Secrets of Millionaire Bazi

Your lifetime companion to enduring success!

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In this free guide, Master David introduces the key principles of Imperial Feng Shui and how they empower you to:

✔ Advance swiftly in your career

✔ Gain the support of influential benefactors

✔ Achieve breakthroughs in your sales and investments

✔ Grow and prosper your business

✔ Maintain blissful relationships with your loved ones


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What's Inside This Guide


Introduction to Four Pillars of Destiny, or Bazi (八字)



How to Create A Consistent State of Good Luck with Imperial Feng Shui



Your Wealth Capacity and Its Implication on Your Earning Potential


And much, much more


This Guide Is For


An Ambitious, Goal-Driven Person

The Imperial Harvest Secrets of Millionaire Bazi guide is packed with powerful Imperial Feng Shui insights and strategies. These have empowered over 6,000 clients with immeasurable success and unprecedented breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Whether you are seeking rapid promotions, aiming to set new sales records or venturing into an entirely new field, this guide serves as your infallible advisor to creating a lifetime of bliss and fulfillment.

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A Feng Shui Enthusiast

It’s easy to get lost in the vast sea of Feng Shui information online - both genuine and misleading. The Imperial Harvest Secrets of Millionaire Bazi guide is an authoritative, one-stop handbook written for novices and experienced practitioners alike. It introduces profound yet easy-to-understand Imperial Feng Shui principles to leverage your lifetime favourable elements for success.


A Keen Investor or Trader

Building a strong and diverse financial portfolio is challenging. To experience consistent and healthy portfolio growth, one must not only be equipped with the relevant know-how, but also be endowed with luck and intuitive powers to make the right moves at the right times. The Imperial Harvest Secrets of Millionaire Bazi guide empowers you to make informed decisions based on Imperial Feng Shui principles, and harness the finest earthly treasures to attract and manifest prosperity across a variety of financial endeavours.

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About the Author


Master David Goh
3rd-Generation Imperial Feng Shui Master · Author · Speaker

Master David Goh is the founder of Imperial Harvest, an eminent Singapore-based Imperial Feng Shui consultancy, and a world-renowned Imperial Feng Shui master, author and speaker.

Widely recognised as a leading authority in Imperial Feng Shui, Master David has advised and guided over 6,000 clients in Singapore and around the world to success and breakthroughs in their careers, businesses, sales, investments and relationships.

He is also the principal Imperial Feng Shui consultant to various multinational corporations in sectors such as luxury retail, e-commerce, banking, hospitality, energy services and real estate.

Above all, he is highly passionate about Imperial Feng Shui, and enjoys practising it to positively impact his clients' lives.

Master David has worked with

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DBS Bank




Pacific Light


What Clients Say About Master David

16 June 2021 Jeff Yeo


“Within a year, my business grew at an astonishing rate. We became profitable and started earning a 7-figure revenue.

This was another one of the many defining moments in my journey with Master David and Imperial Harvest.”


YS & Ben-1


““This year, we managed to get our first private condo in the East. This was really a dream come true for both of us because we had never expected to reach this milestone at our age.“



“Over the years, I have also recommended a few friends who have seen positive results in their career after wearing their Imperial Harvest Treasures. I’m really grateful to have Imperial Harvest’s support and guidance.


Blog_250521_IH Stories Joan

“Soon after wearing my first Imperial Harvest treasure, I managed to achieve my ambitious sales target. My biggest surprise came when my company awarded me a promotion with an increment in November 2020 even though I had joined the company for less than a year.”