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History and Heritage of Imperial White Ink Stone

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 May 2020

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Imperial White Inkstone is the emperor grade category of ink stones exclusively reserved for Chinese Emperors. 

There are many different coloured ink stones, mined from The Seven Star Crags are located across from the center of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong, namely grey, green, purple, yellow, brown, black and white. 

White is the rarest colour found in the category of Duanxi inkstones. Only 0.02% of the inkstones mined from are white. 

Imperial White Inkstone is traditionally applied by Imperial Feng Shui masters to empower Chinese Emperors with noblemen and authority.  

Imperial White Inkstone in Imperial Court

Emperor Qian Long reviewed the daily affairs of states at the Imperial Court while grinding his specially concocted red vermillion on the Imperial White Inkstone. The meditative grinding of red vermillion is an important step in Imperial Feng Shui to empower Emperor Qian Long with intuition, benefactors and luck to make important state decisions. 

Utilising the authentic principles of Imperial Feng Shui made the Qing Dynasty one of the longest-reigning and prosperous dynasties in Chinese history, which reigned for 268 years.

Emperor Qian Long’s Imperial White Ink Stone

As an avid connoisseur in the art of Imperial Feng Shui, Emperor Qian Long amassed an impressive collection of imperial white ink stone. These fine treasures were a reflection of Emperor Qian Long’s cultivated disposition and unwavering passion for Imperial Feng Shui.

ancient white inkstone

According to records, Emperor Qian Long has commissioned and designed a variety of inkstones with ancient and classical styles with references from previous dynasties and inscriptions of his poetry. 

The production of imperial white ink stones was strictly overseen by government officials and handcrafted by top imperial artisans using materials of the highest quality. The Imperial white ink stone is so rare that it makes up 0.02% of the inkstones in the world. 

Free of impurities, the finest Imperial White ink stones are famed for its luminous appearance that is white as snow. It also has a jade-like texture that is smooth to the touch. 

Benefits of Imperial White Ink Stone

According to the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, the Imperial White Ink Stone has the powerful ability of "一白遮三丑, 一旺挡三煞", meaning that it possesses the ability to promote the auspicious energy of one sector while countering three inauspicious sectors. 

Imperial White Inkstones are ideal for supreme wealth (both direct and indirect), benefactors and victories.

Imperial Harvest’s Pursuit in Upholding the Same Traditions

Master David Goh commissions only the most experienced artisans to engrave his signature designs on the Imperial White Ink Stone. It is a time-consuming process as it can take more than a month to carve and design the Imperial White Ink Stone.

The complex motifs and designs on each Imperial Harvest White Ink Stone is personally sketched and designed by Master David Goh. He works with the engraver, who uses precision, extreme concentration and a pair of binocular microscopes to carve out the most minute designs on the inkstones.

After engraving the inkstone, polishing accentuates the shape of the Imperial White Ink Stone, highlighting each distinctive part of the engraved designs into a unified whole. Polishing at Imperial Harvest is always done by hand using the free-floating technique. The ultra-fine technique is done without pressure and is particularly difficult, but it produces a smooth, damage-free surface. 

The result after engraving and polishing is the stunning Imperial White Ink Stone that is befitting of the Imperial Harvest brand. It also represents the same heritage and traditions of the Imperial White Ink Stones in the Imperial Court, which withholds the most potent Imperial Feng Shui energies.

Autumn Rhyme of Ling Gorge

Ref: 8905


This Imperial White Ink Stone depicts the poetic scenery of Autumn Rhyme of Ling Gorge.

Accelerated Business Growth: Ling Gorge is an important prosperous water canal that governed the key trade activities between different cities and provinces in Ancient China. It is an auspicious emblem that represents the soaring success of your business and expansion to regional countries. 

Significance of Autumn Season: Farmers sow the seeds in spring and harvest in autumn. Autumn is the season of harvest. It signifies the bountiful harvest that your business will receive from your efforts and investment. 

22052020 autumn rhyme 4

Landscape featuring Metal Mountains in the background. Metal mountain is one of the most powerful wealth creation mountain features that can bring a tremendous amount of wealth and benefactor support.

22052020 autumn rhyme 1

Pavilion overlooking the cliffside signifies foresight and intuition

National Panda

Ref: 8743

22052020 national panda 2

Panda is a traditional emblem of immense wealth and prosperity, while bamboo groves symbolise consistent growth and progression. 

Wealth Abundance: The Panda is revered for being a symbol of good luck, strength and bravery. They are associated with bringing abundance and prosperity as well as warding off inauspicious energies.

Significance of the Bamboo: In Imperial Feng Shui contexts, bamboo is one of the most auspicious signs when paired together with the panda. It signifies successive growth in your career and business.

22052020 national panda 1

Intricate carving which replicates the life-like details of the panda and bamboo

Visiting Friends with Yang Qin 

Ref: 8409

visiting friends 2

A popular painting, 携琴访友 from the 16th century is depicted on this Imperial White Ink Stone. The composition depicts an old man and a child carrying a Yang Qin (Chinese Hammered Dulcimer) alongside High Mountains and Flowing Water.

Mountain Flowing Water: In Imperial Feng Shui, the mountain star governs benefactors and opportunities whilst the water star governs wealth and prosperity. These two elements work harmoniously together to bring a torrent of wealth and opportunities to its destined owner.

Opportune Benefactors: The depiction of the old man carrying a Yang Qin whilst visiting his friends (benefactors) illustrates grand benefactors that befalls onto you to provide you with timely advice and support to achieve your breakthroughs in life.

visiting friends 1

Auspicious pines trees which represent an influx of wealth and prosperity. 

visiting friends 3

Lake filled with "mountain flowing water"

Royal Bamboo

Ref: 8050

21052020 bamboo 1

The royal bamboo signifies continuous growth and progression. It empowers you with wisdom, business acumen to help you achieve exponential growth in your sales and businesses.

Bamboo of Continuous Growth: Bamboo is the symbol of longevity and success that lasts. It survives harsh conditions and grows stronger with each passing season. Its ladder-like structure refers to steps leading to power and consecutive promotions. 

Auspicious Idioms: This Imperial White Ink Stone also features inscribed Chinese idioms that hold auspicious meanings. It signifies never-ending support from your benefactors to ensure your focus is always on your successes and endgame.

21052020 bamboo

Overhanging bamboo signifies the "helping hand" from benefactors

21052020 bamboo 2

Imperial Harvest-grade Imperial White Ink Stone; the finest Feng Shui treasure mother nature has to offer

Bridging Connection

Ref: 8629

21052020 bridging connection

Bridging Connection comes from the Chinese idiom (水到渠成), meaning ‘success comes naturally’. In Imperial Feng Shui, water means wealth, hence the design embodies the ushering of abundant wealth into the home.

Bridge of Connections: The motif depicting the meeting on the bridge indicates the assistance from powerful and strategic benefactors, to help you achieve your goals and aspirations in times of need.

Flow of Prosperity: Water naturally flows under the bridge, which is an important Imperial Feng Shui component as it illustrates never-ending wealth being ushered into your home.

21052020 bridging 2 connection

Bridge flanked by auspicious pine trees

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