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Five Wealth God Series - Bi Gan Part I

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 21 August 2016

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There are many wealth gods in the Chinese history – Direct Wealth God Tua Pek Gong, Indirect Wealth Zhong Kui, Business Wealth God Guan Gong, Grand Indirect Wealth God Tua Yi Ya Pek and Grand Wealth God Bi Gan.

Grand Wealth God Bi Gan is the most powerful wealth god who controls both direct and indirect wealth of the human realm. His supreme and immense divine power have helped many clients to achieve massive breakthroughs in their career, business, investment, trading and windfall.

Many clients know that Master David specially designed two Grand Wealth God pendants for male and female clients.

In part 1 of this article, we will be sharing the legend and design inspirations behind the most powerful manifestation of Wealth Gods – Grand Wealth God 大财神比干 (Female version).

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Legend of Bi Gan

Bi Gan was a prominent premier during the Shang Dynasty, who has carefully guided King Zhou of Shang in the administration of Shang Dynasty. Under his stewardship, the administration of Shang Dynasty flourished and prospered.

Da Ji was a favourite concubine of King Zhou of Shang. She became vicious and wicked after being possessed by the fox spirit. Due to the influence of fox spirit, Da Ji started to cause chaos in the administration of Shang Dynasty by annihilating the loyal and competent government officials. Bi Gan was standing in her way of destroying Shang Dynasty as he repeatedly thwarted her plans with his wits and intelligence. This incurred the wrath of Daji and she began to hatch a plot to murder Bi Gan.

Jiang Zi Ya, an advisor of King Wen of Zhou, used the oracle bones and predicted the demise of Bi Gan. He soon gave Bi Gan, a talisman as well as specific instructions to safeguard his life. On that fateful night, Jiang Zi Ya’s prediction came true. Da Ji told King Zhou of Shang that she was ill and needed the “Seven Aperture” heart – a heart that only Bi Gan, the most loyal and righteous subject would have.

Out of fear of losing Daji, King Zhou of Shang immediately ordered imperial doctor to remove Bi Gan’s heart. Bi Gan swiftly sealed his wound with the talisman. He survived the ordeal and quickly made his way to home without looking back (Jiang Zi Ya’s advice)

Halfway through the journey, Da Ji sent her accomplice to trick Bi Gan into looking back. The Pipa spirit disguised as an old lady peddling stemless vegetable (空心菜). It piqued the interest of Bi Gan. As soon as he looked back with curiosity, the old lady revealed that vegetable cannot grow with stems just like human cannot live without heart. Bi Gan’s talisman dropped off and soon bled to death.

Bi Gan has no heart and that means he is impartial and is able to act without prejudice and judgement. In the investiture of God, he was defied as the Grand Wealth God – the ONLY god who bestows upon his devotees boundless wealth generously and impartially without any form of discrimination and prejudice. 

Grand Wealth God Bi Gan holds the title equivalent to the Minister of Finance, the highest title possible for deities in charge of wealth.

Design of Bi Gan

In commissioning the design of Grand Wealth God Bi Gan, our Principal Consultant David looked upon the Chinese literature and culture to develop the beautifully designed Grand Wealth God from scratch.

Classic and Elegantly Powerful

Master David envisioned a Grand Wealth God manifestation that is extremely powerful while retaining the design principle – classic and elegant.

Traditionally the Grand Wealth God holds the gold ingot with either left or right hand.

  • Holding the gold ingot on the right hand symbolises that this particular manifestation of Grand Wealth God brings direct wealth – career and business fortune.
  • Holding the gold ingot on the left hand symbolises that this particular manifestation of Grand Wealth God brings indirect wealth – windfall, investment.
  • Holding the gold ingot with both hands is the most powerful manifestation of Grand Wealth God – it prospers both your direct and indirect wealth.

Yes that is the most powerful manifestation of Grand Wealth God that Master David has envisioned to empower our clients to achieve massive breakthroughs in their career, business, windfall, investments and trading.

There are five Jadeite colours for each of the five basic elements.

Fine Yellow Jadeite Grand Wealth God (Earth)


Fine Green Jadeite Grand Wealth God (Wood)


Fine Black Jadeite Grand Wealth God (Water)


Fine Lavender Jadeite Grand Wealth God (Fire)


Fine White Jadeite Grand Wealth God (Metal)


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