5 Things you should know before a Feng Shui consultation

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 2 November 2018

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If you are reading this, we assume you are curious about Feng Shui and you are ready to take the first step by attending a Feng Shui consultation. Feeling nervous about your consultation and don't know what to expect? 

In this article, we discuss the 5 things you should know to better prepare yourself before attending a Feng Shui consultation. 

1. Why do I need to attend a Feng Shui consultation?

Every individual is unique - your destiny chart (further explanation can be found in POINT 3), favourable and unfavourable elements, goals and aspiration. It is important for your consultant to fully understand your needs and requirements before prescribing the appropriate remedy to help you achieve your goals.

At Imperial Harvest, we have curated a fine collection of hand-crafted Jadeites, each customised to harmonise with your five elements. Blessed by Master David Goh at the most auspicious date and time. The whole process creates an effective Imperial Feng Shui remedy that’s designed to empower you to start taking action towards achieving your goals today.

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2. What is Imperial Feng Shui?


(Portrait of Emperor Qian Long)

Historically reserved for the Emperor and close members of the royal family. Imperial Feng Shui remains a highly respected and exclusive class of Feng Shui. It focuses on the most critical success factor in life, personal luck, in helping individuals achieve specific desired outcomes.

Imperial Feng Shui utilises the finest earthly treasures such as jadeite, sandalwood and agarwood. With Imperial Feng Shui, an individual's luck cycle harmonises seamlessly with heaven and earth. This helps them to succeed naturally in all aspects of their lives - careers, businesses, investments, health and relationships.

Imperial Harvest focuses on helping its clients to achieve exceptional success in all aspects of their lives. Our commitment to Imperial Feng Shui has inspired thousands of followers who are now dedicated to designing their desired future rather than being fixated over divinations of the future.

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3. What is Bazi ?


(Example of a Bazi chart)

Bazi (八字) also commonly known as the Four Pillars of Destiny is the ancient way of destiny analysis. Each pillar represents the element present at the year, month, date and time when we are born.

Bazi analyses an individual's birth data and gender to reveal the patterns of your luck cycle. By knowing the pattern of your luck cycle, we can use it to prescribe the best remedy based on your goals and aspirations.

At Imperial Harvest, we believe the fundamental purpose of Feng Shui is to empower individuals with choices in life. Unlike Classical Feng Shui, we believe that the right time to take action is always now. 

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4. What is the Five Element theory?

Five Elements copy

(Five element theory)

Everything in the Universe (humans included) is made of the five elements – represented by Metal,Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Hence every individual is unique in a way that some are born with more wood and some are born with more earth as dictated by the time, date, month & year of birth. The law of nature is about balance and harmony of the five elements in your destiny (Bazi) chart.

For example, a weak Yang Fire requires Wood (Resource element) and Fire (Friend element).

Using your lifetime favourable elements & lucky colours will help you achieve harmony of your five elements and hence enabling you to be in good luck to achieve overall success in life. 

5. What happens during the consultation and how long does it take?

At Imperial Harvest, the consultation typically takes around 30 mins. Our prosperity consultants will explain your favourable, unfavourable elements and luck trend. We also take time to listen to your goals and aspirations before prescribing the best remedy that will best suit your needs. 

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