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Honouring a Powerful Legacy - The Imperial Tiara Ring

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 18 February 2019

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During the most glorious years of the Tang dynasty, a woman did rule, and she was one of the most effective monarchs. She was none other than Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in the history of ancient China. Under her long reign of almost half a century, the Tang dynasty enjoyed unparalleled peace and prosperity.  


Wielding a strong interest in government affairs, she helped reform the education system and boosted agricultural production. More importantly, her rise to authority in a patriarchal society elevated the status of women. It's no wonder she became an icon whose influence can still be felt today.

To honour her legacy, we're unveiling the all-new Imperial Tiara Ring - a symbolic jewellery that empowers the contemporary woman with the graceful tenacity of Wu Zetian.

black tiara black bg

Orchestrated from 18-carat rose gold and rivers of brilliantly carved diamonds - and crowned with a timeless tear-drop grade-A jadeite, the Imperial Tiara Ring is a cut above the rest. 

brown tiara purple bg

Like the success that Wu Zetian brought to the Tang Dynasty, the Imperial Tiara ring imparts its destined owner with power and authority. It represents a catalyst for results, in both your career and business.

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In true Imperial Harvest fashion, every jadeite cabochon must meet the most stringent criterion. Each precious gem begins life at the centre of a jadeite boulder, where it's corralled from the the harsh weather; hence, retaining its pristine condition. 
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Over a full month, it's hand-moulded to exacting proportion, each exquisite curve and stroke an approving tribute to the skillful hands of our in-house artisans. 
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Like other Imperial Harvest treasures, the Imperial Tiara Ring collection comes in five iconic colours: Lavender, Bamboo Green, Black, Pearl White and Earth Gold, each defining a unique Bazi element. To amplify the effects of each ring, we recommend matching it with your lifetime favourable element.
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