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Decoding the science of getting rich - Part 3 Path

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 1 October 2017

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(This article is Part 3 of a five part series, to read the rest click here 1, 2 , 4 , 5)

Decoding the science of getting rich: Knowing your path

The path of getting rich is just as important as your luck and capacity. It is more than just following your passion. A client of mine once share with me that he does not know what is his passion. I share with him my definition of passion.

“When the work/business you are doing gives you massive financial rewards, recognitions & satisfaction, it naturally becomes your passion.” – Master David Goh

Financial rewards provide you the motivation and satisfaction to pursue the work you love. Hence at Imperial Harvest, we help clients to find their path to achieve financial success in life.

There are many paths to achieve financial success. Using metaphysics studies, we want to help our clients to find the path of least resistance.

To find the path of least resistance, we need to answer this important question “what is the useful god 用神 in my bazi?”

The technical term useful god does not refer to deities or divine spirits. It refers to our destiny DNA; our natural gifts and talents.

By tapping on our natural gifts and talents, we leverage additional resources apart from Luck and Capacity to achieve success in life.

The concept of identifying your useful god will be discussed in subsequent articles.

In this article, I will dive into the selection of suitable role function and industries based on your destiny chart.

Your favourable elements will determine your most favourable industries and colours.

Suitable industries based on bazi

Your useful god will determine your most suitable job functions.

Suitable job functions based on useful gods

If you are interested to find out what is wealth capacity, luck and capacity, and most importantly, how to expand your wealth capacity, achieve good luck and identify the right path, contact your Imperial Harvest advisors for more details.

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