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Grand Wealth God - Bi Gan

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 10 July 2020

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The Grand Wealth God is the most supreme powerful manifestation of all wealth gods.

Widely known as the Chief Finance Minister of the celestial realm, the God of Wealth is the ultimate and most potent wealth god ideal for those seeking massive wealth breakthroughs and successes in all aspects of their financial endeavours. 

09072020 gwg Main

Over the years, many clients have made huge progress and success with Master David’s signature original design - the Grand Wealth God. 

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Grand Wealth God

The holy trinity of wealth and success - Master David incorporates the three most powerful wealth-growing and accumulation weapons of mass prosperity that have helped many clients to achieve wealth and success.

Ruyi Scepter

09072020 gwg Ruyi Scepter

Ruyi Scepter is an important emblem of wealth and authority, enabling your wishes and aspirations to manifest in reality at the speed of your thoughts, securing million-dollar contracts, attracting high-paying job offers and achieving consistently high investment returns. Its ability to command authority helps one to build groups of faithful followers / customers in business and command the respect of superiors & subordinates to achieve breakthroughs and successes. 

Gold Ingot

09072020 gwg Gold Ingot

The Gold Ingot enables savvy and ambitious entrepreneurs to ride on the right trends and opportunities to achieve wealth and success. For career professionals, it helps to attract powerful mentors and benefactors to achieve rapid successes and breakthroughs.

Treasure Trove with Gold Ingots

09072020 gwg Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove with Gold Ingots is the most powerful wealth amplifier used by the wealthiest man in the Ming Dynasty -Mr Shen Wan San (沈万三) to multiply his wealth and success. 

09072020 gwg Photo

The Treasure Trove completes the Holy Trinity - growing, amplifying, and accumulating your wealth - allowing you to maximise your potential. 

09072020 gwg Gem Report

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Stories of Imperial Harvest Clients

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09072020 gwg Mr Tay

09072020 gwg Mr Ching

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