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Annual Feng Shui Talk 2020

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 29 November 2019

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Imperial Harvest held its annual Feng Shui talk on the 23rd of Nov, Saturday at our flagship galleries. The galleries were fully packed with guests, armed with their Feng Shui notes that were prepared by Master David and ready to learn. 


The Annual Feng Shui talk was conceptualised by Master David as he wanted to impart his expert knowledge on Imperial Feng Shui to his esteemed clients. 


Master David began his introductory speech shortly, emphasising on the importance of good home Feng Shui, beginning on the topic of how to select a good Feng Shui property. 


Firstly, Master David explained about the different auspicious external landforms and how they would positively affect the occupants of our homes. Following which, he delved into the topic of Sha Qi, the features of inauspicious external landforms and how surrounding residential buildings and roads have inadvertent effects on us. 


Master David also shared that the most ideal house has a ‘regular’ shape: square or rectangle as regular landform provides harmony and balance. However, modern architecture tends to take liberties with this principle, resulting in missing sectors, which can have negative impacts on the occupants.

Using a famous example from ancient China, he revealed that the Forbidden City in Beijing has an unapologetically square layout. And true enough, the palace served as the home for Chinese emperors and their families for almost 500 years.

forbidden_city layout_fs_talk

Annual Afflictions

Next, he went into ‘how to plot your home flying star chart’. This important topic consists of how to calculate the house period and determining the facing direction of the house. With these two established, one can finally chart out the annual flying stars of 2020.

Master David demonstrated which sectors of your house will be affected by the 8 annual flying stars and how to fully leverage on the sectors where the auspicious stars land on. He explained the 4 annual afflictions and how to counteract or avoid them.

annual_affliction 2020_imperial_fengshui

Lastly, Master David showcased Imperial Harvest’s treasures that are specifically designed to remedy homes that have been inflicted with Sha Qi or have been exposed to the annual afflictions. Imperial White Ink Stones, Qian Long Jadeite Mountains and Imperial Harvest crystals are authentic and proven methods that were used to bring prosperity and wealth whilst negating adverse effects in our homes, as it did in ancient China.


Esteemed guests were treated to refreshments while they mingled around and thanked Master David for his adroit foresight and wisdom.


‘Overall, the session is great. I have benefited from the talk and have a better understanding on Imperial Feng Shui. I am looking forward to more Imperial Harvest events. Thank you, Master David and the Team!’ - VIP Client

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