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The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 6)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 14 June 2019

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Feng Shui is about understanding the invisible forces that govern the well-being and prosperity of the occupants inside a space.

It's similar to the principles of electromagnetic forces; while it is invisible to naked eye, it affects our daily lives in major ways.


Three lmperial Feng Shui principles that underpin the practice of Feng Shui at Imperial Harvest

1. San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star is the basic principle that forms the foundation of understanding the energy chart of the house. By looking at the Flying Star chart, Master David can predict the wealth, prosperity and health of the occupants (i.e. the specific events that occupants have encountered).


The degree of accuracy is 45 degree

2. San Yuan Xuan Kong Liu Fa 

San Yuan Xuan Kong Liu Fa is loosely translated as the six methods of San Kong Feng Shui. The key principle of Xuan Kong Liu Fa is about identifying the Zhen Ling Shen (正零神). The degree of accuracy is 15 degree.


Master David applies one of the principles of Xuan Kong Kiu Fa - Tai Sui Fa 太岁法 to determine the year and the month of the specific events that have happened to the occupants (such as career promotion, pay raise, divorce, health issues and academic breakthrough).

3. San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua 

San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua is the highest level of precision Feng Shui that Master David applies. The degree of accuracy is 0.9375. Master David fine tunes the placement of the Imperial Feng Shui remedies to the highest level of precision.


In this article, we will explain the most basic principle - San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars that Master David applies to help his clients achieve million-dollar career and business success.

How to plot the energy chart based on San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star principles

To plot the energy chart, it is important to understand the concept of period and facing direction. Armed with these two pieces of information, we'll be able to plot the Flying Star chart of a house.

81-flyingstar-01_period 7

What is a house period in Feng Shui?

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star has a time component where a 180-years timeline is divided into blocks of 20 years, this is known as period. For instance, houses that are constructed between Feb 1984 to Jan 2004 are known as Period-7 houses, while Feb 2004 to Jan 2024 is known as Period 8.

A house that's completed and occupied during Period 7 acquires a “Qi” distribution or energy chart that's specific to that period. A house that's completed and occupied during Period 8 is known as a Period-8 house, and has a different “Qi” distribution or energy chart.

How to determine the period of a house?

In order to define the period of your house, you need to know the year in which your house or building completed construction and was first occupied. For example, a house that's completed and occupied during Period 7 (year 2003) is known as a Period-7 house.

How to determine the facing direction? 

Next, we have to determine the facing direction of the house. The facing direction of the house is defined by the intended facing direction of the building.  As modern architecture evolves, it’s possible for a building to have multiple intended facing directions. This makes things more complicated.

Here are a few generic rules we apply to determine the facing directions of a house.

1. For landed properties, the main entrance/driveway is considered as the facing direction of the house.

2. For condominiums with a balcony, the facing direction of the house is the balcony.

3. For condominiums without a balcony, the facing direction is the main window in the living room. 

4. For HDB apartments with main doors facing each other and a staircase in the middle, the facing direction of the house is the main window. 

5. For HDB apartments that have a long corridor, the facing direction of the house is the main door. 

6. For HDB apartments with a balcony, the facing direction of the house is the balcony. 




Once we have the Period and Facing Direction of the house, you can refer to the appendix below to see the Flying Star chart of your house.


Pictured above: Period 7, N1 facing chart

Download Appendix here

Applying Flying Star chart the Imperial Feng Shui Way

Unlike classical Feng Shui masters who are only able to share insubstantial information such as the location of wealth sector or inauspicious sector, Master David applies the Flying Star chart for the purpose of predicting past events that have happened to the occupants, right down to the specific year and the month in which these events happened. This demonstrates Master David’s impeccable mastery of Imperial Feng Shui. 

Over the years, many clients are impressed by the level of detail that Master David can share right after he steps into their houses.

The incredible amount of details he's able to share during his Feng Shui audit is akin to the information he possesses as if he's been living with the occupants for years.

An Imperial Feng Shui Master who stays true to his own crafts

Master David has persistently rejected gimmicks and hypes in his Feng Shui practice.

He rejects the notion of Feng Shui master dressing themselves like a Chinese Emperor from a Chinese epic drama to create publicity stunts.

He rejects staging fake retirement to create hype and headlines.

He rejects the theatrical and dramatic style of blessing ceremony to create gimmicky expression of Fengshui.

Master David believes in authentic Imperial Feng Shui practice rooted in principles laid down by generations of Imperial Feng Shui masters. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to help his clients achieve breakthrough results and monumental success in their career, business, investments, health and harmony.

He believes in an elegant and modern expression of Imperial Fengshui, done in culturally rich and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Understanding the meaning behind the 81 flying star combinations in each chart

There are two numbers in each sector.


The number on the left is defined as the sitting star or mountain star.

The number on the right is defined as the facing star or water star.

Mountain star governs benefactor, health and harmony. Water star governs opportunities, intuition and judgment.

Our living and working environments have to support our pursuit of success. To do so, the mountain and water star have to be positioned at the right sector.

Master David has distilled three generations of Feng Shui wisdom into a powerful and effective table that explains the various effects of the 81 Flying Star combinations.

Download 81 Flying Star Secrets

Imperial Harvest Home Feng Shui Audit Process

At Imperial Harvest, we provide home Feng Shui audit services for both new and existing residential homes.  

Home Feng Shui Audit Process for New Residential Homes

For new residential home, Master David will collaborate with your interior designers and architects to design the home of your dreams, so as to bring you success, harmony and good health.

Step 1: Feng Shui Audit and Report

The process begins with Master David Goh’s visit of your new home, where he will assess the following aspects:

  • External landforms to identify auspicious Qi (energy) to tap on or inauspicious Qi to counter.
  • Qi blueprint of the house; identify sectors that governs your direct wealth, indirect wealth, academic success, romance, fertility, health and harmony and methods to activate these auspicious Qi.
  • Internal Qi distribution to determine the optimal position of your stove, study table and bed as well as other key furniture. 

Master David will prepare a Feng Shui audit report to advise your appointed interior designer or architect on the design of the interior and the exterior of your home. You'll be briefed on how the proposed arrangement of your home can bring both short- and long-term benefits.

Step 2: Construction/renovation

A list of auspicious dates and time will be provided to initiate construction / renovation work.

Master David is well-versed in various Imperial Feng Shui date selection principles such San Yuan Qi Men Date Selection, Imperial Planetary Star and Bazi Auxiliary Stars. He taps on the energy of Heaven 天 (Planetary stars), Earth 地 (San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia) and Human 人 (Bazi auxiliary stars) to usher in maximum prosperity when he installs the Imperial Feng Shui remedies.


Master David’s attention to such minuscule details is the reason why his clients achieve massive breakthroughs and results within a short time frame.

Upon the completion of your home renovation, Master David will visit your home to ensure that appropriate Feng Shui remedies are placed in the correct positions and that key furniture pieces are installed during auspicious dates and time for optimal Qi flow, which can help to achieve your goals and aspirations.  

Step 3: Moving in

Lastly, a set of procedures and auspicious date and time will be provided by Master David for the moving-in process to commence.

Home Audit process for Existing Residential Homes

Step 1: Feng Shui Audit and report

Master David will forecast the experience of occupants based on the Qi distribution of the house and layout of furniture. Homeowners will be able to validate Master David’s assessment with their own experience.


  •    Financial performance - Based on Qi that the main door ushers in.
  •    Academic performance - Based on the current position of study table.
  •    Health conditions and issues - Based on position of stove and placement of bed.
  •    Family harmony - Based on position of main door and bed.

A Feng Shui audit report of the assessment of the Qi distribution and forecasted experience will be provided by Master David.

Master David will propose the ideal layout of the key furniture & fittings (bed, stove, altar and study table) to bring wealth, harmony and health to the occupants. Master David will also identify suitable Feng Shui remedies to activate key sectors (wealth, academic, romance, health & fertility) on auspicious dates and time to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Step 2: Qi Optimisation

Master David will visit your home to ensure that the Feng Shui remedies are in place at the correct positions and the key furniture are arranged for optimal Qi flow.

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Want to learn more about your home Feng Shui? Contact our advisors today to learn more. 

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