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Featured Story: Secured a prestigious Investment Banking position in Bulge Bracket bank

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 26 February 2018

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When Kelvin approached Master David in May 2017, he was a penultimate year student at SMU who graduates in May 2018. He aspires to be an investment banker. After years of attempt, he could not get his desired career breakthrough.

He came to our Delfi Orchard galleries and consulted Master David for a solution to help him achieve breakthrough results in his job search.

After analyzing his Bazi chart, Master David prescribed him the Jadeite Thousands Hands Guan Yin and advised to aim for Global Markets Division within the Investment Bank based on his bazi chart.


Kelvin was taken aback by Master David's advice as an investment bank typically hires 2-3 graduate Global Markets analyst out of a pool of 6000-8000 applicants.

Moreover, Kelvin's academic results did not meet the typical investment bank requirement of Magma Cum Laude. With the odds stacked against him, Kelvin decided to go with Master David's prescription.












6 months later, Kelvin is now a final year student. He shared with Master David his biggest breakthrough. He secured a job with a monthly salary of HKD 46,000 (equivalent to Sgd 7800). That's a record breaking salary package for a fresh graduate.




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