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A Cut Above The Rest - Jadeite Rings of Heavenly Abundance

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 4 February 2020

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Imperial Harvest Cut Designs - Jadeite Rings of Heavenly Abundance

Featuring four original designs by Master David Goh, the Imperial Harvest Cut serves as a gateway to a world of brilliance beyond compare and is the celebration of Imperial Harvest’s remarkable legacy.

The superlative beauty of the Imperial Harvest Cut results in an unprecedented amount of brilliance. The original interpretations allow a unique depth and texture in the patterns of light, making them truly a cut above the rest. 

The Dew of Heaven Jadeite Rings 杨枝甘露翡翠戒指


Dew has always represented the blessings from the heavens in many cultural contexts. 

In Christianity, “Dew is among the blessings that Jacob received as the firstborn; Isaac promised Jacob that as the earth would produce its fatness of grain and new wine, so also the heavens would produce dew.” (Gen. 27:27-29) and “Hence, when Jacob’s faithful remnant is restored to God’s favor after the exile, they receive again the blessings of Jacob, including the promise of dew.” (Zech. 12:8)

In Buddhism, Dew (甘露) refers to the nectar of longevity and prosperity that Guan Yin uses to bless her faithful devotees with an abundance of opportunities, benefactors and prosperity. 


Set with 18k solid white gold or rose gold, Master David accentuates the beauty of the Pear Cut Jadeite with round brilliant cut diamonds. With the row of pavé diamonds lending eye-catching sparkle to the jadeite, light is gathered and mirrored throughout the design, resulting in an unrivalled display of brilliance.



The Dew of Heaven Jadeite Rings are designed to be worn with the narrow tip of the jadeite pointing towards the palm of the wearer, which symbolises the illustration of wealth and benefactors ushering towards the wearer.
Circlet of Luminosity_v2Ref: 2835

Diadem of the ParagonsRef: 2836

Visage of the Monarch_v2Ref: 2837

Heaven on Earth Ring Collection  - 天圆地方翡翠戒指 



In Chinese Folklore, Pangu was the first living being and the creator of all. When Pangu began creating the world: he separated Yin from Yang with a swing of his giant axe, creating the Earth (murky Yin) and the Sky (clear Yang). With each day, the sky grew ten feet (3 meters) higher, the Earth ten feet thicker, and Pangu ten feet taller. This task took 18,000 years.

The story of Pan Gu inspired many generations of successful leaders and rulers that to succeed, one has to break new grounds and venture into uncharted waters with unwavering passion and determination. 


Set with 18k solid rose gold, Master David decorates the beautiful Oval Cut Jadeite with masterfully shaped diamond flowers. The jadeite is bordered by brilliant-cut diamonds which are shaped into a representation of burgeoning blossoms, delicately gracing the design with a touch of sophistication. 



The Oval Cut Jadeite incorporates intense fire and brilliance into the design as it has an increased surface area, which is ideal for clients who wish to attain massive financial breakthroughs and success with the support from many powerful benefactors as the Oval Jadeite optimises carat weights as well.

Solitaire with FloretsRef 2871

The AuroraRef 2872

Four Paths of Prosperity 四方之财翡翠戒指 

4 paths of prosperity_v2


The highlight of this collection is the signature Asscher Cut and Emerald-Cut jadeite, specifically designed to attract wealth and prosperity from all directions and ventures. The Four Paths of Prosperity create the auspicious sign known as the Hall of Mirrors. 

The Hall of Mirrors is known as the gathering area for manifesting auspicious energies. The Four Paths of Prosperity Ring is also influenced by the ‘Bright Hall’ landform in Imperial Feng Shui. The bigger the area of the main facet of the jadeite, the “brighter” it would be, which in turn means the ability to accumulate more wealth and prosperity.


In striking originality and glamour, this spirit is immortalised in the Four Paths of Prosperity. Set with 18k solid rose gold and white gold, Master David decorates the beautiful Asscher Cut and Emerald Cut Jadeite with rows of round brilliant diamonds. The rows of diamonds encompasses the design tastefully, which accentuates the jadeite cut flawlessly, making it truly sparkle with illustrious brilliance.


Both the Asscher Cut and Emerald-Cut jadeite create the incredibly stunning visual effect known as the Hall of Mirrors and Bright Hall. The Hall of Mirrors is produced when flashes of light refract inwards towards the large table of the jadeite cut due to its linear and straight facets. The Hall of Mirrors together with the Bright Hall landform symbolises wealth, benefactors and opportunities coming to you from all directions, and is ideal for advancement and growth towards achieving breakthroughs and success.

Eminent QueenpinRef 3288

Iridescent Dimensions_v2 Ref 3287

Radiance of Wealth 绚丽的财富 


Representing the brilliant individuality of the Jadeite, the Radiant Cut Jadeites are supported by diamonds on both borders, illustrating the continuous support from peers and mentors, held together cohesively and completed with a long slender band, the embodiment of the encompassment of its beholder.


Meticulously cut for brilliance and hand-polished to achieve a mirror-like sheen, the waves of long triangular facets accents the radiant cut, highlighting the jadeite flawlessly. The array of facets and distinctiveness of the jadeite cut is the crowning expression of timeless elegance. The slender design of the band is purposely devised to highlight the jadeite on the finger, bringing the wearer of the Radiance of Wealth into the limelight in any event.             


The Radiance of Wealth is a design that combines the best elements of emerald and round jadeite shape, which allows the radiant cut jadeite to exhibit incredibly high levels of brilliance and fire. The design intertwines the details of the other two cuts into a single individuality. With interlacing triangular facets lining the centre facet of the jadeite, it symbolises the encircling benefactors, wealth and opportunities that will navigate and support the wearer onwards towards success.

Transcendent SemblanceRef 3501

Palatial LucidityRef 3502

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