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Decoding the science of getting rich - Part 1: Wealth Capacity

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 7 July 2020

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Bazi (八字), or the Four Pillars of Destiny is a technique of destiny analysis, with each pillar representing the elements present at the year, month, date, and time when we are born. 

Bazi is generally used to analyse an individual’s birth data to reveal the patterns of his/her luck cycle, with each individual on earth possessing a different Bazi chart.

The destiny charts of celebrities and famous businessmen have always fascinated the minds of Bazi enthusiasts, who are curious in understanding the similarities of attributes and traits between their Bazi charts. According to Imperial Feng Shui, there are three critical success factors in our destiny charts that govern our financial success. They are namely the Wealth Capacity, Luck and Path.

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Wealth Capacity

Wealth capacity refers to the amount of wealth you will be able to amass in your lifetime. By analysing a person’s wealth capacity, we can determine the financial limitations in their life as well as the income potential derived from the financial opportunities they come across in their life. 


Luck is derived from your Bazi chart, and good luck means your five elements are in harmony. Luck refers to the people we meet, events we encounter and decisions we will make at various stages of our lives. By analysing the Bazi chart of an individual, we are able to determine our auspicious and inauspicious elements as well as the current state of luck in their lives(good or bad). Identifying one’s favourable elements is extremely important, as it will immediately affect our luck cycle if the wrong diagnosis is made. This is where the fatal flaw is made by 90% of the Bazi practitioners in the market, as they are only able to identify the  strong or weak elements. 

However, there are 6 types elements in the Bazi chart: 

  • Weak
  • Strong
  • Vibrant
  • Fake Vibrant
  • Follower 
  • Fake Follower

By correctly identifying the weaker elements and harmonising them using Imperial Feng Shui treasures, you would then achieve a state of consistent good luck. This is when you will meet benefactors at work or business, receive job offers with bright career prospects, enjoy harmonious relationships, attain great windfalls and receive consistently high investment returns.


Path refers to the method of wealth creation. This essentially translates to the industries and job functions we perform. It helps us answers important questions in life such as

  • Should I become an entrepreneur or work for others
  • If I become an entrepreneur, should I go solo or work with other partners
  • What job functions or industries are suitable for me

In this article, Master David dives into the first critical success factor in our destiny charts - Wealth Capacity.

Critical Success Factor - Wealth Capacity 

Our wealth capacity determines the amount of wealth we are able to amass in our lifetime. People who are in good luck cycles, but have limited wealth capacities tend to lead a peaceful yet financially limited life. While there are no major fluctuations in their life, most struggled to retire in their golden years.

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To illustrate the concept of wealth capacity, we will showcase the Bazi charts of  three wealthy businessmen:

Carlos Slim (Business magnate) 

07072020 carlos-chart

Elemental Analysis

Season check: Carlos is born in Ox earth month. Earth is supportive of his Yang Metal day master. Hence from the month branch perspective, his day master is supported.

Earthly branch check: Out of the year, day and hour branch, only one out of three elements (申) support his day master. Hence from the earthly branch perspective, his day master is not supported.

Heavenly stem check

Out of the year, month and hour stem, only one out of three elements (己) support his day master. Hence from the heavenly stem perspective, his day master is not supported.

Using the Imperial Harvest elemental checklist, Carlos Slim’s bazi chart only receives support from the month branch (fulfilling only the Season check). Hence it is classified as a weak bazi chart.

Naturally his favourable elements are Earth (Resource element) and Metal (Self element).

As his resource element appears on the Year Stem (己), Fire (Power element) is also his favourable element.

Observing his month branch, it contains his favourable Resource element Earth (丑) which produces his day master. The Resource element (丑) in the month branch is also vertically rooted in the Year Stem as 己. 

This particular bazi combination instantly enlarges his wealth capacity as his favourable element Earth (useful god) has a strong and dominating presence in his Stem and Branch.

Warren Buffett (Business tycoon and investor)

07072020 warren-chart

We will skip the elemental analysis and heavenly stem check part of Warren Buffet's bazi chart and just highlight the conclusion.

Warren Buffet's bazi chart: Weak

Favourable elements: Metal(Resource), Water (Self) and Earth (Power).

Warren Buffett's month branch contains his favourable element Metal 申 (偏印) which produces his Day Master Yang Water (壬). In addition, his favourable element/useful god "Metal" is also vertically rooted in the Stem and Branch. This structure instantly amplifies his wealth capacity allowing him to amass a huge amount of investment wealth in his lifetime.

Steve Jobs (Business magnate) 

07072020 steve-chart

Steve Job's bazi chart: Weak

Favourable elements: Wood (Resource), Fire (Self) and Water (Power).

Steve Jobs's month branch is 寅 (Indirect Resource). His favourable element/useful god "Wood" is vertically rooted in the Stem and Branch, which instantly amplifies his wealth capacity. This explains his rapid ascent as one of the youngest billionaires in the Silicon Valley when his favourable luck cycle arrived in the 1980s.

From these analysis, you will realise that these bazi charts share a common trait: their useful god/favourable element (用神) is vertically rooted in the month branch and within any part of the heavenly stems.

This is one of the critical success factors that enlarges the wealth capacity of these individuals massively, allowing them to rise to become extremely wealthy billionaires when their favourable luck cycle arrives.

Expanding our wealth capacity

While many of us are not born with massive wealth capacities like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Jack Ma, the practice of Imperial Feng Shui has made it possible for us to expand our wealth capacities to match our financial goals and ambitions.

At Imperial Harvest, we apply one of the most closely guarded Imperial Feng Shui secrets to multiply and enhance the wealth capacities of its blessed clients.

Imperial Harvest Agarwood 

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Agarwood was traditionally reserved for Chinese royals like Emperor Qian Long to expand their direct wealth capacities. Agarwood also helped win benefactor support from officials in the Qing court and to usher in opportunities for the Qing Emperors. With the ancient practice of Imperial Feng Shui, the Qing Dynasty flourished and reigned for 268 years - the longest reigning dynasty in the world.

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According to Imperial Feng Shui principles, agarwood expands our direct wealth capacity, which refers to the income potential we derive from our career, business, sales and other regular sources of income.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood 

07062020 new sandalwood image

Sandalwood expands your indirect wealth capacity, which refers to the income potential we derive from our investment, trading and other infrequent sources of income. If you have a full-time job and engage in investment activities on the side, investment is deemed as your indirect wealth.

While Agarwood is known as the king of scented wood, Sandalwood is known as the queen. The Chinese royal family was known to carry the sandalwood pendants and beads to enhance their indirect wealth capacity. 

06072020 decoding science of getting rich image sandalwood

Imperial Harvest only uses the highest tier of Sandalwood – India Old Mountain Sandalwood. This is the crème de crème of sandalwood, being the most potent and powerful. 

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