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Introduction to Spatial Fengshui

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 20 July 2016

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Introduction to Spatial Fengshui

After we improve our client’s personal luck (personal fengshui), we work with our clients on their spatial fengshui to help our clients to achieve continuous and massive breakthroughs and scale different peaks in lives.

There are two school of thoughts that underpin the assessment of office, residential, shop houses, factories or burial grounds fengshui.

1.Form school: Physical surrounding

2.Compass school: Abstract energies

Physical surrounding refers to the landscape, building, roads, water canals and etc.

Abstract forces are related to time, space, directions and five elements.

The ground breaking discovery of these forces (otherwise known as flying stars) allows us to forecast the arrival and departure of good or bad fengshui influences in a predictable manner.

The building bricks of the Flying Stars in fengshui are namely the concept of Yin and Yang, five elements, iChing trigrams, concept of time as well as Lo Shu and Ho To diagrams.

Drawing of Flying Star Chart

There are two essential information to obtain in the drawing

1.Age of the building

The age of the building is determined by the time of occupancy. If the building is completed in 2003 but it is occupied only after February 2004, it is considered as Age of 8 and not age of 7.

2.The facing direction of the building

To identify the facing direction of the building, we need to identify the main entrance and the Ming Tang (Open Space). The direction is measured in the measurement system of 24 mountains (24 sectors of 15 degrees), an important invention of Master Yang Yun Sung of the Tang Dynasty.

Assessment of Spatial Fengshui

The Flying Star Chart can be referred as the energy map of the office, residence, shop house or factory. There are two types of stars namely the mountain star and water star. The mountain star refers to relationship harmony, benefactors, power and status. The water star refers to wealth.

In an ideal home, the prosperous mountain stars 8, 9 and 1 should ideally reside in the bedrooms (quiet and enclosed space) and the prosperous water stars 8, 9 and 1 should reside in the living room, study room and entrance (active area).

In our assessment of our client’s home, office, shop house and factory, we will evaluate the merits and drawbacks of each specific area.

We will also pay attention to the yearly and monthly influences of the flying stars to determine the impact on the original Flying Star chart of the house.

The most important aspect of a fengshui assessment is the fengshui remedies. In our next article, we will discuss the specific cures we prescribe for our clients to help activate the mountain stars (benefactor and harmony) and water stars (wealth).

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