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Featured Story: From Getting Fired to Securing Promotion And Pay Increment

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 12 October 2016

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As a consultant, we have worked with many clients to help them achieve their goals and aspirations in life. Miss A is a particularly memorable case that Master David have worked on in the recent months.

Miss A was a finance manager who entered into her new job. For the first five months of her job, she was struggling with her job. Her colleagues were working against her. Her boss was not appreciative of her work and not recognising her contribution. Her job confirmation was at stake. She was 1 month away from getting fired from her job due to her dismal work performance. She was panicking and desperately needed a proven solution to help her win big league in her career.

After hearing Miss A's prosperity needs and assessing her destiny chart, Master  David eventually prescribed her the Lavender Jadeite Grand Wealth God to help her achieve massive breakthroughs in her career. An auspicious date and time specific to her destiny chart was chosen for the blessing. 

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Miss A's Blessed Lavender Jadeite Grand Wealth God 



One month later, Miss A received her job confirmation, promotion to senior manager and salary increment all at one go! This is an incredible breakthrough in her career especially for someone who had difficulties getting along well with her superiors and co-workers and experienced zero recognition at work.


Miss A is just one of the many clients we have empowered to achieve massive and tangible career breakthroughs in a very short span of time.

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