Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui Guide

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Master David condenses his tri-generational Imperial Feng Shui knowledge into Imperial Harvest’s Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui guide. You will learn about the fundamental principles of Imperial Feng Shui, along with strategies to supercharge your success and wealth.

Gain powerful benefactor support, achieve strong and consistent investment returns, foster your wealth prospects and maintain good relationships with your loved ones with our complimentary guide!

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What's Inside This Guide

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Imperial Feng Shui Applications of the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star


The Five Important Sectors in every property

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Implications of Missing Sectors from both Early Heaven
and Later Heaven Ba Gua perspectives


How to Resolve Sha Qi (煞气)?

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The Two Types of Wealth Sectors and How To Activate Them

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The Imperial Feng Shui Audit Process

And much, much more

This Guide Is For

New Homeowner

New Homeowners

If you are looking for a new property, this step-by-step guide will share with you how you can select an auspicious Feng Shui property that can supercharge your earning potential and achieve breakthrough results in your career, business and investment.

A Feng Shui Enthusiast

A Feng Shui Enthusiast

It’s easy to get lost in the vast sea of Feng Shui information online - both genuine and misleading. The Imperial Harvest Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui guide is an authoritative, one-stop handbook written for novices and experienced practitioners alike.

Existing Homeowner

Existing Homeowners  

If you are staying at your current house or office and you feel stuck in your career or business, this is the perfect guide to help you remove the bottlenecks and achieve peak performance in your career, business and investment, enabling you to achieve new breakthroughs and stupendous success

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About the Author


Master David Goh
3rd-Generation Imperial Feng Shui Master · Author · Speaker

Master David Goh is the founder of Imperial Harvest, an eminent Singapore-based Imperial Feng Shui consultancy, and a world-renowned Imperial Feng Shui master, author and speaker.

Widely recognised as a leading authority in Imperial Feng Shui, Master David has advised and guided over 6,000 clients in Singapore and around the world to success and breakthroughs in their careers, businesses, sales, investments and relationships.

He is also the principal Imperial Feng Shui consultant to various multinational corporations in sectors such as luxury retail, e-commerce, banking, hospitality, energy services and real estate.

Above all, he is highly passionate about Imperial Feng Shui, and enjoys practising it to positively impact his clients' lives.

Master David has worked with

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DBS Bank




Pacific Light


What Clients Say About Master David



“Over the years, I have found Master David to be very sincere and helpful. I am grateful to have met Master David - a professional, effective and sincere Feng Shui master who goes to great lengths to help his clients achieve breakthrough results.”




“My journey with Imperial Harvest has been very fulfilling. I am happy to see my business growing year after year. I have enjoyed a fruitful and happy working relationship with Master David and Jowel. With the companion and blessings of my Imperial Harvest Treasures, I believe there are no limits to what I can achieve.” 




“Over the years, I have also recommended a few friends who have seen positive results in their career after wearing their Imperial Harvest Treasures. I’m really grateful to have Imperial Harvest’s support and guidance.




“Looking back, I’m really grateful for taking the first step to seek Master David’s guidance and equipping myself with my Imperial Harvest treasures. I’m very happy with the results I have achieved with Imperial Harvest and look forward to achieving greater breakthroughs in my career with their guidance. “