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Featured Story: Discover How A Failing Marketing Manager Turn His Career Around In 6 Months!

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 24 October 2016

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Marc was a failing marketing manager. He was struggling with his work and there were malefactors backstabbing at his workplace. His life was falling apart. No opportunities, no increments, stagnating career… his life was failing big league. He needed a breakthrough in his career.

One day, he met up with his friend Charles, who is one of our blessed clients. Charles shared with Marc his miraculous transformation after wearing the blessed remedy prescribed by Master David Goh. Marc was blown by Charles’s miraculous transformation from a broke and jobless man to a five figure top insurance agent in 9 months.

Read about Charles story HERE

On 23 Nov 2015, he took his first step and registered for a consultation.

Precise Prescription of Fengshui Remedy

After thoughtfully listening to Marc's goals and aspirations in life, Fine Green Jadeite Ammonite was prescribed to reverse his streak of bad luck and draw in strategic career benefactors for him to accelerate his career advancement and progression, thus achieving a consistent and strong increment in his salary.

Highest Order of Blessing

Master David selected an auspicious date and time for the blessing of the Jadeite specific to his destiny chart and purposes.

Massive Breakthroughs from our blessed client Marc 

He collected his pendant on the 9th Jan 2016. Three months down the road, Master David did his first follow-up with Marc

First milestone: Marc shared 14th April 2016 that he successfully secured a prestigious job with many opportunities given to him. He traveled to different countries every week. The difference it has made is obvious. Even when faced with tough situations, things tend to just smoothly fall into place. 


Second Milestone: Marc shared 20th Sep 2016 that he has gained great exposure from his new role and received a healthy increment six months into his new job!

Third Milestone: Marc shared with his father Brendan about Imperial Harvest and how he has prospered with his Jadeite Ammonite.

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