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The difference between Classical and Imperial Fengshui

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 18 September 2019

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In the study of Fengshui, there are two branches of this ancient art, namely Imperial Fengshui and Classical Fengshui. In this article, we will be exploring the major differences between the two and explaining why Imperial Fengshui is the secret weapon the rich and wealthy do not want you to know. 

15259 FAQ with Master David - The difference between Imperial Fengshui and Classical Fengshui V2

Classical Fengshui focuses on predictions and analysis. It guides individuals to follow through on their predestined (Bazi) charts (be they good or bad). This is because in ancient China, Classical Fengshui was used as the perfect tool to enforce social order, stability, and harmony. The Chinese emperors did not want their subjects to deviate from their predestined paths. The greatest fear was that their subjects would harbour thoughts of usurping their thrones.

 Classical Fengshui is of little practical value. 

A common advice from Classical Fengshui master - when you are in bad luck, you should lie low. When you are in good luck, you should start taking actions towards your goals and aspirations. They believe in using your Bazi chart to help you make favourable decisions. On the surface, it seems to make a lot of sense. But what happens if your favourable luck cycle only arrives 1 year, 3 years or many years later?

Time waits for no man, is it really wise for one to resign to fate and lie low until the coast is clear?

For action takers 

Imperial Fengshui focuses on helping individuals achieve specific desired outcomes.

Imperial Fengshui is about simplicity, practicality and effectiveness. For centuries, Imperial Fengshui was favoured by royalties over other complex or impractical fengshui approaches. Imperial Fengshui directly addresses the most critical success factor in life - personal luck which shapes life's destiny. 

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This branch of Fengshui relies on generations of closely guarded knowledge and the best earthly treasures (Jadeites, Sandalwood and Agarwood).  Over the years, Imperial Harvest has worked with more than 6,000 clients to reshape their destiny chart and achieve favourable luck conditions.

Our goal is to help you create breakthrough results in your career, business, investment, relationship and studies. 

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