Chapter Three: Imperial Harvest Jadeite

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 9 September 2017

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Imperial Harvest Jadeite is an integral part of our pursuit to deliver the finest degree of prosperity Emperor Qian Long has enjoyed with his Imperial Fengshui remedies.

Devotion to quality

Imperial Harvest Jadeite is treasured the moment they are on earth. Only the finest jadeites in the world (0.01%) made it to our galleries. After all, the finest fengshui originates from the finest jadeites. Every Imperial Harvest collection is skilfully carved by the experienced jadeite artisans, before undergoing independent certification by gemmological institutes in Singapore.

Singapore Gemstone Report

Singapore Gemmological Report

Passion about designs

Being the world’s first fengshui jadeite designer, Master David captures the world’s imagination with his elegant and thoughtful jadeite collections. His collections are highly sought after and complimented by his clients for its originality and elegance.

Imperial Dragon Jadeite Ring

Imperial Dragon Jadeite Ring 

Finishing Touch

Master David’s three generations of fengshui prowess attracted thousands of followers over the years. Every single jadeite blessed by Master David carries his message, meditative strength and power. His transformative fengshui work influences and transformed thousands of lives.

Imperial White Inkstone with red vermilion

Imperial White Inkstone with red vermilion 


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