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Summer: The Season of Abundance

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 14 May 2021

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In both past and present Chinese culture, summer is widely regarded as the season of abundance, auspiciousness and achievement. 

Regarded as the most Yang (阳) season in the eternal Yin-Yang (阴阳) cycle, summer is closely associated with passion, growth and brightness. The season harnesses a deep, intense energy to fuel breakthroughs. 

It leads eventually to the Summer Solstice, a time of exhilaration, prosperity and growth. 

Mangzhong (芒种): The Promise of Blessed Harvests 

Prior to the Summer Solstice, the auspicious season of Mangzhong begins. 

In ancient China, this was the period where farmers sowed their seeds for the upcoming harvest. In a modern day context, it is when the metaphorical seeds of prosperity can be sown for the season. This is in apt accordance with Mangzhong’s rainy climate––perfect for the growth and blossoming of young crops. 

For this very reason, Mangzhong is affectionately known as the season of new beginnings. It is when the old is washed away and willingly forgone in anticipation of the new. A season of hope, Mangzhong symbolises the dawn of immense growth and new beginnings. 

2021_May_Summer_The Season of Abundance-1 

In celebration of Mangzhong, the Imperial Harvest QING Collection boasts a groundbreaking design with sophisticated originality. The Jadeite cabochon, resemblant of a seed, complements the modern wearer. Simultaneously, it blesses them with the benefits of Imperial Feng Shui. With greater power, wealth and authority, every individual’s unlimited potential can be realised. 

2021_May_Summer_The Season of Abundance-2

To commemorate the joyous season of Mangzhong, the Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection ushers wealth and prosperity into its owners’ households. By activating the water star (direct and indirect wealth sectors), Imperial Harvest crystals empower their owners to thrive with multiple growing streams of income. Mangzhong’s intimate connection with rain renders it an ideal season for the acquisition of Imperial Harvest Crystals. With their assistance, individuals and their families are able to challenge boundaries, scale new heights and experience astounding breakthroughs. 

A season of reinvention and growth, Mangzhong is a jovial period of both celebration and diligence. 

Summer Solstice (夏至): Ritual Offerings at The Temple of Earth

Each year, celebratory summer festivities peak during the Summer Solstice. 

Historically, court officials, farmers and commoners alike seized the Summer Solstice as a golden opportunity to worship the God of Earth. The God of Earth, known in Chinese as 土地公 or 大伯公 (Tua Pek Gong), also governs direct wealth (正财).

In particular, consecutive generations of the royal family were devoted patrons to the God of Earth. Esteemed rulers of ancient Chinese dynasties, their reverent worship ignited great wealth, amity and abundance for their people. 

2021_May_Summer_The Season of Abundance-3

The God of Earth, a wealth god, is a highly popular deity in the pantheon of celestial beings. A benevolent deity, he blesses his devotees with bountiful harvests each summer.  

The God of Earth’s prominence was amplified significantly during the Ming Dynasty, during which numerous sites worshipping him were specially commissioned by several emperors.

2021_May_Summer_The Season of Abundance-4

A highly erudite ruler, Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty commissioned the building of the Temple of Earth in 1530. Located in the north of Beijing, the Temple of Earth pays apt homage to Earth’s association with the north direction. Its square-shaped architectural footprint also is also intricately interwoven with the Chinese belief “天圆地方” (literally translated into “Round Sky, Square Earth”). 

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, emperors would ascend the Temple of Earth to worship the God of Earth. Conducted with flair every Summer Solstice, their ritual offerings guaranteed an upcoming season of exuberance and plenteousness for the agricultural industry.

Emperor Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty was a wise individual who recognised the utmost importance of ritual worship. A strong believer of Imperial Feng Shui, Emperor Qian Long regularly donned fine white jadeite, in accordance with his favourable Metal element. Annually, he ascended the Temple of Earth with grandiose prayers for the God of Earth. With premium Agarwood and Sandalwood beads, he would solicit the God of Earth’s blessings for a year of prosperous harvests. His dedication accounts for why the Qing Dynasty enjoyed tremendous wealth, harmony and prosperity like no other under his reign. 

2021_May_Summer_The Season of Abundance-5

2021_May_Summer_The Season of Abundance-6 (1)

Agarwood is revered as the King of scented wood while Sandalwood is revered as its Queen. In Imperial Feng Shui, the former expands direct wealth capacity while the latter improves indirect wealth capacity. Direct wealth capacity is associated with income potential achieved through career progression, business deals, sales and other regular sources of income. Contrastingly, indirect wealth capacity refers to the income potential derived from investments, trading and other infrequent income sources. 

Imperial Harvest’s premium Agarwood and Sandalwood collections celebrate the tradition of ritual worship during the Summer Solstice. They pay tribute to the God of Earth for his benevolence, attracting similar prosperity to their wearers. 

2021_May_Summer_The Season of Abundance-7 (2)

In tribute to the ritual worship of the God of Earth, Imperial Harvest simultaneously exhibits our Five Wealth Gods Collection. The God of Earth, known by his numerous titles, also governs direct wealth (正财). Widely worshipped, he attracts powerful benefactors for his devotees. 

In Chinese history, there are five wealth gods, responsible for the stewardship of five different arenas of wealth: career, business, investment, trading and windfall. These Wealth Gods are the most powerful manifestations of auspicious luck in Chinese culture, and are an essential collection for those aspiring to alter their luck for the better to achieve breakthroughs and successes. 

Bliss of Harvest (圆满豐收): A Respected Tradition 

Ancient Chinese dynasties depended heavily on agriculture for a stable source of livelihood. Naturally, this meant that bountiful harvests were received with utmost gratitude. A successful harvest heralded the colder seasons with plenteousness, prosperity and luck. 

2021_May_Summer_The Season of Abundance-8 (1)

Master David thoughtfully celebrates the significance of century-old Summer Solstice traditions and histories by presenting his newly designed Bliss of Harvest Rings. Inspired by the complex and unique architecture of the Temple of Earth, the Bliss of Harvest Rings are exquisite works of wearable art. With great reverence towards the Temple of Earth, they are designed to encourage wealth, abundance and success. 

Join us in commemorating this season of growth, prosperity and joy!

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2021 Qinan Collection

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 07 May 2021

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Imperial Harvest presents our exquisitely hand-crafted 2021 Qinan (奇楠) Agarwood collection.

所谓 “三世修来善因缘,今生得闻奇楠香”

Qinan is the most elusive tier of Agarwood. Many Agarwood connoisseurs often believe that an individual can only experience the heavenly scent of Qinan after three lifetimes of meritorious deeds. 

Its rarity and value have been highly prized since the Han Dynasty, when Du Fu, one of the most famous poets of the era wrote "山租输海贝,市舶贱迦楠". This means “Like a sea shell outweighing the rental income from a mountain, a single piece of Qinan Agarwood is worth more than a municipal ship.”

The Imperial Harvest 2021 Qinan Agarwood collection exhibits the five alluring tiers of premium Qinan:

(1)    White Qinan 金丝白奇楠 

(2)    Green Qinan 莺歌绿奇楠 

(3)    Purple Qinan 紫奇楠 

(4)    Yellow Qinan 黄奇楠 

(5)    Black Qinan 黑奇楠 

Each precious piece of Qinan Agarwood is meticulously hand carved with auspicious designs to enhance its natural beauty and power.

Black Qinan (铁结黑奇楠) Mystic Knot

Resin pattern: When sliced open, distinct streaks of black resin reveal themselves on the Black Qinan Agarwood’s surface. Glistening and glimmering, they resemble the elegant glamour of a tranquil night sky.

Scent characteristics: The Black Qinan Agarwood exudes comforting notes of herbal and botanical fragrance. This gentle aroma refreshes and invigorates the soul.

Aging and Maturation: More than 1250 years

Black Qinan Mystic Knot

The mystic knot is the sixth of eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism. Religious scholars have proposed that the mystic knot was presented to Buddha when he first attained enlightenment. Indeed, the mystic knot is found engraved on the sole of Gautama Buddha’s feet, as well as on the chest of the supreme hindu deity, Vishnu. 

Also found inscribed on clay seals from the Indus Valley Civilisation (circa 2500 B.C.E.), the mystic knot symbolises the powerful ability to overcome adversities. Since ancient times, peoples across the Asian region have regaled it as an emblem of prosperity and fortune. Today, Imperial Harvest Feng Shui, alongside Buddhists, Jainists, Hindus and even the Celtics, regularly feature the mystic knot in our blessed Treasures. 

Black Qinan Mystic Knot

Coupled with the auspiciousness of Black Qinan Agarwood, the mystic knot manifests opportunities for its ambitious wearers. Adorners of the Imperial Harvest Black Qinan Mystic Knot are blessed with abundant auspicious luck and mental clarity. Their sharpened intuition empowers their career progression. Simultaneously, it shields and protects them from setbacks and adversities. 

Exquisite Yellow Qinan (金丝结黄奇楠) Lingzhi

Resin pattern: When revered in all of its grandeur, the Yellow Qinan Agarwood reveals a full-bodied honey-coloured resin lining which resembles luscious golden silk. 

Scent characteristics: The Yellow Qinan Agarwood boasts a sophisticated fragrance. Its top note resembles that of amber with hints of cinnamon. Its middle note is full-bodied yet tender, with a calming floral scent. Finally, the bottom note concludes with an alluringly aromatic spice and smokiness reminiscent of well-aged cognac. 

Aging and Maturation: More than 1500 years

Exquisite Yellow Qinan Lingzhi

Lingzhi is one of the most auspicious motifs in Imperial Feng Shui. As the fungi’s shape resembles the head of ruyi sceptres, it is associated with the ruyi and its meaning of 'everything as you wish it'.

In ancient China, it was widely believed that Lingzhi would be discovered when a virtuous ruler was guarding the throne. It was a highly coveted and welcome sign that an empire would be peaceful and prosperous. 

Needless to say, this rendered the Lingzhi highly popular with Chinese emperors. When the Lingzhi was discovered during Emperor Wudi’s reign of the Western Han dynasty, he wrote poems in its praise, declared an amnesty for all prisoners, and donated food and wine to a hundred households. 

The Lingzhi’s association with prosperity was also borne out during the Han Emperor Wudi’s 54 year reign, since it is one of the longest in imperial history. 

Exquisite Yellow Qinan Lingzhi

Similar to how the discovery of Lingzhi symbolised blessings from the heaven for the Chinese rulers, Imperial Harvest Yellow Qinan Ling Zhi (金丝结黄奇楠灵芝) blesses the wearer with long-lasting success, opportunities and benefactors at every stage of their business, career, investment and trading ventures. 

Fine Purple Qinan (精品紫奇楠) Imperial Dragon

Resin pattern: A slice through the Purple Qinan Agarwood reveals a reddish-purple resin that meanders elegantly and intricately throughout its entire body.

Scent characteristics: The Purple Qinan Agarwood touts a robust aroma. Its top note emanates a smooth and subtle floral scent which makes for a delightful first impression. This lighter scent develops and matures into a graceful almond-like mastic aroma. 

Aging and Maturation: More than 2000 years

05.07_Qinan Collection_2021-purple-1

Since the early days of ancient Chinese history, the Imperial Dragon has been highly revered as the most auspicious emblem of wealth, power and authority. The Imperial Dragon is respected as the greatest divine force on earth.

According to ancient Chinese legends, the powerful and well-respected Yellow Emperor (黄帝) achieved immortalisation as a dragon at the end of his reign. This enabled and facilitated his honourable ascent to heaven. 

In line with the famous myth, Chinese emperors were often referred to as the glorious "descendants of the dragon” as they venerated the Yellow Emperor as their distinguished ancestor. This accounts for the presence of the dragon motifs on the Emperor’s robe, throne and throughout the imperial palace. 

Fine Purple Qinan Imperial Dragon

In a similar vein, by meticulously carving the Imperial Dragon motif onto Purple Qinan Agarwood of magnificent quality, the Imperial Harvest Fine Purple Qinan Imperial Dragon is an emblem of prosperity and success. It empowers its wearer in all aspects of life, blessing them with utmost wealth, power and authority in all endeavours. 

Green Qinan (绿莺歌) Laughing Buddha

Resin pattern: The surface of Green Qinan Agarwood is a dark blueish green. This is a result of its rich and dense resin being infused with agarwood fibre. The interior cross-section of the Green Qinan Agarwood, when sliced open, features a tasteful blend of yellow-green Qinan resin.

Scent characteristics: The Green Qinan Agarwood harnesses three heavenly tiers of distinct scent: refreshing, honey-like and mastic. The three distinct scents, when intertwined, create an olfactory symphony of distinct aroma with every whiff. 

Aging and Maturation: 2500 years and above

Green Qinan Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha with a big belly is a symbol of the future Buddha, referred to as Bodhisattva Maitreya. Etymologically, “Maitreya” is derived from the Sanskrit word maitri, which means benevolence, amity, goodwill and kindness. With a widespread influence across the Asia Pacific region, from Vietnam and Japan to India and China, the Laughing Buddha’s image of limitless compassion is a powerful symbol. It is emblematic of everlasting joviality, abundance and auspiciousness. 

Described as in a state of constant meditation, the Laughing Buddha is a figure of Nirvana. In Nirvana, deemed the final goal of Buddhism, suffering ceases to exist. Mind, heart, body and soul are unified in peace and tranquility, with the individual released from all cycles of suffering. Liberated and enlightened, an individual who has attained Nirvana is in an eternally idyllic and abundant state. 

Green Qinan Laughing Buddha

The Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Laughing Buddha, an elegant infusion of culture and Imperial Feng Shui, blesses its wearer with the eternal joy and prosperity of the Laughing Buddha. It attracts and manifests opportunities sought after by the wearer, bestowing them with fortune and happiness. Furthermore, it also inspires the sustenance of a positive and groundbreaking mentality.  

White Qinan (金丝白奇楠) Guan Yin

Resin Characteristics: The presence of active tissues in the White Qinan Agarwood creates a strong contrast between its active fibres (white-brownish patches) and dark resins. A minute incision on the White Qinan Agarwood’s surface reveals a dark and rich Agarwood resin underneath its white exterior. Over time, the incised area will heal, restoring its signature White Qinan Agarwood surface. 

Scent characteristics: The White Qinan Agarwood possesses five heavenly tiers of fragrance. Its aroma develops from cooling to honey-like, thereafter taking on a mastic note. It eventually exudes a refreshing floral and fruity scent. Each fragrance tier is distinctive, diffusive and strong without being overbearing.

Aging and Maturation: 3000 years and above

White Qinan Guan Yin

In East Asian tradition, the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is more commonly known as Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy). Instead of being a male figure, she is the female spiritual embodiment of compassion and mercy. 

The 33 manifestations of Guan Yin are known to bestow her devotees with bountiful luck and groundbreaking growth. They promote and elevate success in multiple endeavours, regardless of their nature.

Naturally, it is for this very reason that East Asia is scattered with a countless number of temples dedicated to Guan Yin. Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto, Mount Putuo in Zhejiang and Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple in Singapore are frequented as cultural icons by tourists, and as sanctified sites of worship by a massive number of devotees. 

The Heart Sutra, attributed largely to Guan Yin, was developed by Master Xuanzang (602-664 A.D.), a Chinese scholar and monk with ministerial ancestors during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Erudite and deeply introspective, he recognised the merits of Guan Yin as a powerful source of strength and transformation. 

White Qinan Guan Yin

At Imperial Harvest, we similarly recognise the wisdom, kindness and power of Guan Yin in effecting positive changes of fate. The Imperial Harvest White Qinan Guan Yin endows its wearer with the capacity to forge their desired destinies.

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Imperial Harvest Stories - Hideyoshi

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 27 April 2021

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Hideyoshi is a site management associate at a US clinical research company. 

In 2018, he was working as a research nurse in a local hospital while studying his Masters part-time. Life was hectic and stressful as he had to juggle between the two. 

Prior to his visit at Imperial Harvest, he had consulted several Feng Shui masters but seen no tangible breakthroughs in his life. Hence he decided to consult Master David after being referred by a friend. 

“Prior to my visit at Imperial Harvest, I had the experience of consulting and meeting different Feng Shui masters. So I was really impressed with Imperial Harvest’s level of professionalism and customer-centric approach.” 

Fine Lavender Jadeite Ammonite of Fortunes

Hideyoshi was prescribed with the Fine Jadeite Ammonite of Fortunes to assist him in achieving career breakthroughs. 

A chain of positive changes soon followed after he acquired his first Imperial Harvest treasure. Not only was he coping a lot better academically, he was also presented with more opportunities to propel his career forward. 

In May 2019, he was headhunted for his current role which was what he had always wanted to pursue. On top of that, he was offered a pay raise and an attractive remuneration package. 

After witnessing the improvement in his career, he decided to get his second Imperial Harvest treasure; a bracelet that consists of a mixture of Agarwood and Sandalwood beads in 2019 to boost his direct and indirect wealth capacity for his career and investments. 

India Old Mountain Sandalwood (Yellow Meat) and Fallen Log Agarwood (Purple Meat)

In the same year, he had his home Feng Shui evaluated by Master David and acquired his first Imperial Harvest Crystal (Golden Toad) to activate the auspicious water star sector which governs wealth and prosperity. 

Golden Toad Crystal

In March 2020, he acquired his fourth Imperial Harvest treasure, the Fine Jadeite Cabochon Ring with diamond to usher greater wealth and career breakthroughs. 

Fine Jadeite Yellow Cabochon Ring with Diamond

Subsequently in January 2021, Hideyoshi returned to have a review session with his consultant, Erika, where he shared his current concerns and goals. With her recommendation, Hideyoshi acquired the Imperial White Inkstone to activate the authority sector of his house. 

Blog_270421_IHS_Hideyoshi_White Inkstone (2)

In April 2021, he achieved another career breakthrough as he received a letter of promotion which caught him by surprise.  

"This is a very rare opportunity for someone who is relatively new to the company as it takes a few years for someone new to the company to receive promotion in a short time. I am very proud of my achievements and would like to thank Erika and Imperial Harvest for your support and guidance over the years." - Hideyoshi

IHS Hideyoshi (YTFB) Final

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Supreme Wealth God – Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 07 April 2021

Xuan Tian Shang Di is widely worshipped as the Supreme Wealth God, ideal for those who are looking for the highest level of financial breakthroughs and successes in their ventures and endeavours. 

Fine Jadeite Supreme Wealth God

To commemorate the birthday of Xuan Tian Shang Di on 14 April 2021 (3rd day of the 3rd lunar month), we share his history and the three important wealth features of the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Supreme Wealth God.


During the fall of the Shang Dynasty, Yuanshi Tianzun (元始天尊) ordered the Jade Emperor (玉皇) to appoint Xuan Tian Shang Di as the commander of twelve heavenly legions to fight the Demon King. Xuan Tian Shang Di defeated the Demon King and was subsequently granted the title of Mysterious Heavenly Highest Deity.

Fine Jadeite Supreme Wealth God

It is from this legend that revered Xuan Tian Shang Di as one of the highest-ranking deities, only next to the Jade Emperor. In temples dedicated to him, the tortoise and serpent under the feet of his glorious image signifies that the good always prevails over evil.

Three Important Wealth Features of Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝)

1. Seven Star Sword 北斗七星剑

Supreme Wealth God Seven Star SwordSeven Star Sword is the most powerful weapon of prosperity. It commands cosmic energies from the seven major constellations in the universe to help its destined owner to achieve a quantum leap in their career and business venture.

2. Serpent 金灵蛇

Supreme Wealth God Serpent
The Serpent is the mythical creature known to bless the destined owner with sharp business acumen and foresight to spot lucrative business opportunities. 

Acumen refers to intuition and the ability to make decisions with limited data and information. This trait is extremely important for one to achieve wealth and successes. When an opportunity is widely publicised by the media, it is no longer worth pursuing. 

An example would be the advent of E-commerce and drop-shipping businesses which has led many early adopters to become newly minted millionaires. 

3. Turtle 乌龟

Supreme Wealth God turtle
The Turtle is another mythical creature known to bless the destined owner with wisdom and knowledge to navigate treacherous business markets and rise to the top echelons of the industry. It also blesses the destined owner with mentor and benefactor luck. 

Superlative Imperial Harvest Jadeite

An Imperial Harvest Jadeite is meant to last a lifetime. Armed with a brand promise to prosper every generation, Master David embarked on the painstaking and arduous journey to source raw jadeite boulders in Myanmar. 

Fine Jadeite Supreme Wealth God

Savoir Faire

Fine Jadeite Supreme Wealth God

Master David leads the Imperial Harvest team of expert craftsmen to masterfully hand-carve and hand-polish every single Imperial Harvest from raw jadeite through to a piece of fine art. 

The combination of Imperial Harvest’s stringent standards and unparalleled craftsmanship produces the most precious Imperial Feng Shui treasures. 

Fine Jadeite Supreme Wealth God

As the Imperial Harvest’s master craftsmen undertake an impeccable amount of detail and effort to complete a piece of Imperial Harvest masterpiece, each Imperial Harvest jadeite is a treasured family heirloom that is proudly passed down for generations.

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Imperial Harvest Stories - Desy

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 26 March 2021

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Blog_210325_IH Stories Desy_Desy

Desy is a serial entrepreneur whose business interests span food supply, healthcare supply and franchise management. Today, her businesses are growing faster than ever. This is a far cry from 2018, when she was struggling to keep her toy business afloat. The turning point in her business came when she consulted Imperial Harvest.

At Imperial Harvest, Desy met our senior consultant, Jowel. 

“Personally, I think Jowel is a very good consultant. During our first consultation, he shared with me the philosophy of Imperial Feng Shui, my chart’s insights such as my favourable elements and auspicious colours. It was a very insightful session.” - Desy 

In December 2018, Desy acquired her first Imperial Harvest treasure, the Fine Jadeite Lavender Grand Wealth God. Soon after wearing her first Imperial Harvest treasure, she began to experience a series of positive changes in her life. 

Fine Jadeite Lavender Grand Wealth God

She saw an uptick in her benefactor luck and was presented with many new opportunities, one of which was a major driver in helping her to pivot to the food supply industry. 

During her review session in January 2019, Desy decided to acquire the Imperial Harvest Agarwood to expand her wealth capacity. In the short span of 10 months, she managed to secure several contracts with major F&B franchises around the region and grow her business rapidly.

Imperial Harvest Agarwood

In October 2019, she invited Master David to audit her house Feng Shui and installed the Imperial White Ink Stone at the direct wealth sector to boost her power and authority. Shortly after, she was given the opportunity to be the ingredient supplier of a multi-billion dollar fast food chain. 

Imperial White Ink Stone

In December 2019, she acquired the Imperial Harvest Money Bag crystal in a bid to support her business expansion plans. One and a half months later, she hatched a new idea and decided to start an online healthcare business. The online business picked up momentum within two weeks of operations.

Imperial Harvest Crystal

“Despite the circuit-breaker period in Singapore, my online business continued to operate without any hiccups and generated high profits every month. I am really amazed by the power of Imperial Harvest Treasures.” - Desy  

In July 2020, Desy went on to acquire the Exquisite Jadeite Ring to supercharge her wealth capacity. Most recently in January 2021, she was invited to join a leading supermarket chain in the region as a supplier.

Exquisite Jadeite Ring

To her delight, she was not the only one who benefited from her Imperial Harvest treasures as her daughter also topped her school cohort and was offered a scholarship to read her diploma even though she was only in secondary two. Heartened by the results, she recently added the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain to activate the benefactor sector of her house. 

Qian Long Jadeite Mountain
“My journey with Imperial Harvest has been very fulfilling. I am happy to see my business growing year after year. I have enjoyed a fruitful and happy working relationship with Master David and Jowel. With the companion and blessings of my Imperial Harvest Treasures, I believe there are no limits to what I can achieve.” - Desy 
IHS Desy (YTFB Final - compressed).mp4

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Imperial Harvest QING Collection

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 24 March 2021

The Qing Golden Age under Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong was the most prosperous era of China’s dynastic history. Under their wise and benevolent rule, there was a flourishing in arts, culture, architecture and innovation.

The Imperial Harvest QING Collection is inspired by this age of unparalleled prosperity.

Rise of Cosmopolitan Art and Architecture

The Qing emperors were themselves often skilled in painting and calligraphy, and became influential patrons to traditional art and Confucian culture. The Qianlong Emperor famously wrote thousands of poems during his lifetime, and owned a vast collection of art from China, Europe, Japan, and India.

It was also during this time that a dialogue between the artistic styles of east and west began, under the encouragement of the emperors. Italian missionary Giuseppe Castiglione arrived in China in 1715, and served as a court painter under the Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong emperors.

Castiglione adeptly applied his western training to the prevailing tastes, creating a new innovative style of court painting. He became so respected that he was even appointed as an official of the third-rank by the Emperor. 


One of the earliest known paintings by Giuseppe Castiglione blends Chinese and Western styles, 1723

The Qianlong Emperor’s taste for a harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western artistic styles would eventually find its way into royal architecture. In 1747, the Emperor commissioned Castiglione for the design and construction of the Western-Style Palaces in the imperial gardens of the Old Summer Palace with assistance from other Jesuits such as Jean-Denis Attiret.

blog_230321_summer palace

A historic drawing of the Old Summer Palace designed and built by Giuseppe Castiglione. The architecture incorporated both Eastern and Western artistic styles

He also commissioned the French Jesuit Michel Benoist to design a series of timed waterworks and fountains complete with underground machinery and pipes for the amusement of the imperial family.

The Evolution of Qing Imperial Jewellery

Before Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong, Qing imperial jewellery served the sole purpose of blessing the wearer with safety, good fortune, and longevity. This was achieved through the use of auspicious motifs and natural materials.

To reinforce the superiority of the imperial family, Qing imperial jewellery would incorporate aspects from other ethnic groups into their Manchu traditions. This meant the use of precious gold, gemstones, jewels, and woods to create traditional yet visually diverse Manchu motifs. Dong pearls were particularly favoured as they came from the ancestral homeland of the Manchus.


Gilt hairpin worn by Manchu women during the Qing Dynasty

From the time of Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong, the jewellery of the Qing Court became increasingly lavish, fashion-focused and started to take on an east-meets-west aesthetic. Whilst jewellery pieces produced for Imperial Rites continued to adhere strictly to traditional Imperial  standards, fashionable jewellery for Manchu women began to evolve and incorporate Western jewellery techniques such as lapidary, enameling, and inlay.

blog_230321_manchu woman

Manchu woman wearing jewellery in the form of a hairpin during the Qing Dynasty

Gold was a favoured material as a glimmering representation of money and prosperity. Jewellery pieces were often adorned with precious gemstones.

The use of natural materials and the pursuit of elegance led to graceful curves and fluid compositions, exemplified by the deceptively simple rosary. It was common for Qing men and women to wear long prayer beads. Each bead, crafted from precious wood, was perfectly round. Yet with other beads, they form an endless loop that gracefully hung around the neck, representing the nature cycle of life.

Imperial Harvest reimagines Qing Imperial Jewellery with the launch of QING collection.

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochon is inspired by Imperial Rites and shaped by Western Lapidary

Inspired by Imperial Rites and Rituals, Imperial Harvest designed and commissioned five gemological cuts of Imperial Harvest jadeite cabochon.

1. Octagon

blog_240321_octagon cut new

5.Octagon-Cut Jadeite-pandant

Imperial Harvest’s patented octagon-cut jadeite cabochon boasts eight iconic chamfered edges, paying tribute to the Eight Trigrams (Bagua). Just as the Eight Trigrams are building blocks of the Chinese civilization, this stunning design by Master David empowers the wearer to be the architect of their own future and the master of their own destiny.

The study of the Eight Trigrams is carefully documented in the Book of Change - an important classic revered through the ages. The Eight Trigrams were applied extensively in the development of architecture, traditional Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, philosophy and martial arts. “Early Heaven” Bagua was used in the planning of the locations of the most significant sites for Imperial worships - the Temples of Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon in Beijing.

2. Round

blog_240321_round cut new

blog_240321_round cut pendant new

Our round-cut jadeite cabochon is an elegantly shaped jadeite cabochon that displays the highest level of natural beauty and brilliance. It also emphasizes the translucency of the jadeite and its interaction with light.

It is inspired by the Chinese geographical philosophy of a ‘Round Heaven and Square Earth’ (天圆地方), which has influenced the design of Chinese currency (round bronze coins with square holes) and the most iconic buildings in China such as the Temple of Heaven and the Imperial Palace.

The round-cut jadeite empowers the wearer to achieve all-rounded success in their career, business, investment, relationships and health. 

3. Asscher

blog_240321_asscher cut new

blog_240321_asscher cut pendant new

The exquisite asscher-cut jadeite cabochon is classically proportioned. Its multiple order of symmetry presents it with a dignified and stately presence.

It represents the Earth in Chinese philosophical tradition of a ‘Round Heaven and Square Earth’ (天圆地方). The concept of a square earth can be found in the architecture of a “siheyuan” (四合院) which formed the basic pattern used for royal palaces, religious temples, and civilian residences.

Just as the earth provides a nurturing environment for growth and progress, the asscher-cut cabochon lays a solid foundation for the wearer to achieve future success.

4. Emerald

blog_240321_emerald cut new

blog_230321_emerald cut II

Imperial Harvest’s emerald-cut jadeite cabochon features meticulously chamfered multi-tier facets within a graceful streamlined form.

In Chinese numerology, odd numbers are considered heavenly. The three tiers of the cabochon represent the three flights of steps that the Emperor ascends up the Circular Mound Altar in the Temple of Heaven during the Summer solstice to pray for blessings of rain.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our emerald cut cabochon inspires the wearer to step up to the challenge, scale the heights in life, and reach the very top.

5. Dew

blog_240321_dew cut new

Imperial Harvest’s dew-cut jadeite cabochon represents a raindrop - the dew of heaven. It is the gift from above, the source of all life on earth.

For centuries, agriculture formed the economic backbone of civilisations. A bountiful harvest was a strong indication that the Emperor enjoyed a strong mandate of Heaven for his rule. Hence during the Summer solstice, the Emperor would pray for a blessing of rain at the Circular Mound Altar within the Temple of Heaven.

The dew-cut jadeite cabochon blesses the wearer with abundance and prosperity, every day of their life.

Imperial Harvest QING Collection design notes

Imperial Harvest QING Collection pays tributes to the fashion and philosophy of the Qing Golden Age and expresses the natural beauty of three precious materials - gold, jadeite, and diamonds.

Our brilliantly cut diamonds that adorn the collection are a modern interpretation of the beads that characterised Qing dynasty imperial fashion. Like the beads, the elegant fluidity found in the design of our QING Collection represents everlasting longevity and prosperity.

Product Gallery

Imperial Harvest's Guan Yin Collection

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 March 2021

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins 

Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) is the Bodhisattva of Compassion and an East Asian spiritual figure of mercy. She's the celestial one who rescues people in perilous situations and blesses her devotees with happiness and wisdom.

There are 33 manifestations of Guan Yin, and they empower devotees to achieve breakthroughs and success in different endeavours.  

To commemorate the birthday of the Goddess of Mercy on 31 March 2021 (19th day of the 2nd lunar month), we share the important Imperial Harvest Guan Yin collections that can help you achieve abundance of wealth, fulfilment and career breakthroughs.

Imperial Harvest Guan Yin Collections 

1. Eight Zodiac Guardians Collection

The 12 Chinese Zodiac signs are associated with eight zodiac guardians. Each guardian serves as the protector for people born in that particular animal year.

The zodiac guardian blesses individuals with auspicious luck and empowers them to achieve breakthrough results in their career, business, investment, health and relationships.  

These are the eight zodiac guardians and their corresponding zodiac signs: 

  • Thousand Hands Guan Yin - Rat
  • Akasagarbha Bodhisattva - Ox & Tiger
  • Manjusri Bodhisattva- Rabbit 
  • Samantabhadra Bodhisattva- Dragon & Snake
  • Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva- Horse
  • Vairochana Buddha - Sheep & Monkey
  • Acalanatha - Rooster 
  • Amitabha Buddha - Dog & Boar

Eight Zodiac Guardians

Savoir Faire 

Each Zodiac Guardian pendant requires more than 6 months of hand carving and polishing to achieve the precise design details. 

These distinctive design features are accentuated by different polishing techniques (matte and mirror finish). 

Fine Jadeite Thousand Hands Guan Yin

See the full Eight Zodiac Guardians Collection

2. Fine Jadeite Midas Touch  

03.12_GuanYins Birthday-2

Master David Goh’s ingenious design distills the immense and boundless blessings of Thousand Hands Guan Yin into a simple and elegant fine jadeite. Each fine jadeite is carved into the slender and beautiful hand of Thousand Hands Guan Yin holding the wish-fulfilling pearl. 

Savoir Faire 

Hand-finishing refers to a wide array of jadeite cutting, carving and polishing techniques, painstakingly manually performed on every facet of an Imperial Harvest Jadeite to achieve perfect aesthetics.  

Every single detail is taken into account to achieve the best conceivable result. All elements of the design (the finger, the gesture, the wish-fulfilling pearl) are immaculately finished. 

Since its inception, it has been a firm favourite of many blessed Imperial Harvest clients for the impeccable craftsmanship and massive blessings & breakthroughs it has brought.  

Learn more about the collection here

3. India Old Mountain Sandalwood Thousand Hands Guan Yin 

03.12_GuanYins Birthday-1

India Old Mountain Sandalwood Thousand Hands Guan Yin is the one of the rarest collections available at Imperial Harvest galleries and is specially designed to expand your indirect wealth capacity.

Carved from the rare red meat India Old Mountain Sandalwood, this is the most complex design masterpiece created by Master David Goh 

The full glory of Thousand Hands Guan Yin is captured with the eleven heads and thousand hands individually carved and polished at minuscule level to achieve the stunning visual and aesthetics.

03.12_GuanYins Birthday-4

4. Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection - Guan Yin 

The Imperial Harvest Crystal collection is the continuation of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition from the Qing Dynasty, where internally flawless and impeccably designed crystals are deployed to activate the auspicious Water Stars. 

Every Imperial Harvest-grade Crystal is designed and crafted based on a fundamental belief in unlimited human potential, in continuous improvement and lasting excellence, in always pushing the boundaries and taking the long-term view.

Imperial Harvest Crystals are designed and crafted to last, so is our contribution to future generations.

03.12_GuanYins Birthday-9

03.12_GuanYins Birthday-10-1

Imperial Harvest’s Guan Yin crystal promotes harmony and reduce conflicts. It also empowers one to lead a life of spiritual and financial abundance with new opportunities and benefactor support. 

03.12_GuanYins Birthday-10

03.12_GuanYins Birthday-12
Learn more about The Importance of the Water Star

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Creating your Financial Destiny with Imperial Feng Shui

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 04 March 2021

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins 

Wealth capacity refers to the amount of wealth you will amass in your lifetime. By analysing your wealth capacity, we can determine your financial limitations and income potential in your lifetime. 

There are two types of wealth in the study of Bazi: direct and indirect wealth.

 040321-direct wealth-blog


Direct wealth 正财 refers to wealth attained through hard work and effort. Your full-time job has a direct correlation with your direct wealth: when your direct wealth luck is enhanced, your effort to output ratio increases. This results in higher salary increments, better sales performance or consistent breakthroughs in business profits.  

040321-indirect wealth-blog


Indirect wealth 偏财 refers to wealth growth through your financial decisions, intuition and inspirations. It has a direct correlation with investments, tradings and alternative sources of income. When your indirect wealth is enhanced, your investment and trading returns will improve by leaps and bounds.   

In this article, we will debunk the three most common misconceptions about wealth capacity that are advocated by classical Feng Shui masters. 


040321-Misconception 1-blog


Misconception 1: “You do not have indirect wealth, therefore you are not suited for investments.” 

Classical Feng Shui preaches the fatal idea of fulfilling your destiny. Having worked with thousands of clients over the years, we have seen many of them avoid the financial markets out of unfounded fear as they were told by their Classical Feng Shui masters that they do not have indirect wealth. 

With Imperial Feng Shui, the focus is on creating your desired financial destiny.

Imperial Feng Shui identifies and activates your lifetime favourable element to create a consistent state of good luck which in turn helps you achieve steady returns in your investment portfolio. 


040321-Misconception 2-blog


Misconception 2: “This is not the right time to invest because your indirect wealth luck is weak.” 

The hard truth is that the financial market does not adhere to your luck cycle. It is constantly moving, regardless of your luck cycle.

An example is the stock market bull run in 2020. Many people heeded their Classical Feng Shui master’s advice and stayed away from the financial market. This led to many lost opportunities to ride the bull market and multiply their financial portfolios. 

Classical Feng Shui’s concept of using your luck cycle to time your investment is illogical and irrelevant.

Imperial Feng Shui advocates a different philosophy. Imperial Feng Shui is about creating favourable luck conditions to empower you to achieve consistent investment and trading returns regardless of investment climates. 


040321-Misconception 3-blog


Misconception 3: “You should invest in shipping and marine industries because your favourable element is water.” 

This is another prime example of how Classical Feng Shui masters misapplied the concept of favourable elements and caused many people to suffer from huge financial losses when they invest in slow-growing or sunset industries based on their favourable elements. 

Imperial Feng Shui is different. Imperial Feng Shui applies the principle of favourable elements to empower our clients with auspicious luck and enlarged wealth capacity to generate superior investment returns. 

Imperial Harvest Stories: Kuan Liang


When Kuan Liang first came to Imperial Harvest, we learnt from him that his Classical Feng Shui master had told him that he was not suited to invest and would only incur losses. 

True enough, the predictions of his Classical Feng Shui master came true. His investment turned red, and he was at a loss. 

Things took a positive turn after he consulted associate consultant Samuel Ling. After learning about his goals and aspirations, Samuel prescribed Kuan Liang the Fine Lavender Jadeite Zhong Kui. 


His first taste of success came in the form of several 5-figure lottery winnings. Within three months, he also landed his dream job. 

Heartened by the results, he proceeded to acquire the third-generation Bliss of Harvest jadeite ring. As of Feb 2021, his investment portfolio has tripled. 


We are living in unprecedented times, which presents many opportunities for us to thrive and multiply our investment portfolio. 

Since our founding, Imperial Harvest has been resolute in our commitment to authentic Imperial Feng Shui.  Behind this ancient and noble philosophy lies the fundamental belief in unlimited human potential.

Over the years, Imperial Harvest has meticulously applied the profound principles of Imperial Feng Shui to the modern world, keeping it relevant for yet another generation of leaders and pioneers.

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The Importance of the Water Star

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 03 March 2021

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins 

According to the theory of Yin and Yang, everything that exists is composed of two opposing forces; neither can live without the other, so attaining a balance between the two is the key to achieving prosperity, success and harmony.

Likewise, there are two groups of stars in Imperial Feng Shui, namely Mountain Star and Water Star. “山管人丁,水管财” (“Mountains govern benefactors, authority and harmony while Water governs wealth, opportunities and intuition.”) is one of the most important verses in the classics of Imperial Feng Shui which echoes this principle.  

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA

Learn more about the Importance of the Mountain Star here

In this article, we will explain the importance of the Water Star in Imperial Feng Shui. 

In the context of Yin Feng Shui, Imperial Feng Shui masters tapped on the auspicious benefactor energy from the mountains to safeguard the authority and well-being of the future generations of the royal family. 

In the application of Yang Feng Shui, many ancient empires built their civilisations near auspicious river formations to usher in wealth and prosperity. However, these solutions have proven impractical in many circumstances as ancient rulers found themselves defenseless against the brute force and unpredictability of Mother Nature. 

As one of the most prominent advocates of Imperial Feng Shui, Emperor Qian Long’s relentless pursuit of Imperial Feng Shui development has led to several groundbreaking solutions to overcome the aforementioned challenges. These include the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain and Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals. 

Activating the Water Star (Wealth Star)

The Water Star is present in our living and working environments and plays a pivotal role in governing wealth, opportunities and intuition. As a capable ruler, Emperor Qian Long understood the importance of activating the Water Star. Hence, he advocated the use of Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals to catalyse the growth of wealth and prosperity. As a result, the Qing dynasty was able to achieve robust economic development, consistent agricultural yield, social peace and stability. 

In short, when you incorporate Imperial Feng Shui solutions into your living or work space, you are laying the foundation for your financial success. 

Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection 

The Imperial Harvest Crystal collection is the continuation of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition from the Qing Dynasty, where internally flawless and impeccably designed crystals are deployed to activate the auspicious Water Stars. 

Every Imperial Harvest-grade Crystal is designed and crafted based on a fundamental belief in unlimited human potential, in continuous improvement and lasting excellence, in always pushing the boundaries and taking the long-term view. Imperial Harvest Crystals are designed and crafted to last, so is our contribution to future generations.

1. Bamboo of Successive Blossoms 

The Bamboo of Successive Blossom is a brand-new collection envisioned and conceptualised by Master David Goh to promote career advancement, rapid growth and breakthroughs, strength and resilience to overcome challenges.

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-2-1

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-3-1

Master David Goh summarised the merits of bamboo according to its characteristics: its deep root denotes solid foundation of success, successive stems represents lasting victories, its interior modesty, and its clean exterior exemplifies honour and reputation. 

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-4-1

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-5-1

The Bamboo of Successive Blossom collection plays an influential role in encouraging people to thrive and succeed regardless of economic climates and circumstances.

2. Laughing Buddha

Known for his cheerful disposition, Laughing Buddha is the bearer of good luck, benefactor and happiness. 

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-6-1

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-7-1

Each Imperial Harvest Crystal Laughing Buddha is designed with a plethora of auspicious emblems: gold ingot, ruyi scepter, treasure bag and calabash to unlock and unleash the unlimited potential of our blessed clients. 

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-8-1

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-9-1

Since its inception, the collection has been a firm favourite among many Imperial Harvest clients.

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-10-1

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-11

Learn more about the Laughing Buddha collection

3. Celestial Deities 

The Celestial Deities collection embodies omnipresent beings with immeasurable powers that are immortalised onto Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals. 

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-26

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-27

A champion in religious diversity, Master David Goh draws design inspiration from his decade-long study of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, culminating in the most iconic and emblematic crystal collection.

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-28

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-29

Every celestial deity collection is individually hand-crafted and manually polished by a team of Imperial Harvest Crystal artisans with a profound understanding of the different variety of Imperial Harvest Crystals. 

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-24 (1)

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-25 (1)

Learn more about the Celestial Deities collection

4. Legendary Creatures 

Legendary Creatures features some of the most iconic creatures from the Oriental culture.

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-14

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-15

Imperial Dragon is a symbol of dominance, success and prosperity. 

Hand-carved out of a single block of rare citrine quartz, the Imperial Dragon crystal requires one year of hand-carving, fine hand-finishing and multi-facet polishing to meet the uncompromising standards laid out by Master David Goh. 

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-18

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-19

The Charging Bull collection features an extremely rare internally flawless grade clear quartz mirror-polished to perfection. The Charging Bull activates the indirect wealth sector (偏财位)  to help the destined owner achieve superior returns from the financial markets.  

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-12

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-13

Learn more about the Legendary Creatures collection

Our Promise of Quality

02.26_The Importance of the Water Star-FA-10

Every Imperial Harvest crystal comes with an independent gemstone certification issued by the Nanyang Gemological Institute based in Singapore.

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Imperial Harvest Celebrates Chinese New Year

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 February 2021

To usher in the Year of the Metal Ox (辛丑), Imperial Harvest held its very first online Chinese New Year celebration on 18 February.

The event was livestreamed from the brand-new Imperial Harvest Prestige gallery, which our founder Master David personally unveiled with a tour.

IH Prestige Virtual Tour (YT FB)

This is the second gallery of Imperial Harvest, heralding the latest chapter and milestone in the development of Imperial Feng Shui.

From the main double doors to the gallery’s signature coffered ceiling, the design of our new abode takes inspiration from the renowned architecture of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing - the home of Imperial Feng Shui.

The 1,000 sq ft sanctuary features a curated selection of the world’s finest Imperial Feng Shui treasures, including the rarest and most exquisite jadeite jewellery, Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood and Sandalwood, Imperial White Inkstone, Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals and Qian Long Jadeite Mountain.

Explore Imperial Harvest Prestige

2021 Annual Flying Stars

The audience also had the opportunity to learn more about the 2021 Annual Flying Stars and the Annual Afflictions they bring.

The analysis by Master David offered never-seen-before insights into how the Year of the Metal Ox affects the auspicious sectors of each home or office - as well as invaluable advice, especially for those who are planning to renovate or move into their residences or offices.

Each Imperial Harvest home collection is designed to activate a specific sector: The Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals activate the direct and indirect wealth sectors, the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain activates the direct and indirect benefactor sectors, and the Imperial White Inkstone activates the power and authority sector.

Download Imperial Harvest 2021 Feng Shui Guide

Lion dance
Lion dance
The proceedings were livened up with an animated display of drums and a pulsating lion dance performance by the Shi Cheng Yang Wei Lion Arts & Events Team (獅城揚威文化团).


This set the stage for the next segment, which saw our Imperial Harvest consultants introducing some of our most timeless and cherished collections such as the Five Wealth Gods collection, the Eight Zodiac Guardians collection and the Bliss of Harvest jadeite ring collection.

Each collection is a tribute to the iconic symbols of Chinese mythology, culture and heritage, and preserves the artisanal craftsmanship needed to bring each treasure to life.

Above all, each of them is a beacon of prosperity and auspiciousness that has empowered our clients to achieve results and breakthroughs in their career, business, sales, investments and relationships.

Discover the full collection
Five Wealth Gods | Eight Zodiac Guardians | Bliss of Harvest Jadeite Rings

Imperial Harvest's Exquisite Jadeite Paintings

The event also saw the official launch of Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite Paintings.

These jadeite paintings represent the world's first jadeite painting collection - the result of Master David’s groundbreaking reimagination of the traditional jadeite table screens once used by Chinese emperors in ancient China.

Each jadeite painting is majestic and breathtaking in its own right, but still responds to all the expectations of the modern fine art connoisseur with an understated look. 

Like Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals, Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite Paintings are designed to activate the wealth sectors of each home or office.

Discover the Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite Painting Collection

1st Prize Hamper

By now, six lucky winners had already walked away with NTUC FairPrice vouchers by being the first to comment with the correct answers to our Q&As throughout the event.

However, the biggest prizes were saved for the grand lucky draw. In total, 10 hampers from Eu Yan Sang and New Moon worth $2,000 were given out. 

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