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Featured Story: More Breakthroughs and Recognitions from Bosses!

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 05 September 2017

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“After wearing the Jadeite Grand Wealth God since May 2016, I received more recognitions, higher bonuses and the highly coveted promotion from my company” – Mr Ching

Many clients came to Imperial Harvest for one sole purpose: to achieve breakthroughs results in life.

Mr Ching came to us at one of the lowest point in his career. He was feeling dissatisfied with his career progression: lack of recognition from his bosses and clients, no promotion and limited increments.

One day, he chanced upon Imperial Harvest. He decided that enough is enough. He took his first step and registered for a free consultation with Master David.

After assessing his bazi chart, Master David prescribed him the Grand Wealth God to achieve breakthrough results in his career.

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“After wearing the Jadeite Grand Wealth God, I received one of the highest performance bonuses in my company” – Mr Ching

In June 2017, Mr Ching shared with Master David about his career success and breakthroughs.


He now enjoys very fulfilling working relationships with his bosses. His boss also recommended him for a promotion – an event that has never happened to him in the past 4 years.

In August 2017, he shared with Master David that he has received his promotion. In a short span of 1 year of wearing the Jadeite Grand Wealth God, his life has been transformed.


Imperial Fengshui is about designing and transforming your destiny and most importantly living your destiny on your own terms.

Imperial Fengshui believes in utilising the finest earthly treasures tap on the universal forces to design the future that you want, to achieve a specific outcome in your life.

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Design your destiny with Master David’s guidance and assistance today!

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