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The Imperial Harvest Cut Jadeite Rings

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 20 December 2019

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Make it a December to remember with an Imperial Harvest Cut Jadeite ring, a collection of nine contemporary and luscious grade-A jadeite rings that bestows a positive message of auspicious luck and prosperity to its wearer. 

The collection features nine designs by Master David Goh and is a celebration of Imperial Harvest’s remarkable legacy and serves as a gateway to a world of brilliance beyond compare. 

Each Imperial Harvest Cut jadeite ring is expertly hand-crafted and polished by our in-house artisans. The superlative beauty of the Imperial Harvest Cut results in an unprecedented amount of brilliance. The nine original interpretations on a jadeite allows a unique depth and texture in their patterns of light, making them truly a cut above the rest. 

Representing opportunity, good fortune, and new beginnings, the brand-new Imperial Harvest Cut opens the gate to a world of infinite brilliance and endless sparkling possibilities with jadeite rings that carry the symbolism of a prosperous future in designs meant to shine at any occasion, day or night.

The Imperial Harvest Cuts & Designs

Solitaire with Florets

Solitaire with Florets

Epitomising muliebrity, the Solitaire with Florets showcases elegance and a flair of ingenuity. Masterfully shaped diamond Rosetta flowers flanks the Imperial Harvest-cut jadeite like a bed of flowers, akin to the bud of an alluring flower.

Visage of the Monarch

Visage of the Monarch_v2

Immortalising the ancient female monarchs, the Visage of the Monarch is unparalleled in jadeite jewellery. It is the embodiment of regality and grace. The spectacular Imperial Harvest-cut jadeite embraces the tiara band and is lined with a row of pavé diamonds. 

Iridescent Dimensions

Iridescent Dimensions_v2

In striking originality and glamour, this spirit is immortalised in the Iridescent Dimensions. Set among four prongs, the radiant Imperial Harvest-cut jadeite is given a feminine and timeless touch. The slender bands of pavé-set diamonds lends the brilliant masterpiece a modern edge.  

Eminent Queenpin

Eminent Queenpin

Surrounded by bead-set diamonds, the Eminent Queenpin ring brings to mind the authority, splendor and sophistication of a sovereign queen with its strikingly bold facets. The signature Imperial Harvest-cut jadeite and the design of the surrounding diamonds make this a beautiful ring that truly sparkles with illustrious brilliance.

Circlet of Luminosity

Circlet of Luminosity_v2

With a dazzling halo of brilliant bead-set diamonds and an alluring center stone, light is gathered and mirrored throughout the design, resulting in an unrivalled display of brilliance. The accents add eye-catching sparkle to the jadeite, resulting in a polished and refined look. 

Transcendent Semblance

Transcendent Semblance

Featuring six tapered, flawless and unblemished baguette diamonds precisely cut to frame the brilliant center precious jadeite, the Transcendent Semblance articulates overt aspects of exclusivity and resoluteness. The array of facets and distinctiveness of the treasure is evidently the exemplification of timeless elegance and attention to detail.

Palatial Lucidity

Palatial Lucidity

Meticulously cut for brilliance and hand-polished to achieve a mirror-like sheen, the waves of long triangular facets accents the jadeite cut, highlighting the center stone flawlessly. Four tapered prongs securely fastens the intricately textured gem, giving this everlasting ring a polished and enthralling finish.

The Aurora 

The Aurora

Bordered by brilliant-cut diamonds shaped into a triad of burgeoning blossoms, the floral accents emanates a semblance of magnetic sophistication, delicately gracing this elegant ring with a touch of ornamental allure. 

Diadem of the Paragons

Diadem of the Paragons

A treasure representative to the testament of immaculate jadeite jewelry, the Diadem of the Paragons is designed to enhance and beautify the hands with its glowing and exquisite individuality. Three tapering gold prongs alongside two rows of pavé diamonds adhere the intricate jadeite together into a symbolic paragon, the physical attestation of a queenly diadem.

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