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Introduction to Imperial Harvest

Imperial Harvest is a premium fengshui consultancy based in Singapore. We empower clients with auspicious luck and spatial fengshui at every stage of their lives. Imperial Harvest practises authentic imperial fengshui – a highly respected art previously reserved only for the Chinese nobility. Through our inspired guidance and finest earthly treasures, we deliver significant and sustainable success for our clients.
Over the years, we have become a trusted friend and advisor to global leaders and executives. Every stage of life presents unique challenges and opportunities – whether for career, business, finance, romance, family, or health. We understand the importance of tailored, practical, and holistic solutions to achieve enduring success for our clients. This is the same vision and values that were established by our founding Grandmaster Fu Tian Long 伏天龙大师 over 80 years ago, and to which we remain passionately committed.

Three generations of fengshui masters

Imperial Harvest’s Master David Goh (吴宸翔大师) is a third generation fengshui master, whose father and grandfather before him had also practised the art of imperial fengshui.

In the 1930s, Master Goh’s grandfather (Grandmaster Fu Tian Long 伏天龙大师) inherited the art of imperial fengshui from fengshui grandmasters around Southeast Asia and Taiwan. His fengshui practice spanned an impressive 50 years. In 1980, the title was handed over to his son, Master Long De Ren 龙德仁师傅. Like his father before him, he served an exclusive pool of clientele, consulting them in their homes and offices.

As a child, Master Goh had taken a keen interest in his father’s practice of fengshui and bazi readings. He grew up with a deep respect for centuries-old Chinese culture and traditions, and an appreciation of the power of fengshui to help others. The exclusive knowledge and experience of fengshui that was imparted to him over the years were invaluable and form the foundation of his authentic approach to fengshui. Upon graduation from university, Master David answered his life’s calling and took over the helms of the fengshui practice.

In the years since, Imperial Harvest has grown rapidly by assisting thousands of clients to achieve success in life. Today, Imperial Harvest serves its prestigious and international pool of clients from its luxurious flagship gallery in Delfi Orchard #02-07 & #02-08, Singapore. Imperial Harvest continues to be committed to fengshui expertise, authentic traditions, and exceptional product quality.


Brand Promise: Supporting you through every change in life

We know change is the only constant in life, and we help you be supported by good fengshui as priorities and circumstances change in your life.

To do so, we apply our depth of knowledge and experience from a lineage of three generations of fengshui masters to provide tailored recommendations for both personal luck and spatial fengshui to cater to your changing needs and goals. We also make the effort to know you and build a relationship with you, so you can be supported through the years.

With our guidance, you can have peace of mind that you will be able to tap on fengshui through life’s ups and downs.


We take the time to understand our clients and their changing needs and goals. This allows us to tailor effective solutions and help them achieve success.

  • We are genuine, attentive and passionate about understanding and helping our clients.
  • We actively help our clients to understand how the ancient art of feng shui is relevant in their lives.
  • At different stages of their lives, we tailor the most effective solution and advice for our clients.


We harness our expert knowledge of the ancient art of feng shui to provide bespoke and effective solutions for our clients. This is enhanced by the experience that we have gained from practicing fengshui for more than 80 years, led by our successive generations of fengshui masters.

  • We generously share our depth of knowledge and cutting insights with our clients to educate them.
  • Our expertise is demonstrated through numerous positive client case studies and testimonials over the years.


We believe in making fengshui accessible to anyone who seeks it in their lives, and for people to benefit from the natural wisdom of this ancient art.

  • Clients can get started easily and hassle-free with a free online bazi consultation.
  • We communicate across multiple channels and are easily accessible.
  • As a client-centric consultancy, we clearly and patiently explain complex fengshui concepts to our clients. We also enjoy answering any queries that our clients may have.


Superlative Quality Jadeites

Master David Goh’s pursuit of perfection and excellence in his craft of Fengshui led him to travel to Myanmar to personally harvest the finest raw jadeite boulders to administer the carving of the jadeites. The setting up of Imperial Harvest workshop meant that we have the full control of jadeite carving process; ensuring that only first-hand and finest jadeites are offered as solutions.

Harvesting Raw Jadeite Boulders

His conviction to provide nothing but the best for his clients led him to travel to Myanmar alone to negotiate with the mine owners to obtain the raw jadeite boulders for carving of the jadeites. His insatiable thirst of knowledge also led him to go under the tutelage of experienced gemmologists to acquire the art and science of appreciating jadeites.  

Manually hand-carved to perfection

Known for his penchant for finer things in life, Master David believes that nothing can replace the trustful hands of a master craftsman. Every jadeite is carved to strict details and perfection under stringent controls put in place by Master David.

Certification by Stringent and Independent Bodies

His training as an accountant meant that Master David believes in scientific and independent controls to ensure only the finest jadeite qualifies to be an Imperial Harvest Jadeite. Only 0.03% of the world’s jadeites qualifies to be an Imperial Harvest Jadeite.