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Imperial Harvest Stories - Hideyoshi

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 11 November 2020

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Imperial Harvest Stories - Hideyoshi

Hideyoshi is a site management associate at a US clinical research company. 

In 2018, he was working as a research nurse in a local hospital while studying his Masters part-time. Life was hectic and stressful as he had to juggle between the two. 

Prior to his visit at Imperial Harvest, he had consulted several Feng Shui masters but seen no tangible breakthroughs in his life. Hence he decided to consult Master David after being referred by a friend. 

“Prior to my visit at Imperial Harvest, I had the experience of consulting and meeting different Feng Shui masters. So I was really impressed with Imperial Harvest’s level of professionalism and customer-centric approach.” 

Fine Lavender Jadeite Ammonite of Fortunes

Hideyoshi was prescribed with the Fine Jadeite Ammonite of Fortunes to assist him in achieving career breakthroughs. 

A chain of positive changes soon followed after he acquired his first Imperial Harvest treasure. Not only was he coping a lot better academically, he was also presented with more opportunities to propel his career forward. 

In May 2019, he was headhunted for his current role which was what he had always wanted to pursue. On top of that, he was offered a pay raise and an attractive remuneration package. 

After witnessing the improvement in his career, he decided to get his second Imperial Harvest treasure; a bracelet that consists of a mixture of Agarwood and Sandalwood beads in 2019 to boost his direct and indirect wealth capacity for his career and investments. 

India Old Mountain Sandalwood (Yellow Meat) and Fallen Log Agarwood (Purple Meat)

In the same year, he had his home Feng Shui evaluated by Master David and acquired his first Imperial Harvest Crystal (Golden Toad) to activate the auspicious water star sector which governs wealth and prosperity. 

Golden Toad Crystal

Most recently in March 2020, he acquired his fourth Imperial Harvest treasure, the Fine Jadeite Cabochon Ring with diamond to usher greater wealth and career breakthroughs. 

Fine Jadeite Yellow Cabochon Ring with Diamond

“Over the years, I have also recommended a few friends who have seen positive results in their career after wearing their Imperial Harvest Treasures. I’m really grateful to have Imperial Harvest’s support and guidance.” 

IHS Hideyoshi (YTFB)-1


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