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The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 10)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 12 July 2019

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By now, you should be aware of the dos and don’ts to creating a millionaire Feng Shui home. However, some may notice that they are not experiencing the full effect of the positive Qi even after applying the principles we have spoken about over the past few weeks. The reason could be due to the activation of annual affliction.

Annual affliction stems from the principle of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star. Every year, the different affliction/stars move to the different sectors in your home.  It is important to be aware of these annual afflictions as they can cause you and your family harm and misfortunes.

Flying Star Sequence

We will be sharing the annual afflictions you should take note of in 2019. If you are planning to carry out construction, renovations or anything that will create lots of noise, it is important that you read this article to ensure you avoid problems the annual afflictions will bring. 

According to the study of Imperial Feng Shui, there are four types of annual afflictions: 

  • Five Yellow 
  • Three Killings 
  • Tai Sui 
  • Year Breaker 

In 2019, the annual afflictions are located in the following sectors:


  • Five Yellow - South West
  • Three Killings - South West 3, West, North West 1 
  • Tai Sui - North West 3
  • Year Breaker - South East 3 

1. Five Yellow (五黄)

Five Yellow (五黄) is known as the misfortune star. It causes severe illnesses, accidents, financial losses and challenges in your relationships. As the name suggests, this is one of the most inauspicious sectors or directions to avoid. It covers an area of 45 degrees. For the year of 2019, it lands on the South-West sector. 


Important things to note:

  • If the sitting direction of your home is situated in South West, renovation works should be avoided completely. 
  • If South West is the facing direction of your home, renovation and moving in can still happen under the condition that Five Yellow must not be situated at the main door. 

>> Click here to find out where is the facing and sitting direction of your home << 

  • Problems and misfortunes will arise when Five Yellow is situated at the main door, the stove or the bed that has a bad flying star combination.

For example, if your main door is situated at the 7, 7 sector, theft and robbery are likely to occur. 

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2. Three Killings (三煞)

The three killings is associated with negative repercussions such as theft, loss of wealth and recurring health problems to members of the family. It covers an area of 90 degrees. 

For the year of 2019, the three following sectors are affected : South West 3, West and North West 1.


The three killings consist of 3 types of Sha Qi: Robbery Sha (劫煞), Calamity Sha (灾煞) and Annual Sha (岁煞). 


Important things to note:

  • If three killings is situated at the sitting direction of your house, renovation should be avoided completely.
  • As the three killings is said to be like a poison arrow, you should avoid sitting with your back faced in this position as it will result in getting back-stabbed.  


3. Tai Sui / Grand Duke Jupiter 


Tai Sui (太岁) is also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter Tai Sui. Its position is signified by the earthly branch (Zodiac sign) of the year.  The locations of the twelve earthly branches are as follows: 


It is important to watch out for affliction with Tai Sui direction as offending it will bring worries, material losses and health issues to the family. It covers an area of 15 degrees. Since 2019 is the year of the pig, the North-West sector will be affected by Tai Sui. 


Important things to note:

  • Avoid construction or renovation if your house has a facing direction of North West. Direct conflict may result in loss of wealth, illnesses, accidents, theft or even death. 
  • Avoid construction or renovation in the North West sector of your house. 
  • You can sit with your back towards North West direction while working but never face it while you are sleeping or working. 


4. Year Breaker (岁破)


The Year Breaker occupies the sector that is directly opposite Tai Sui. This is the South East direction in 2019, covering an area of 15 degrees. The Year Breaker brings about loss of wealth, obstacles and illnesses. 


Important things to note:

  • No construction or renovation should be carried out if the sitting position of your home is situated at the South East direction. If disturbed, this can cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly. 
  • Always face the Year Breaker while sleeping or working. 
  • Never sit or sleep with your back facing this direction as you will be directly facing Tai Sui. 

Master David Goh’s Imperial Date Selection System

If you are living or moving into an affected house that really has a need for construction or renovation, an auspicious date and time should be selected for commencement of work. This will help to reduce the negative effects brought on by the disturbance.  

Master David is well-versed in various Imperial Feng Shui date selection principles. The Imperial date selection method consists of three date selection systems:  

1. Heaven 天 - Movement of Planetary Stars 


2. Earth 地 - San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia 


3. Human 人- Individual Bazi auxiliary stars 


Master David taps on the energy of Heaven 天 (Planetary stars), Earth 地 (San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia) and Human 人 (Bazi auxiliary stars) to select an auspicious date and time for your needs. 


At Imperial Harvest, Master David leverages his three generations of Imperial Feng Shui expertise. His commitment to uphold authentic Imperial Feng Shui practices and attention to detail are the reasons why many clients benefited from his time-tested and proven Imperial Feng Shui line

Want to learn more about your home Feng Shui? Contact our advisors today to learn more. 

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