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How To Unlock Your Indirect Wealth Capacity

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 August 2019

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Wealth capacity is one of the most important factors in our destiny chart that governs our financial success. It refers to the potential amount of wealth we can accumulate in life. There are two types of wealth capacities: direct wealth capacity and indirect wealth capacity. 

Direct wealth capacity (正财库) is defined as the income potential we derive from our career, business, sales and other regular sources of income. If you are a full-time trader, trading is deemed as your source of direct wealth.

Indirect Wealth Capacity (偏财库) refers to the income potential we derive from our investment, trading and other infrequent sources of income. If you have a full-time job and engage in investment activities on the side, investment is deemed as your indirect wealth. 

In this article, we will be revealing the secrets to unlocking the potential of your indirect wealth capacity. 

Sandalwood Expands your Indirect Wealth Capacities: Maximising your Investment Returns

sandalwood collage new

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood is the result of strict quality standards and our commitment to harvest only the most exquisite sandalwood at every step. Every piece from the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood collection is derived from Old Mountain Sandalwood trees that are at least 80 years of age before they are logged to create the finest sandalwood collection for our esteemed clients.  

Different types of Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

yellow sandalwood

Yellow India Old Mountain Sandalwood 印度老山檀香 (黄肉) belongs to the basic tier of the India Old Mountain Sandalwood as it's freshly logged without undergoing the process of fermentation. It's suitable for those seeking to achieve consistent growth in their investment. 

red indian sandalwood-1

Red India Old Mountain Sandalwood 印度老山檀香 (红肉) belongs to the premium tier of the India Old Mountain Sandalwood. It's ideal for those seeking to achieve consistently high growth in their investment and trading and continued accumulation of their financial portfolio without leakage.

black sandalwood

Black India Old Mountain Sandalwood 印度老山檀香(黑肉) is the most prized category of India Old Mountain Sandalwood. It's perfect for those who seek grand wealth and success in their financial portfolio and who are keen to prevent loss of wealth.

Case Studies

sandalwood testimonial - mr ong

Mr Ong got his first jadeite Thousand Hands Guan Yin in October 2015. Followed by India Old Mountain Sandalwood Beads in November 2015. 2 years on, he cleared his high 5-figure debts completely and enjoys a successful career. Most recently, he acquired the India Old Mountain Sandalwood Peacock King to boost his wealth capacity further.

miss c - sandalwood

Miss C got herself Tiger-striped Agarwood and India Old Mountain Sandalwood Beads (Mixed) after experiencing positive changes at her workplace after wearing the Fine Blue Jadeite Bamboo. She later engaged Master David for her house Feng Shui audit. Over the next 3 months, she saw incredible breakthrough in her indirect wealth as she won the lottery 6 times. In March 2018, she informed Master David that she had been promoted and given a solid increment. 

mr jerry - sandalwood

After wearing Imperial Harvest treasures, our blessed clients Jerry and his wife sold off their enrichment centre successfully for a 6-figure sum. So they upgraded their luck further with the India Old Mountain Sandalwood beads before they head off overseas for their retirement. 

Unlock your indirect wealth capacity with Imperial Harvest Sandalwood collection today. Book a complimentary consultation or contact your Imperial Harvest advisors at +65 91221826(WhatsApp/SMS/Call) for more information. 

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