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Featured Story: From a lowly financial consultant to the number one financial consultant in her agency

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 14 July 2017

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Miss J is working at one of the largest insurance agencies in Singapore. 1 year into her career, her monthly production was hovering between SGD 3000 and SGD 5000. She was very dissatisfied with her income and her business growth.

She wants to be the number one financial consultant in her agency.

The session first started off with Master David looking at Miss J’s destiny chart. Master David analysed her lifetime favourable element and favourable colours.

Master David then proceeded to ask, “what do you wish to achieve out of your career?”

Miss J replied, “I want to be the number one financial consultant in my agency.”

Miss J testimonial 1

At that point in her life, no one believe that she can be the number one financial consultant in her agency. Out of her entire agency, she was the only client of Imperial Harvest.

Master David said, “let’s do it” and proceed to prescribe her the remedy “Jadeite Grand Wealth God” based on her Bazi chart, prosperity needs and aspirations.

In the same month, her sales skyrocketed to Sgd 20,000 a month.

Miss J testimonial 2

Her husband started his journey as well after seeing his wife prospered!

Miss J testimonial 3

After wearing for a year, she became the number one financial consultant in her agency.



Yes, that’s what Imperial Harvest practices. We practice Imperial Fengshui. Imperial Fengshui is about achieving greatness in our lives. It is choosing to be the best version of who you want to be. It is a lifestyle where one wish to pursue a glorious life filled with achievements.

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