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The Secret to Success

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 13 December 2019

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Our luck cycle directly influences our current standpoints in our lives, with two variations, a favourable luck cycle or an unfavourable luck cycle. If our luck cycle is going through our unfavourable element then it can be stated that we are going through an unfavourable or bad luck cycle. This is why we find ourselves not getting the right opportunity, not meeting the right people or simply not doing the right thing at the right time despite being talented and hardworking. 

Through the application of Imperial Feng Shui, our luck cycle, whether favourable or unfavourable, can easily be evoked to align ourselves with our goals.

We will share how you can achieve breakthrough success in the year in 7 different areas called the prosperity needs.

What are the prosperity needs?

Prosperity needs are specific goals we want to achieve in the new year. Some individuals may be seeking progression within their industry in the new year, whilst others could be looking to smoothen relationships between peers and family. Depending on your needs, the respected art of Imperial Feng Shui can be tailored for that specific purpose. 

The 7 Prosperity Needs 

  • Career 


Advancement opportunities are critical to help corporate executives achieve massive and tangible breakthroughs in their career. Imperial Feng Shui endeavours to understand each individual’s situation deeply to apply the exact Imperial Feng Shui treasure that enhances their career luck to empower them with career benefactors, removing malefactors standing in their path of success, equipping them with strategic and timely advancement opportunities to achieve their ideal career progressions.

Recommendation: Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong 


The Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong enhances career luck as well as benefactor luck to attract well-paying jobs and also to empower you to achieve solid and consistent income breakthroughs in your career. 

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  • Business


Business can be derived into 2 forms, business and sales, which both work inter-connectedly. Revenue growth and cash flow are important for any sales and business owners to thrive and prosper in any economic climate. Imperial Feng Shui helps sales professionals and business owners by strategising their sales and business growth to acquire high-quality sales leads, increase conversion rates and assemble a team of star performers thus achieving phenomenal growth regardless of economic climate.

Recommendation: Fine Jadeite Guan Gong


Guan Gong riding on the Champion Stallion signifies that sales and business growth will grow exponentially whilst garnering strategic support from your benefactors, increasing sales and business growth effortlessly. Welding his Green Dragon Sabre 青龙偃月刀, the Fine Jadeite Guan Gong also helps to remove malefactors 小人 from your path of success, enabling you to overcome your challenges with ease.

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  • Investments

Investments and assets can be inferred as our income earned from indirect sources. They could be our investment and trading portfolios, income earned from a property, infrequent sources of income and even winnings from the lottery. Prescribing the appropriate Imperial Feng Shui treasure will assist them in achieving massive financial breakthroughs and building a solid recession-proof financial portfolio.

Recommendation: Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

black meat old mountain sandalwood bracelet beads

Sandalwood is used to expand a person’s indirect wealth capacity. Indirect wealth capacity refers to the income potential we derive from our investment, trading and other infrequent sources of income. If you have a full-time job and engage in investment activities on the side, investment is deemed as your indirect wealth.

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  • Benefactors


Benefactors provide us with timely advice and guidance to embark on the path of least resistance in wealth creation and relationship success. They appear at strategic moments of our lives to guide us through our challenges and obstacles and eventually achieve our desired breakthroughs. Imperial Feng Shui provides benefactors that appear to us in times of need, providing business strategy and consultancy as well as strategic advisory. Benefactors also inspire us with new business and investment ideas to accomplish breakthrough results in our ventures and investment returns. 

Recommendation: Fine Jadeite Midas Touch 

midas touch

The Guan Yin’s Midas Touch empowers you with strategic benefactors to help you rise through to the top of the corporate echelons, achieving better salary increments and accelerated career advancements

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  • Studies


In an increasingly competitive academic landscape, strengthening thinking skills, improving concentration and acquiring the exam luck to sail through our academic journeys by prescribing appropriate Imperial Feng Shui treasures is key in gaining a competitive advantage, whether for self-development or for educational purposes.

Recommendation: Fine Jadeite Confucius 


The Fine Jadeite Confucius is specially designed to activate its destined owner’s academic star and help them stay focused academically and achieve consistent breakthrough results. 


  • Relationships


A blissful and harmonious family is the foundation of a prosperous life. In life, we are bound to create friction between peers or family whether purposefully or unknowingly. In order to focus on our growth, smooth relations are necessary. The application of Imperial Feng Shui treasures empowers us to achieve relationship success, resolve differences and to achieve breakthroughs.

Recommendation: Fine Jadeite Thousand Hand Guan Yin


The Fine Jadeite Thousand Hand Guan Yin brings relationship bliss and harmony and reduces conflicts, allowing its destined owner to lead a life of spiritual and financial abundance. 

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  • Health


The importance of vibrant health cannot be underestimated because without good health few things really matter. In Imperial Feng Shui, there is a direct relationship between your health and the quality of energy in your home and office, which correlates to our wealth. The term ‘health is wealth’ is coined from this understanding. If we are not in good health (do not feel in the state of physical, mental and social well being), wealth would mean nothing to us.

Speak to your Imperial Harvest advisors today to find out your luck cycle and the most appropriate Imperial Harvest treasure relative to your prosperity needs, to help guide and navigate you through the year, towards success. 

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