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Midas Touch and 5 Wealth Gods - Our Top 5 Best-Selling Jadeites

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 November 2018

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Ready to take your first step, but have no idea which Imperial Harvest Jadeite best suits your needs? Don't worry, we've got your back! This guide will shed some light on the design inspirations and benefits of the top 5 best-selling Imperial Harvest Jadeites. We will also share our blessed clients' experience after wearing their Imperial Harvest remedies. 


1.Fine Jadeite Ammonite of Fortune

 ammonite (1)

Ideal for: 

Sales professionals seeking massive sales breakthroughs and profits  

Ammonite of Fortune 招财螺 is known for its ability to rake in massive flow of fortunes for its destined owner. You can expect high quality sales leads and conversion rates to achieve record breaking sales and business profitability. It turns the clients into benefactors to empower its destined owner to execute million dollar transactions smoothly – reducing average sales cycles and improving sales productivity.

Case study:

Mr T's testimonial

"I would like to share my experience after acquiring the remedy in September 2017. I felt that things have been improving. I achieved my group sales target in 2017, and my team has been awarded the best team of the year." - Mr T, Retail Store Manager of a Health and Wellness Retail Giant

Click here to read Mr T's case study


2. Fine Jadeite Midas Touch

midas touch

Ideal for:

  • Eliminating malefactors at workplace and attract support of grand benefactors.
The Guan Yin’s Midas Touch empowers you with strategic benefactors to help you rise to the top of the corporate ladder, achieving better salary increments and accelerated career advancementsHer omnipotent wish-fulfilling pearl also empowers you to stay in good health and maintain family harmony and bliss – enabling you to lead a life of both spiritual and financial abundance.

Case study:

Priscilla's testimonial

"I am happy and excited to share with you that I received 2 job offers in 1 week after wearing the Midas Touch. Please relay my heartfelt thanks to Master David" - Priscilla, June 2018.

3. Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong


Ideal for:

  • Accelerated career progressions & better paying job offer. Consistently high windfalls and investment returns

Tua Pek Gong is one of the most powerful wealth gods. He uses the powerful Jadeite Dragon Sceptre 玉龙杖 to command power and authority for its destined owner. He also helps to ward off all malefactors to enable you to have smooth-sailing work and consistently achieve high-performance ratings. 

Case study:

Mr Lau's testimonial

After wearing his Jadeite Tua Pek Gong in March 2018, Mr Lau has seen massive improvement in his career. Most recently he even received a solid salary increment of 15% and 6 months overall bonus.


4. Fine Jadeite Bamboo of Successive Blossoms


Ideal for:

  • Achieve rapid career advancement & promotions, eliminating malefactors at workplace, good health and harmonious family. 

Bamboo signifies accelerated and steady progress of one’s career, and is designed to attract massive wealth and prosperity. It blesses its destined owner with strategic benefactors to achieve career breakthroughs and accelerated progressions with the vision of rising to the top echelons of the company. 

Case Study:

Miss C testimonial

Miss C was prescribed the Fine Blue Jadeite Bamboo. In a short span of 3 months, she experienced very positive changes at her workplace as her relationships with her bosses improved and even received a promotion as well as salary increment.


5. Fine Jadeite Grand Wealth God 


Ideal for:

  • Achieving record-breaking sales and commission, smooth execution of sales transactions, eliminating malefactors at the workplace, and getting better paying jobs with the support of grand benefactors.
  • Consistently high windfalls, winnings from casinos and investment returns

The Grand Wealth God is known for his immense power to bring massive flow of business by equipping his destined owner with high-quality sales leads and conversion rates. He welds the Jadeite Sceptre "玉如意" to eliminate malefactors to ensure smooth execution of million dollar transactions. The wealth-garnering gold ingot "金元宝" enables your fortune to multiply by leaps and bounds as you make wise and strategic decisions to achieve rapid sales and team growth.

Case study:


"Thank you Master David. After wearing the Jadeite Grand Wealth God for 1.5 months, I got my biggest windfall ever in my life (5 figure lottery win). After the fengshui audit you have done in March 2018, my husband got his promotion. Before the audit was done, my husband's career was stagnant and he hadn't had a promotion for the past 7 years. I am very impressed with his breakthroughs. I look forward to wearing my upgraded Jadeite Ring" - Pamela, August 2018.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about our Jadeite remedies. But choosing a remedy to match your goals and ambitions is just one part of the equation. The other part involves making sure that your lifetime favourable Bazi element harmonises with the remedy.

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