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Featured Story: From A Low-Income Financial Advisor To A 5-Figure Award-Winning Advisor

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 03 February 2017

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Mr Chen was working as a financial advisor and struggled with a measly monthly income of SGD 2000-3000 two years into his advisory career. His manager was utterly disappointed with his poor sales performance. Discouraged and dejected, his mounting pressure is compounded by marriage and housing renovation. He felt useless and helpless.

He decided that enough is enough. As an ardent follower of Master David Goh’s transformation works on different clients, he decided to register for a consultation to achieve massive breakthroughs in his financial destiny.


Precise Prescription of Fengshui Remedy

Upon understanding Mr Chen's ambitions and goals, Master David prescribed the fengshui remedy the Fine Black Jadeite Guan Gong riding on Champion Stallion.

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Highest Order of Blessing

Master David selected an auspicious date and time for the blessing of the Jadeite Guan Gong specific to his destiny chart and purposes.


Massive Transformation: his income multiplied 5 times in the short span on 9 months

Mr Chen came for his review on 17 Jan 2017 and shared with us the massive good news that his income has increased by 5 times since he last met Master David.



Mr Chen now has the ambition to increase his personal income to 6-figure monthly. He needs a strong boost in his career. Under Master David's advice, he went on to acquire the half-sinking Agarwood beads to prosper his benefactor luck further and converting his obstacles and crisis into golden opportunities

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