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How An Insurance Agent Went Against All Odds And Became A Top Rookie

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 31 August 2018

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Miss Tan consulted Master David in late May 2018. She was experiencing stagnant sales and faced many challenges and roadblocks in her insurance career.

Miss T Testimonial 1

At the point of her consultation, she has left her previous employer – a local bank as relationship manager and took the leap of faith to join Prudential.

After consulting Master David, she decided to invite the Jadeite Grand Wealth God.

Jadeite Grand Wealth God  

Within the two months of wearing her Jadeite Grand Wealth God, she topped her sales and clinched the Top Rookie award for the month.

Miss T testimonial 2

What has changed in her month since she started wearing Master David’s Jadeite Grand Wealth God?

Along the way, Miss Tan shared with Master David her progresses she has accomplished during these two months.

Bigger cases: She has clinched bigger deals as she shared with Master David. The size of her policy case has increased tremendously.

More deals: she experienced higher number of referrals and leads conversion. This allows to close more cases and increase her overall commissions.

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