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The Evolution of Feng Shui

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 August 2019

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Evolution of Feng Shui: From Imperial to Classical Feng Shui 

Many people have asked Master David about how Imperial Feng Shui has evolved – or dare we say, degraded – to Classical Feng Shui or what some call Modern Feng Shui. 

The evolution can be traced back to Feng Shui's roots in the Imperial Courts of China. In ancient China, only the wealthiest and most powerful royal families have access to Feng Shui. 

emperor QL room

They practise Imperial Feng Shui to enhance and promote both their financial and non-financial well-being. 

Imperial Feng Shui is the highest art of Feng Shui that taps on the finest earthly precious gems like Jadeite, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Crystal, Imperial White Inkstone and Duan Xi Black Inkstone to elevate the Feng Shui and luck of the blessed individual to their peak.

Unfortunately, the closely guarded manuscripts from the Chinese Imperial Courts were stolen by unscrupulous individuals who, for their lack of know-how, began practising the diluted form of Imperial Fengshui, now commonly known as Classical Feng Shui.

Imperial Feng Shui Vs. Classical Feng Shui 

Difference # 1: Activating Mountain Star 

Imperial Feng Shui

Master David selects the most powerful mountain star sector for the installation of Qian Long Jadeite Mountain at the auspicious mountain star sector (prosperity and benefactor star sector), calculated based on San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars (45 degree accuracy), San Yuan Xuan Kong Liu Fa (15 degree) and San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua (0.9375 degree). 

activate mountain star

Master David applies the most powerful and authoritative date selection methods that consist of Planetary Star, San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia and Bazi Auxiliary Stars for the blessing through to installation of Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain. 

qian long mountain installed

master david tian di ren

Classical Feng Shui

In modern times, classical Feng Shui masters offer shortcuts, baseless and unproven methods by placing garden rock as a cheap alternative to activate the mountain star. 


Many clients who have entrusted their financial well-being to these Internet Feng Shui masters, who don’t have a proper shopfront or office, soon suffered from the financial disasters caused by the erroneous application of Feng Shui. 

Difference #2: Activating Water Star 

Imperial Feng Shui

Master David follows the royal family tradition of installing Imperial Harvest Grade Natural Crystal, free of artificial colouring or synthetic materials at auspicious water star sector(wealth star sector), calculated based on San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars(45 degree accuracy), San Yuan Xuan Kong Liu Fa (15 degree) and San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua (0.9375 degree).

activate water star
Imperial Harvest-grade crystal is certified by a Singapore-based gemologist to be 100% natural, free of artificial colouring and synthetic material. 

clear quartz report

Imperial Harvest-grade crystal is different from Swarovski Crystal, which is a type of artificial lead-glass crystal made from quartz, sand and minerals. 

man made crystal

Imperial Harvest-grade crystal is different from Liu Li 琉璃, an artificial glass infused with fake artificial colouring. 


Classical Feng Shui

Many Classical Feng Shui masters resort to shortcuts and cost-cutting methods like using Liu Li 琉璃 or water features to activate the wealth sector. These methods were never used in the history of Imperial Feng Shui.

As a result, many people experienced little to no improvements because these methods are unproven and untested. 

Difference #3: Treatment of Noxious Energy (Sha Qi) 

Imperial Feng Shui

Master David treats noxious energy by amplifying the auspicious sector with Imperial White Inkstone 一旺挡三煞 or negating the inauspicious sectors with Duan Xi Clearwater Black Inkstone 一台化一煞. 

white inkstone (2)

black instone (1)

Classical Feng Shui

Classical Feng Shui masters use salt and water to treat and negate inauspicious energy. Again, this method is invented by Classical Feng Shui masters, who have decided to dilute the essence of Imperial Feng Shui. These Classical Feng Shui masters prioritise profits over the prosperity of their clients. 


Promoting and Reviving the authentic art of Imperial Feng Shui 

When Master David started practising Imperial Feng Shui, many Classical Feng Shui masters mocked at his persistence to uphold the highest art of Feng Shui. 

They ridiculed his stubborn refusal to bow down to the widely practised Classical Feng Shui, which uses inferior materials to maximise their personal gains over the client’s prosperity.

Some even doubted the survival of Imperial Harvest.

They mocked at Master David’s steely determination in using only the highest and finest precious gems to follow the authentic traditions of Imperial Feng Shui despite the extraordinary amount of effort and financial investment involved. 

They mocked at Master David’s enormous commitment to guide his clients to success when he set up Singapore’s most luxurious Feng Shui galleries befitting of Imperial Feng Shui standards whereas many Classical Feng Shui masters are happy to settle with an industrial office, home office or even a random Facebook group. 

ih gallery_edited

Master David rejected the noises made by these Classical Feng Shui masters and silenced his critics with the impressive results and monumental breakthroughs achieved by his clients and his Imperial Feng Shui practice. 

ih blessed clients

>>Hear it from our blessed clients<<

Imperial Harvest is the hallmark of Master David’s persistence and determination in restoring the former glory of Imperial Feng Shui and commitment to promote Imperial Feng Shui culture and tradition.

At Imperial Harvest, Master David leverages his three generations of Imperial Feng Shui expertise. His commitment to uphold authentic Imperial Feng Shui practices and attention to detail are the reasons why many clients benefited from his time-tested and proven Imperial Feng Shui approach.

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