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Supreme Wealth God – Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 26 March 2020

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Today is the birthday of Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝).

Xuan Tian Shang Di is widely worshipped as the Supreme Wealth God – ideal for those who are looking for the highest level of financial breakthroughs and successes in their ventures and endeavours. 

Sophisticated and refined, bold and colourful, elegant and powerful: Imperial Harvest Jadeite Supreme Wealth God revives the exuberance of Chinese virtues, blending the highest Chinese craftsmanship with Master David’s uncompromising principle of only offering the highest standards in Imperial Feng Shui. 


According to a legend, during the fall of the Shang Dynasty, the Demon King ravaged the world. During this perilous time, Yuanshi Tianzun (元始天尊) ordered the Jade Emperor (玉皇) to appoint Xuan Tian Shang Di as the commander of twelve heavenly legions to fight this evil. Xuan Tian Shang Di defeated the Demon King and was subsequently granted the title of Mysterious Heavenly Highest Deity.


It is from this legend that revered Xuan Tian Shang Di as one of the highest-ranking deities in divinity, only next to the Jade Emperor. His powerful abilities in luck enhancing those in his favour derives from his command over the other deities. In temples dedicated to him, the tortoise and serpent under the feet of his glorious image signifies that the good always prevails over evil.

Three Important Wealth Features of Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝)

1. Seven Star Sword 北斗七星剑


Seven Star Sword is the most powerful weapon of massive prosperity. It commands the powerful cosmic energies from the seven major constellations in the universe to help its destined owner to achieve a quantum leap in their career advancement, massive immediate breakthroughs in their businesses with the vision of eventually listing their businesses in the stock exchange as well as making timely and opportunistic investments that generate explosive returns. 

2. Serpent 金灵蛇


The Serpent is the mythical creature known to bless the destined owner with sharp business acumen and foresight to spot million-dollar business opportunities at very early stages. Coiled around the history of humanity, the powerful serpent dates back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. An auspicious motif representing wisdom, foresight and commercial acumen. 

Acumen refers to intuition and the ability to make decisions with limited data and information. This trait is extremely important for one to achieve wealth and successes. When an opportunity is widely publicised by the media, it is no longer an opportunity worth pursuing. 

An example would be the advent of E-commerce and drop-shipping businesses which has led many early adopters to become newly minted millionaires, as they spotted these opportunities 6-7 years ago when the industry was a lot less competitive and saturated. 

3. Turtle 乌龟


The Turtle is another mythical creature known to bless the destined owner with wisdom and knowledge to navigate treacherous business markets and rise to the top echelons of the industry. It also blesses the destined owner with mentor and benefactor luck; extremely important for one to receive timely strategic advice and mentoring to rise to the top of their game.

Superlative Imperial Harvest Jadeite

An Imperial Harvest Jadeite is meant to last a lifetime. Armed with a brand promise to prosper every generation, Master David embarked on the painstaking and arduous journey to source only the most natural raw jadeite boulders in Myanmar. 


With his penchant for the exquisite, Master David is committed to using only the highest-quality of jadeites, where each masterpiece is one of a kind and personally designed by Master David.

Savoir Faire


Master David leads the Imperial Harvest team of expert craftsmen to masterfully hand-carve and hand-polish every single Imperial Harvest from raw jadeite through to a piece of fine art. 

The combination of Imperial Harvest’s stringent standards and unparalleled craftsmanship produces the most precious Imperial Feng Shui treasures. Only the most expertly-crafted jadeite is befitting Imperial Harvest’s name.


As the Imperial Harvest’s master craftsmen undertake an impeccable amount of detail and effort to complete a piece of Imperial Harvest masterpiece, each Imperial Harvest jadeite is a treasured family heirloom that is proudly passed down for generations.

Your expert consultants are on hand to help you find the perfect Imperial Harvest treasure, book a complimentary consultation or contact us at +65 91221826

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