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Making Indirect Wealth Breakthroughs with Imperial Harvest this Seventh Lunar Month

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 13 August 2021

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The seventh lunar month holds great significance for Buddhist and Taoists across the world. This is especially so in East Asia, where entire communities often gather to commemorate important events or occasions within this month. 

Seventh lunar month festivities culminate on the 15th day as Zhong Yuan Festival (中元节), which marks the birthday of the Ruler of Earth, one of three Supreme Rulers. The Ruler of Earth, also known as Di Guan Da Di (地官大帝), oversees indirect wealth (偏财库) and earthly wealth capacity (地财库). He also grants devotees intuition and instinct to build a consistently increasing financial portfolio.

Ruler of Earth Seventh Lunar Month

Golden opportunity to supercharge your indirect wealth 

The financial empowerment conferred by Di Guan Da Di through indirect wealth sources makes his birthday month an opportune period to enhance one’s indirect wealth luck and indirect wealth capacity. Indirect wealth refers to wealth streams that derive from secondary income sources, or income that supplements one’s main livelihood. For example, a full-time teacher who also invests in property derives his indirect wealth from his investments.  

Diversifying your income with indirect wealth streams

A common source of indirect wealth would be a portfolio of financial investment instruments. In volatile financial times such as these, building a strong and diverse portfolio is of paramount importance. With improved investment wealth luck, individuals are able to experience consistent and healthy portfolio growth, regardless of the state of the financial markets. 

Such income could also include wealth derived from windfalls. Windfall wealth refers to unanticipated wealth acquired from ad-hoc activities such as inspired and timely trading decisions. Windfalls enable one to effectively take advantage of evolving situations to benefit one’s position. Enhancing one’s windfall wealth luck attracts and manifests prosperity across a variety of financial endeavours.

Many blessed clients of Imperial Harvest have turned to bolstering their indirect wealth streams of income to ensure their financial security. Over the years, Imperial Harvest has provided invaluable advice and the finest earthly treasures to empower clients in their financial pursuits. 

Click here to read more about how Imperial Harvest empowers our blessed clients with powerful indirect wealth treasures this seventh lunar month.

Wealth sectors at home and in the office 

In the home or office setting, wealth sectors must be activated in order for the occupants to maximize their wealth. When activated correctly, they empower occupants with abundance and prosperity in their lives. 

According to Imperial Feng Shui principles, the mountain star and water star are two groups of stars that play different roles in our lives. One of the most important verses in Imperial Feng Shui classics states that “Mountains govern benefactors, authority and harmony, while Water governs wealth, opportunities and intuition.” (“山管人丁,水管财”). From this verse, we can discern that the activation of the Water Star brings about material abundance and prosperity. 

The birthday of Di Guan Da Di makes the seventh lunar month an auspicious period to activate the indirect wealth sector (偏财位), which governs occupants’ secondary sources of income.

Activating the Water Star (Wealth Star)

With their profound eminence, Emperor Qian Long’s Imperial Feng Shui masters discerned the importance of using fine crystals to activate the water star and catalyse the spread of wealth and prosperity across the kingdom. One of the foremost advocates of Imperial Feng Shui, Emperor Qian Long liberally installed these crystals to activate the auspicious water star in and around the imperial palace. As a result, the Qing dynasty enjoyed robust economic development, consistent agricultural yield, social peace and stability. 

Today, based on Imperial Feng Shui principles, our blessed clients activate the water star in their living or work spaces with the world’s finest crystals - the same grade of crystals used by Emperor Qian Long himself. The Imperial Harvest Crystal collection is a contemporary embodiment of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition that flourished in the Qing Dynasty. It empowers our blessed clients to attain their financial goals and destinies, by ushering boundless wealth and prosperity into their homes and offices.

Mythical Creatures - Pixiu

Seventh Lunar Month Pi Xiu Imperial Harvest Crystal

The Pixiu is a cornerstone of the Imperial Harvest Mythical Creatures collection, which draws inspiration from the mythology of legendary creatures in ancient China. These are iconic symbols associated with auspicious meanings such as good fortune and prosperity. 

Seventh Lunar Month Pi Xiu Imperial Harvest Crystal Close Up

According to folklore, the Pixiu is fond of water, gold, silver and other precious jewels, and consumes wealth from all directions as sustenance. However, as it has no means of excreting these, the Pixiu heralds the acquiring and retention of wealth and treasures. It also represents the heavenly manifestation of good fortune.

Blog_2021_Aug_Investment Breakthroughs during Seventh Lunar Month-4

In ancient China, Pixiu were commonly displayed in grand locations such as palaces and halls to ward off inauspicious Qi (陰氣) and harness auspicious Qi.

In Imperial Feng Shui, the Pixiu is one of the strongest manifestations of raw auspicious luck, and installing it in the auspicious water star sector of your home or workplace can help you attract and accumulate wealth. It also has the power to protect you from calamity and dangers. 

Golden Hall of Prosperity - Laughing Buddha’s Treasure Bag 

Seventh Lunar Month Treasure Bag Imperial Harvest Crystal

The Buddha is a symbol of happiness as he enhances positive aspirations such as wealth, health, career and descendent luck. He is also almost always shown smiling or laughing, hence his nickname, the "Laughing Buddha" (笑佛). Throughout Chinese culture, he appears as a representation of contentment and abundance. 

A Laughing Buddha Crystal is a symbol of auspicious luck and abundance which bestows a plenitude of wealth, happiness and satisfaction upon its destined owner. It also revitalises the intellect and reduces tension within the environment. 

Seventh Lunar Month Treasure Bag Imperial Harvest Crystal Close Up

The figurative definition of the Laughing Buddha’s Treasure Bag derives from the Laughing Buddha’s name, which literally means "cloth sack". This refers to the bag that he is conventionally depicted with as he wanders along. According to folklore, the Laughing Buddha had an open and big heart, and in time he came to be loved by many as he added the often missing lightheartedness, joy and laughter to everyday life. 

Celestial Deities - God of Wealth 

Seventh Lunar Month God of Wealth Imperial Harvest Crystal

The Imperial Harvest Celestial Deities collection depicts a series of heavenly beings with immeasurable powers. They represent the most prominent and powerful crystals in the Imperial Harvest collection. 

Seventh Lunar Month God of Wealth Imperial Harvest Crystal Close Up

Throughout history, devotees have been known to pray conscientiously and earnestly to these powerful deities, summoning good luck and prosperity upon themselves and their families. Today, the omnipotence of these deities is immortalised in Imperial Harvest’s Celestial Deities Crystals. Featuring intricate details of their unique features brought to life by Imperial Harvest’s master craftsmen, these everlasting earthly treasures are cherished as heirlooms for generations to come. 

Seventh Lunar Month God of Wealth Imperial Harvest Crystal Close Up

The God of Wealth, or Cai Shen (财神), has long been one of the most popular gods in China. Statues bearing his image can be found on the premises of businesses run by Chinese merchants across the world. Numerous temples and shrines are also dedicated to the God of Wealth.

Seventh Lunar Month God of Wealth Imperial Harvest Crystal Close Up

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the God of Wealth is one of the most prominent symbols of prosperity, wealth and good fortune. Many rituals are held to invite him into homes to bring good fortune to its occupants. He has the ability to expand windfalls and bring luck for the year ahead, and blesses lives with unimaginable good fortune.

This seventh lunar month, seize the golden opportunity to leverage the indirect wealth blessings of Di Guan Da Di. Through a Bazi consultation, our expert consultants will share with you invaluable insights into your lifetime favourable elements, and advise you on harnessing auspicious energies by installing Imperial Harvest fine crystals at the indirect wealth sectors of your home or office.

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