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5 Reasons Why Five Wealth Gods collection is the Bestseller

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 November 2017

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It's coming to the end of the Yin Fire Rooster. Thousands of clients have prospered and achieved massive blessings with our Signature Five Wealth Gods collection.

In this article, we would like to share the Top 5 Reasons our signature Five Wealth Gods collection is so popular among thousands of clients!


From left: Jadeite Guan Gong Riding on Champion Stallion; Tua Pek Gong

Jadeite Grand Wealth God

From left: Jadeite Indirect Wealth God Zhong Kui; Grand Indirect God - Tua Di Ya Pek

Gemstone Certification issued by Singapore Gemmological Institute


1. Finest Jadeite Quality: Certified by Local Gemmological Institute
Imperial Harvest Jadeites are treasured the moment they are on earth. Only 0.01% of the world's jadeites made the cut to our galleries. All our jadeite undergoes stringent testing and inspection by independent gemmologists to ensure only the highest standards of jadeites are blessed to help our clients achieve breakthrough results in life.

2. First Hand Jadeite: All jadeites are Carved from raw 900 kg Jadeite Boulders
Our team personally source for the best raw jadeite boulders from Myanmar, and are carved by our highly skilled artisans. This process effectively cut off unnecessary third-party intermediaries, thus, clients are ensured fresh and superior quality Jadeites. 

Raw Jadeite Boulder
Featuring: Raw Jadeite Boulder valued at S$6.9million

3. Highest Order of Blessings: Imperial Vermillion
The highest order of blessing is achieved using rich Vermillion made with the most exquisite ingredients (including Sandalwood, Agarwood & 24K gold foil). Auspicious energies are harnessed through careful preparation on the powerful Imperial White Inkstone.

Imperial Vermilion prepared on Imperial White Inkstone
Imperial Vermilion prepared on Imperial White Inkstone

4. Proven Track Record
Over the years, Imperial Harvest has worked with 6000+ clients across all walks of life to achieve their goals and aspirations with our fengshui guidance and remedies.

Our Five Wealth Gods’ supreme and immense divine power have helped many clients to achieve massive breakthroughs in their career, business, investment, trading, windfall, health & foster fond relationships with their family, friends and colleagues.

Hear it from some of our very blessed clients:

Imperial Harvest Testimonial Mr Derrick Huang

"After wearing the Jadeite Tua Pek Gong for less than 3 months, I managed to secure a solid 20% increment while the average in my company is only 4%"

- Mr Huang, Operations Executive, 28 June 2017

Imperial Harvest Testimonial Mr Eugene Chieng & Wife

"After wearing the Jadeite Guan Gong, my property sales improved and grew by 5 folds. We look forward to Master David's assistance to select our executive condominium and our new Jadeite rings"

- Mr Chieng, Property Agent, 25 May 2017

Imperial Harvest Testimonial Mr Tay Choon Keong

"After wearing the Fine Jadeite Grand Wealth God & Exquisite Jadeite Imperial Dragon since Jan 2015, I managed to grow my business from breaking even to selling it off at Sgd 40,000,000 in July 2017"

- Mr Tay, 25 Jul 2017

5. Rapid Manifestation of Wishes within 3-6 months

Imperial Harvest Testimonial Ms Pamela Soh

"We came to Master David at the lowest point of our interior design business. Within three months of wearing the jadeite Midas Touch and Grand Wealth God, our business grew 10 folds! We've recently closed 10 interior design projects (Sgd 400,000 sales)."

- Ms Soh & Partner, Interior Designing Company, 1 Nov 2017

Imperial Harvest Testimonial Mr Anthony

"After wearing the Jadeite Tua Pek Gong for three months, I secured a job offer with a 15% salary increment! It's truly amazing how Master David's advice and the Tua Pek Gong is so effective in realising my wishes!"

- Mr Anthony, 20 Oct 2017

Imperial Harvest Testimonial Mr Eugene Choo

"After wearing the Fine Jadeite Guan Gong for three months, I clocked Sgd 53,000 revenue points and topped my bank branch in the month of August 2017"

- Mr Choo, 22 Aug 2017

Imperial Harvest Testimonial Ms Phoon

"After wearing for 3 weeks, I won S$42,000 windfall (4D 2nd Prize) on 2nd April 2017 and got the starting capital for my business!"

- Miss Phoon, 5 April 2017

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