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Imperial Harvest Anniversary Celebration 2018

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 5 July 2018

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Looking back at what went down last weekend at Imperial Harvest Anniversary Celebration 2018

Opening of Treasure Trove 开财库大典

The Opening of Treasure Trove (开财库大典) was indeed the highlight of this year’s Anniversary Celebration. Master David blessed 500 Pure Gold coins. They symbolise a year of abundance and prosperity for our loyal clients - each of whom received one. 

Treasure Trove filled with Pure Gold Coins
Treasure Trove filled with Pure Gold Coins


The celebration began with a bang with performance by the lion dance troupe. The crowd cheered as the lion dance troupe made their way around the gallery.

Finally, it was time for "Opening of Treasure Trove Ceremony" (开财库大典). 

Lion Dance at Imperial Harvest

God of Wealth at Imperial Harvest

Why did Master David invite a monk to be a part of the ceremony?

Master David calculated that the auspicious Qimen (奇门) is at north-east sector. In addition, one of the auspicious Qimen (奇门) signs would be seeing a monk. If you would like to find out about your auspicious Qimen, why not book a free consultation today?

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 Imperial Harvest blessed clients

Happy Clients Showing Off Their Gold Coins

Lucky Draw Segment

Excitement was in the air as our host, 92.7FM DJ Karin, announced it was time for the lucky draw segment. As a token of appreciation, we prepared 10 amazing prizes this year! 

 Master David Goh picking out lucky draw winners

Master David picking out lucky draw winners with the help of 92.7FM DJ Karin

 Congratulations to our Top 3 Prize Winners

Congratulations to our Top 3 Prize Winners!

Our friendly consultants greeted every guest at the registration counter. Everyone walked away with a goodie bag and were treated to an array of food and beverages. Our bar concierge prepared a signature cocktail named "Imperial Harvest" and it was clearly a hit!  

 Imperial Harvest Consultants

Our consultants , Kian and Erika hard at work.
The Imperial Harvest Cocktail
The Imperial Harvest Cocktail

The “Imperial Harvest” - Specially prepared by our friends at Sip Bar Concierge is a refreshing and elegant cocktail made with a blend of Gin, citrus juice, orange curacao and champagne.

We are extremely honoured to have such an overwhelming turnout at our Anniversary Celebration last Saturday. From humble beginnings, Imperial Harvest will not be where we are today without you.

 The Imperial Harvest Team

The Imperial Harvest Team

From all of us at Imperial Harvest, Thank You for your unwavering support through these years. We look forward to having you at our next event!

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