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Every new client begins their Imperial Harvest journey with a free Bazi consultation.
During the free Bazi consultation, your assigned Imperial Harvest consultant will review your situation, identify your lifetime favourable elements and auspicious colours and prescribe the suitable Imperial Feng Shui treasure to help you achieve your goals and aspirations

What is Imperial Feng Shui? 

Master David Goh, a third Generation Imperial Feng Shui master, explains the philosophy of Imperial Feng Shui. 

21 June 2021 Imperial Feng Shui EP1 (YT FB Final)


Stories of Imperial Harvest Clients

Over the years, many Imperial Harvest clients have shared their journey with Master David and his team of consultants. 

IHS JunYih and Serene (YTFB)-HD 1080p


IHS Jeff (YT FB 1st cut)


IHS Desy (YTFB Final - compressed).mp4


IHS Ben and Yee Siew