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Featured Story: How I Went From Broke to Earning S$15,000 A Month

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 18 July 2016

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As a consultant, we worked with many clients from all walks of lives – top business owners, listed CEOs, SME owners, sales and marketing top guns and high flying corporate executives. We also have the opportunities to work with clients who were dead-broke and penniless when they came to us for help.

This is a story of a client who came to us at the bottom of his life. His name is Charles. He was broke and penniless when he came to us for help. He was jobless for 2 years until he decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. He finally decided to take his first step.

On 26 June 2015, Charles approached us and share with us his situation. Our customer service associate received a phone call from Charles. Charles later sent us a whatsapp text.


Charles said over the phone: “Hi Grace, my name is Charles, I am 30 years old this year. The past 10 years has been really demanding financially. I have not gotten much traction after 500 job interviews and I went over the past 2 years with little or no income. I am looking at a solution to help me alleviate my situation. I am starting to take my papers to prepare for my upcoming role as a financial advisor.”

As we all know that insurance is the one of the most challenging career in Singapore with one of the highest attrition rates. 70-80% insurance agents quit within their first year as they make little or no income. 

Charles knew the odds were against him especially when he did not have any sales experience and have undergone two years of unemployment. He was desperate, dead-broke and have zero network to succeed in the insurance field. 

After analysing his chart, Master David concluded that he is a weak Yin Fire person. Therefore his favourable elements are Wood and Fire. After understanding Charles's prosperity needs, David eventually prescribed him the Fine Jadeite Bamboo of Successive Blossoms to help him achieve massive breakthroughs in his career.


Charles’s mother also decided to embark on a journey to change her life for the better and decided to give it a try. David also prescribed Charles’s mother Fine Lavender Jadeite Lingzhi to prosper her health and career as she is a weak Yang Earth person.


Three months later, Charles completed his papers and started working as a financial advisor. After three months, he was already earning S$5,000 a month and shared with us his first testimonial on 21 Nov 2015. He started his journey with us in Aug 2015. This was a stark contrast compared to when he first approached us. Now his income has grown by 5 times in just a short span of 3 months.




Nine months later, Charles came to our office on 27 March 2016 and shared with us that his income has increased to 10 times and his mother also secured a double promotion as well.



Charles is just one of the many clients we have empowered to achieve massive and tangible breakthroughs in a very short span of time. Those who desire rapid, massive and tangible breakthroughs, you may want to register for a consultation where our team of consultants will share with you how to achieve success with Imperial Harvest!

Start your journey to greatness today! Book your free Bazi consultation at our Delfi Orchard galleries.

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