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Featured Story: Discover How An Average Singaporean Secured A Prestigious Job And Cleared Half His 6-Figure Debts In 2 Months!

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 October 2016

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As a consultant, we have the distinct honour and privilege to work with clients from many industries, different aspirations and goals in life. Jun Jie’s story embodies the daily struggles of everyday Singaporeans.

Jun Jie was saddled with a six figure massive debts due to his reckless and over-leveraged investment decisions made a few years back in his youth. He lost his life savings overnight. He currently works as an auditor and is having tremendous amount of difficulties financing his debts. His career prospects was bleak as he failed multiple attempts at breaking into the investment banking industry.

He decided that enough is enough. He is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Hence on the 19th July 2016, he made a life changing decision. He decided to register himself for a free destiny consultation via our consultation form. He knew he needed a tested and proven solution to change his financial destiny.

Precise Prescription of Fengshui Remedy

Upon receiving the birth details, Master David analysed his destiny chart in great depths in order to prescribe the exact solution to help Jun Jie accomplish his three life objectives step by step.

1.Secure a prestigious job offer in the ultra-competitive corporate finance space

2.Clear his staggering six figure financial debts

3.Find his destined true love

After a careful and thoughtful prescription process, Fine Yellow Jadeite Tua Pek Gong was prescribed.

(Read more about Tua Pek Gong here)

Highest Order of Blessing

Master David selected an auspicious date and time for the blessing of the Jadeite specific to his destiny chart and purposes.


He collected his pendant on the 17th August 2016.


First milestone after 2 weeks: Secured a prestigious Corporate Finance job offer

On 29th August 2016, Jun Jie called to share with us that he successfully secured a prestigious Corporate Finance role despite having no relevant work experience. How it happened: after wearing the Jadeite Tua Pek Gong, his former boss called up Jun Jie out of the blue and shared with him that she has a Corporate Finance role at the private equity firm that she is working for. In the first 2 weeks of wearing the Jadeite Tua Pek Gong, his first wish came true.


Second milestone after 2 months: Struck windfall (4d/toto) and Cleared 50% of his 6-figure debts

On 14th October 2016, Jun Jie called us again to share with us he recently struck 4d and cleared 50% of his staggering 6-figure debts in 2 months! “Amazing” he exclaimed. Massive breakthroughs. Now he is ready to find his destined true love and decides to invite the Jadeite Yue Lao.


“Nothing changes if nothing changes” - Master David Goh

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