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Featured Story: From Failing In Her Direct Selling Business To Becoming A Sales Superstar In Just 3 Months!

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 09 November 2016

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Miss Toh started out as a greenhorn in the cosmetic direct selling business with virtually zero experience in sales beforehand. She was struggling with sales and has achieved virtually zero income in her first month. She attended countless sales and product trainings. Nothing seemed to work. Non-converting prospects, countless rejections, she was failing big league in her business. Struggling with massive debts, down with incredible disappointment, she was desperate to drive her sales. She was frustrated and helpless.

She is sick and tired of meeting non-converting prospects. She is sick and tired of attending countless training sessions yet receiving little or no results. She is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Hence she decided to go for a consultation with Master David on 23rd July 2016.

Precise Prescription of Fengshui Remedy

After hearing out Miss Toh's goals and aspirations, Master David prescribed the Fine Yellow Jadeite Guan Yin Midas Touch to help Miss Toh to accomplish her number priority in life: achieving top sales in her MLM company.


Highest Order of Blessing

Master David selected an auspicious date and time for the blessing of the Jadeite specific to her destiny chart and purposes.


Mapping out her Destiny Chart and Strategies to Achieve Massive Breakthroughs

She collected his pendant on the 27 July 2016. Master David took her through one hour detailed analysis of his destiny chart.


Massive Breakthroughs: Achieved top 5 sales position after wearing for 1 month


Consistent Results: top 10 sales position since July 2016 til now(the month she started wearing her Midas Touch) 


Miss Toh is a prime example of a client who wants to start life in her own terms and not dictated by predestined luck cycles. She is resolved to make her career great again. She is resolved to become wealthy again. She is resolved to become respected again.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes” - Master David Goh

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