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A Retail Manager's Amazing Promotion In A Giant Corporation.

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 31 August 2018

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Mr T is a retail store manager for a leading lifestyle and healthy living products company in Singapore.

Mr T was hesitated about his visit to Master David. Troubled and confused, he contemplated about his visit for the longest time.

Last year September 2017, he grew sick of his stagnant career. Upon referral from his friend, an existing client of Master David since 2016, Mr T invited the Jadeite Ammonite to achieve massive career breakthroughs.

Mr T testimonial 1

Fine Jadeite Ammonite

Mr T Testimonial 2

After wearing the jadeite, Mr T clinched the top store award for the year of 2017 among the 16 retail outlets.

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After clinching the top retail store award, the senior management team has sent him to handle a few poor performing retail outlets. With the blessings of the Jadeite Ammonite, he went on to prove his detractors wrong. The retail outlets under his watchful supervision continued to outperform the store targets.

In August 2018, the senior management team informed Mr T that he will be transferred to the corporate department from his current retail position, to manage a corporate department.

Mr T testimonial 4

This is something unheard of in a retail giant corporate history.

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