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The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 8)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 June 2019

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Application of Imperial Landform Principles and San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars 


Over the past two months, we have shared with you the various concepts of Imperial Feng Shui. In this article, we will demonstrate how Imperial Harvest would apply these concepts in a real-life case study.

Step one: Select an apartment that's surrounded by auspicious landform features

smhfs_part8_Three Golden Verses That Govern The Selection of Lands

External landform plays a pivotal role in helping you garner benefactor support and create million-dollar wealth opportunities, consistent investment returns, family harmony and good health. Find out what are the auspicious landform features you should look out for before purchasing your dream home. 

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Step two: Look out external landform Sha Qi 

smhfs_part8_Seven Golden Verses That Govern The Selection of Houses_

Sha Qi refers to negative Feng Shui or attacking energy. Even though it's invisible, Sha Qi can often make one feel uncomfortable. In more serious cases, Sha Qi can affect your luck cycle, with prolonged exposure to this negative energy being detrimental to your physical and mental well-being. 

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Step three: Identifying the missing sector of the house

smhfs_part8_missing sector

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Step four: Understanding the energy chart of the house 

smhfs_part8_Flying Star Chart

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Case Study of a HDB flat 

NOTE: This is a real life case study where identities of the clients have been kept confidential.

Master David’s shockingly accurate predictions left this family dumbfounded as his predictions are consistent with their past experiences.

The household consists of a married couple with two teenage boys living in a 4-room HDB flat. Built in June 1998, it is a Period-7 house (completed between Feb 1984 - Jan 2004). Its facing direction is N2 direction (172.5 - 187.5). 

smhfs_part8_period 7 house

In the first part of the case study, we will analyse the situations that the occupants have experienced. In the next article, we will discuss the solutions Master David has implemented to improve the well-being, both financial and non-financial, of the family members in the house. 

Main Door Analysis

  • Flying star combination: 7,7


Analysis: The married couple residing in the house where the main door has a flying star combination (7,7)  have experienced a turbulent relationship with constant arguments about family finances. While living in a house with a double 7,7 main door combination, you will be hard-pressed to find marriages ever lasting.

The relationship between the two brothers was distant due to the lack of communication. They put their friends and social life before family. Finally, it is not advisable to have plants with big leaves in front of the main door as this flying star combination has caused the family to have supernatural encounters. 

Kitchen Analysis

  • Flying star combination: 5,9


Analysis: The mother has suffered from high blood pressure after living in the house for a prolonged period. This is because the flying star combination is of fire (9) produces negative earth (5) structure. It can also result in other health issues such as heart and eye diseases. Occupants with potential cancer issues coded in their destiny chart (Bazi) are more likely to suffer from cancer due to this flying star combination. 

With bad stove positioning, male occupants are likely to contract venereal diseases and visit brothels. They tend to experience multiple relationship setbacks before getting married and may even be involved in extra-marital affairs.

This can be seen in the couple's turbulent relationship due to the husband's unfaithful behaviours on top of their constant disagreements about family finances.  

Main bedroom 

  • Door of main bedroom: 2,3 


Analysis: The main bedroom door with a flying star combination of 2,3 has also caused the mother to suffer from chronic abdominal pain. This flying star combination can also result in other abdominal complications such as menstrual pain and even eating disorders.

It is not advisable for the couple to lend money as they may find it a challenge to collect money from others due to the existence of this particular flying star combination. The husband, a business owner, was facing difficulty collecting outstanding payments. 

Star 3 (Lu Chun) combining with Star 2 (Ju Men) can be used to explain the constant fights between the married couple over finances.  

  • Position of bed: 5,9


Analysis: The mother also suffered from insomnia, which caused her health to decline even further as a result of the bad stove positioning. 

The marital relationship was plagued by quarrels and miscommunication, leading it to exist only in name. Hence, there was reduced sexual intimacy between the husband the wife. 

Bedroom 2: Eldest son 

  • Bed position:  5,9
  • Door position: 9,5
  • Study table: 9,5


Analysis: The eldest son was having difficulty coping with his studies as examination luck was not always on his side. He entered a relationship and became sexually active at the young age of 15 which further distracted him from his studies. 

He experienced rocky relationships filled with unhappiness and loneliness due to a lack of friends. If he still resides in the same room as an adult, it is not advisable for him to engage in speculative trading activities as it will cause him to suffer sudden and huge investment losses. 

Bedroom 3: Youngest son 

  • Bed position: 1,4 
  • Door position: 4,1 
  • Study table: 4,1

smhfs_part8_youngest son

Analysis: The flying star combination of star 1 (Tan Lang) and star 4 (Wen Qu) has helped the youngest son to achieve stupendous academic success. This is an extremely auspicious flying star combination for students as it will help them get into top schools and even secure scholarships. 

He has many friends and has various benefactors in his life. As an adult, he will also experience accelerated career progression. This powerful combination will result in him becoming a more disciplined person, leading to a high likelihood of him attaining a leadership position in the army. 

As you can see, the principles of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star can often explain the seemingly unexplainable. Through the analysis of one’s home floor plan, 3rd generation Imperial Feng Shui Master, Master David Goh, is able to carry out a comprehensive observation and evaluation of the living conditions of its occupants and provide corresponding solutions that are tailored to their problems.

In the next article, Master David will divulge the Imperial Feng Shui secrets of activating the various wealth sectors to help this family achieve massive career, business, investment, academic and relationship breakthroughsblack line

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