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Five Wealth God Series - Guan Gong

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 15 August 2016

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Among the five wealth gods, Guan Gong is the Business Wealth God, in charge of the business and sales of the human realm. In other Chinese literature texts, Guan Gong is also referred as Martial Wealth God (武财神关公). Since the launch of our Jadeite Guan Gong riding on Champion Stallion, many clients have received immense blessings and achieved massive sales and profits breakthroughs in their career and business endeavours. Hence today we will be sharing the story behind the most powerful manifestation of Guan Gong.


Guan Gong was a general serving under a famous warlord Liubei (劉備) towards the end of Eastern Han Dynasty, known for his undying conviction to restore the glory of Han Dynasty.

His strategic acumen, excellent physique and strong moral values established a solid reputation for Guan Gong as one of the most formidable generals of all times. He is widely admired by his peers for his loyalty and righteousness - exceptionally rare traits especially in trying and challenging times.

In as early as Sui Dynasty, Guan Gong is defied as Martial Wealth God - a deity widely worshipped by generals and emperors to pray for victories in battles and wars. In historical records, many Chinese emperors and generals have shared the miraculous blessings of Guan Gong in helping them to overcome all challenges and emerged victorious.

Ming Dynasty: Emperor Yong Le credited his success in overthrowing Emperor Jianwen to the blessing of Guan Gong. As a devout Guan Gong's devotee, Emperor Yong Le also scored massive victories in implementation of his ambitious plans to stabilise the fragile economy and reverse population decline following the overthrow of Emperor Jianwen.

Late 16th Century: The Koreans prayed to Guan Gong and succeeded in repulsing the formidable invasion of the Japanese troops led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi - one of the most  distinguished  generals in Japan of all times. The success of the Korean military campaigns against all odds is a strong testament of the immense divine power of Guan Gong.

In modern times, business is war 商场如战场. Hence many Chinese businessmen and sales professionals prayed to Guan Gong to help them achieve massive sales and profits breakthroughs.

This leads to the question " What is the most powerful manifestation of Guan Gong?"

Three Manifestations of Guan Gong 

There are three main manifestations of Guan Gong namely, sitting with a book, standing with a sabre and riding on Champion Stallion with a sabre.

1. Literati Guan Gong文关公is portrayed in sitting stance holding a book; ideal for businessmen in charge of business strategy and consultancy, management consultants as well as strategic advisory. However a literati general 文将 who is well-versed in strategies is not sufficient in winning warfare as execution is extremely important as well.

Literati Guan Gong文关公

2. Martial Guan Gong 武关公 is portrayed in standing stance holding a sabre; ideal for sales professionals (insurance agents and property agents) who are looking for slow and steady improvement in sales. Similarly, a martial general 武将 who has excellent physique is not sufficient in winning wars and battles because strategic acumen is extremely important.

Martial Guan Gong 武关公

3. The MOST powerful manifestation of Guan Gong is Victorious Guan Gong 常胜关公 depicted with a Guan Gong welding a mighty sabre and riding on Champion Stallion 关公骑千里马 - the ultimate symbol of victory and massive breakthroughs. Guan Gong riding on Champion Stallion is the only manifestation of Guan Gong that possesses strategic acumen and excellent physique as aptly described by the Chinese idiom 文武双全,智勇双全.

Victorious Guan Gong

Master David specifically commissioned our uniquely designed Guan Gong riding on Champion Stallion to bring massive sales and financial breakthroughs to our clients.



Guan Gong riding on Champion Stallion – the most victorious manifestation of Guan Gong, helps to boost sales and business growth 10 times faster than sitting or standing manifestations of Guan Gong, garnering strategic support from your benefactors, increasing your sales and business growth effortlessly.

According to legend, Guan Gong is  invincible and peerless when he rode on the Champion Stallion, enabling him to overcome five most challenging cities' defence and kill six most powerful generals of their times(过五关,斩六将). Hence our design specifically incorporated the Champion Stallion, empowering our blessed clients to overcome all challenges and obstacles in their business and sales.


The Champion Stallion 千里马 enables your business to make progress by leaps and bounds (一日千里)and achieve massive and rapid breakthroughs in your sales and business expansions. It also carries the meaning of immediate breakthroughs and success 马到成功, enabling or blessed clients to achieve immediate and massive results.


His Green Dragon Sabre 青龙偃月刀also helps to remove malefactors 小人 from your path of success, enabling you to overcome your challenges with ease.

Guan Gong also helps you to build a closely knit team and organisation that is fiercely loyal and reliable, enabling your business to scale and grow rapidly.

Upon the assessment of our client's situation, destiny chart and prosperity needs, our prosperity advisors will formulate the appropriate cure and remedy for our clients to help them achieve their financial objectives. There are five exceptional Jadeite colours for Guan Gong.

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