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Featured Story: From S$150,000 Debt to Earning S$20,000 Monthly And A Debt-Free Life!

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 25 July 2016

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As a prosperity advisor, we have often encountered many clients who came to us with pressing issues and challenges to overcome. Andrew is one of the toughest cases we have ever handled in our career.

Andrew worked as a PR manager for Thai Disco club and was in charge of the sale of garlands of flowers. However he was a gambling addict who led a very lavish lifestyle. His gambling debts soon piled up to S$150,000!

Every month he was struggling to service his debts. The mounting debts was causing a lot of emotional distress and his work was adversely affected. His income and spending habits back then would take him at least 10 years to repay all his debts. Due to his dismal work performance, he eventually lost his job! He was remorseful and decided that it’s time to take action to change his life for the better.

Jadeite Zhong Kui is an exceptionally powerful remedy that have helped thousands of clients to turn their life around and achieve massive financial breakthroughs! It was ONLY after Andrew's repeated assurance that he would never return to casinos again that Master David decided to prescribe him the extremely powerful indirect wealth remedy!

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Andrew’s sharing his situation on 26 June 2015


Andrew's Jadeite Zhong Kui


He eventually collected his Jadeite Zhong Kui on 1 July 2015.

18 July 2015: Andrew struck 4d 1st prize


2 Aug 2015: Andrew struck 4d 3rd prize and found a new job. His career also started to pick up rapidly!



8 Aug 2015: Andrew won another starter prize



23 Aug 2015: Andrew requested for an upgrade; sandalwood helps to enhance his promotion and indirect wealth luck. He collected his Sandalwood Dragon on 29 Aug 2015!

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Andrew's Sandalwood Dragon Pendant


30 Oct 2015: Andrew shared with us that two months into his new job, he is receiving salary increment and was offered 5% of the company profits in recognition of his work performance. At the same time Andrew referred his friend Kelvin to us as well!



28 Dec 2015: Andrew shared with that his monthly sales income has hit S$15,000 after deducting commissions. Work has been very smooth sailing since wearing the Jadeite Zhong Kui.



2 April 2016: Andrew shared that his total 4d/winnings in 2016 from Jan 2016 to April 2016 has hit S$100,000 this year alone. He cleared all his debts and his monthly income has increased by S$7,000 to S$22,000!





Today Andrew cleared all his debts and is enjoying a very high income as the PR manager of a nightclub. Working with Andrew has been a truly fulfilling and challenging experience. We are also glad that Andrew has truly transformed his life and is winning big in the game of life – free of debts and achieving record breaking sales and commissions every single month since July 2015.

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