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Windfall God of Wealth - Zhong Kui

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 17 July 2020

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Zhong Kui is widely worshipped by as the Windfall God of Wealth – ideal for those who are looking for massive breakthroughs in their financial portfolio, accumulation of financial assets and removal of malefactors. 

The definition of windfall/indirect wealth (偏财) refers to an unexpected source of income. The windfall income is generally sizeable and 10-100 times larger than your monthly income. 

It is different from ill-gotten gains (不义之财) which refers to obtaining the income you do not deserve or through unethical means like operating a Ponzi scheme.

A general misconception is that people generally perceive income derived from businesses like entertainment clubs and pubs as Indirect Wealth (偏财). 

The importance of windfall income 

Business owners: it refers to winning land-mark deals or multi-million contracts, enabling you to achieve the big break you always need. 

Sales professionals: it refers to closing 5-6 figure annual premium (financial advisor) or close 3-5% commission district 9/10/11 new launch project (realtor).

Career professionals: it refers to record-breaking bonuses or sometimes lottery income. 

Another source of windfall income: stock investment, speculative trading (FOREX and stocks), windfalls (4D/ToTo), property investments and other exotic investments (cryptocurrencies)

As the nature of windfall income tends to bring in explosive returns or income, it helps the blessed clients to accumulate assets. 

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Zhong Kui 

To help Imperial Harvest clients achieve such explosive returns, it is imperative to incorporate powerful wealth fetching features. 

Five Wealth Goblins

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Five Wealth Goblins attract powerful explosive opportunities, deals and inspirations for its destined owners, from all industries across different geographies, enabling its destined owner to have massive gains and breakthroughs.

Wealth Commanding Sword

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Wealth Commanding Sword commands influence and authority for the destined owner. Influence is the key to explosive success in the modern economy. That’s the reason why many modern-day influencers are able to become overnight millionaires through their followers’ support. Authority is equally important, being recognised as the leading authority in the industry, enables you to have an unfair advantage over your peers in the real estate and financial advisory. 

Wealth Fetching Chain

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Wealth Fetching Chain secures million-dollar opportunities, preventing them from being stolen away from harmful malefactors. It also locks away your wealth to prevent leak of wealth.

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Stories of Imperial Harvest Clients

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