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Decoding the science of getting rich - Part 1 Capacity

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 September 2017

Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

(This article is Part 1 of a five part series, to read the rest click here 2 , 3 , 4 , 5)

The destiny charts of wealthy businessmen and celebrities always fascinate the minds of many bazi enthusiasts who are interested in understanding the science and art of decoding a wealthy bazi chart. Hence Master David decided to reveal the three critical success factors in our destiny chart that govern our financial success.

Three Critical Success Factors in Becoming Wealthy: Capacity, Luck and Path

Capacity refers to the potential amount of wealth we can accumulate in life. Master David will show his readers step by step how we can analyse a person's wealth capacity. We will also reveal the secrets to expanding our wealth capacity.

Luck refers to the people we meet, events we encounter and decisions we make at various stages of our lives. We use the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of each element to decide our current state of luck (good or bad) and the areas of life affected. Hence selecting one’s favourable element is extremely important. 90% of the bazi practitioners have issues getting the right favourable elements, most only know strong or weak and end up making the wrong diagnosis. There are 6 types of bazi chart: weak, strong, vibrant, fake vibrant, follower and fake follower.

Path refers to the method of wealth creation. That essentially translates to the industries and job functions we perform. It helps us answers important questions in life such as

  • Should I become an entrepreneur or work for others
  • If I become an entrepreneur, should I go solo or work with other partners
  • What job functions or industries are suitable for me

Master David will reveal more insights on the topics "Luck" and "Path" with examples and case studies. For now, we will explain in depth on the concept of Wealth Capacity.

Capacity of Wealth

To illustrate the concept of wealth capacity, we will showcase three wealthy businessmen charts:

Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim's Bazi Chart

Carlos Slim's Bazi Chart

Elemental Analysis:

Season check: Carlos is born in Ox earth month. Earth is supportive of his Yang Metal day master. Hence from the month branch perspective, his day master is supported.

Earthly branch check: Out of the year, day and hour branch, only one out of three elements (申) support his day master. Hence from the earthly branch perspective, his day master is not supported.

Heavenly stem check: Out of the year, month and hour stem, only one out of three elements (己) support his day master. Hence from the heavenly stem perspective, his day master is not supported.

Using the Imperial Harvest elemental checklist, Carlos Slim’s bazi chart only receive support from the month branch (fulfilling only the Season check). Hence it is classified as a weak bazi chart.

Naturally his favourable elements are Earth (Resource element) and Metal (Self element).

As his resource element appears on the Year Stem (己), Fire (Power element) is also his favourable element.

Now we shall observe his month branch. His month branch contains his favourable Resource element Earth (丑) which produces his day master. The Resource element (丑) in the month branch is also vertically rooted in the Year Stem as . The particular bazi combination instantly enlarges his wealth capacity as his favourable element Earth (useful god) have a strong and dominating presence in his Stem and Branch.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet's Bazi Chart

Warren Buffet's Bazi Chart

We will skip the repetitive analysis for Warren Buffet's bazi chart and show the conclusion.

Warren Buffet's bazi chart: Weak

Favourable elements: Metal(Resource), Water (Self) and Earth (Power).

Warren Buffett's month branch contains his favourable element Metal 申 (偏印) which produces his Day Master Yang Water (壬). In addition, his favourable element/useful god "Metal" is also vertically rooted in the Stem and Branch. This structure instantly amplifies his wealth capacity allowing him to amass huge amount of investment wealth in his lifetime.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 's Bazi Chart

Steven Job's bazi chart: Weak

Favourable elements: Wood (Resource), Fire (Self) and Water (Power).

Steve Jobs's month branch is 寅 (Indirect Resource). His favourable element/useful god "Wood" is vertically rooted in the Stem and Branch, which instantly amplifies his wealth capacity. This explains his rapid ascent as one of the youngest billionaires in the Silicon Valley when his favourable luck cycle arrived in the 1980s.

From these analysis, you will realise that these bazi charts share a common trait: their useful god/favourable element (用神)  is vertically rooted in the month branch and any part of the heavenly stems.

This is one of the critical success factors that enlarges the wealth capacity of these individuals massively, allowing them to rise to become extremely wealthy billionaires when their favourable luck cycle arrived.

Methods to expand our wealth capacity

While many of us are not born with enlarged wealth capacities like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Jack Ma, advancement in fengshui made it possible for us to expand our wealth capacities to match our financial goals and ambitions.

For the past three generations, Imperial Harvest applies one of the most closely guarded fengshui secrets to multiply and enhance the wealth capacities of its blessed clients.

Imperial Harvest agarwood expands your direct wealth capacity

Agarwood is traditionally reserved and prescribed for select elites like Emperor Qian Long to expand their wealth capacities. For clients who wish to go for the best results, Master David personally recommends minimum earth series agarwood to multiply their direct wealth capacities.

Tiger Striped Agarwood Beads 虎斑沉香手珠

Tiger Striped Agarwood Beads 虎斑沉香手珠

 Dark Earth Agarwood Beads 黑土沉手珠

Dark Earth Agarwood Beads 黑土沉手珠

The date and time of blessings is critical for these exquisite agarwood collections to work.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood expands your direct wealth capacity

Imperial Harvest only uses the highest tier of Sandalwood – India Old Mountain Sandalwood is the crème de crème of sandalwood, most potent and powerful. Within the India Old Mountain Sandalwood, there are three different tiers: Yellow Meat, Red Meat and Black Meat.


India Old Mountain Sandalwood Beads 印度老山檀香手珠

 India Old Mountain Sandalwood Laughing Buddha 印度老山檀香笑佛

If you are interested to find out what is wealth capacity, luck and capacity, and most importantly, how to expand your wealth capacity, achieve good luck and identify the right path, contact your Imperial Harvest advisors for more details.

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