feng Shui expertise, there are no compromises for Master David, who holds himself to the highest standards.

Hear it from our blessed clients:

Johnson Ng


Throughout his career, Johnson has never had problems building chemistry with his clients. But he soon realised that real estate was a whole new challenge. He struggled to earn any commission. Then came the breakthrough. Many deals started to fall in the right place for him, and clients would come to him. By 2018, he had become one of his organisation's top 15% highest-performing agents. 

Candy full video


Everyone has a milestone in life. For Candy, it's seeing her beauty and lifestyle products business finally make 6 figures in sales annually. But it wasn't always a bed of roses for her. Her Fine Jadeite Midas Touch is a celebration of not just her crowning achievement, but also her journey to success.

Imperial Harvest Stories - Louise, Financial Advisor


Louise was facing a number of challenges in her career when she visited Master David in May 2016. There, she was introduced to the Fine Jadeite Grand Wealth God and the Sandalwood Beads. A job promotion followed 6 months later, culminating in a career switch to the insurance industry, where she earned her first five-figure income just 1 month into her new role as a financial advisor. After engaging Master David to conduct a home Feng Shui audit, she has also seen her daughter achieve her academic breakthrough.

Debunking the myths of classical Feng Shui methods

1. Water Feature/fountain

water no

The set-up of water features are often recommended to activate wealth sectors. The rationale behind using a water feature is that water represents wealth.

ql portrait (1)

However, water features were never found in the imperial court, the emperor's study room or anywhere in the forbidden palace.

ql room (2)

The water feature is a modern invention used by classical Feng Shui practitioners whose goal is to devise cookie-cutter Feng Shui cures.

Classical Feng Shui masters have misinterpreted the meaning of the water star in the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star and conveniently misuse such modern solutions to their advantage.

2.  Pixiu/Tian Lu


The Pixiu (貔貅), also known as Tian Lu (天祿) is a Chinese mythical creature which is rumoured to have the ability to garner wealth for their owners. However, many may not know that the Pixiu is a hype that originated in Taiwan.

Quick thinking and unscrupulous businessmen started exploiting this mythical legend and market the Pixiu as a quick and easy remedy to activate the wealth sector. Most Pixiu are carved out of fake crystals or synthetic jade. Unfortunately, many people fell prey to these hypes and gimmicks.

3. Amethyst Crystal Geode Cave

a mount

The amethyst crystal geode cave is another common product recommended by classical Feng Shui masters, making it affordable and easily available to purchase. Many classical Feng shui masters use it for attracting wealth.

However, it is important to note that the amethyst crystal cave is considered a fire mountain structure in the study of Imperial Feng Shui. The sharp edges in the amethyst cave create Sha Qi which causes disharmony & poor health.

As mentioned in part 1 of this series, fire mountain structures are considered inauspicious and can cause lawsuits, destruction of wealth and even disharmony at home. A word of caution, Master David strongly discourages the application of the amethyst crystal geode cave.

4. Liu Li


With its bright colours and delicate designs, Liu Li is another gimmick and decorative piece commonly used by Classical Feng Shui masters. Being a synthetic material, the colours are created after undergoing an intense heat treatment. Man-made and artificial, Liu Li is another unproven Feng Shui remedy that inherently doesn't possess any auspicious energy that brings luck.

Armed with three generations of Imperial Feng Shui expertise, Master David is committed to reviving the art of Imperial Feng Shui using closely guarded knowledge and precious earthly treasures, the same ones that were once exclusive to Chinese emperors and royalties.

In the next article, Master David will reveal the step-by-step process of an Imperial Feng shui audit, methodology and how Imperial Feng Shui masters remedy the Feng shui of royal families in the past.

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