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What You Need To Know About Chong Yang Festival

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 1 October 2019

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The celebration of Double Ninth Festival or Chong Yang Festival (重阳节) originates from I-Ching (易經) - the book of change. 


According to I-Ching, the number nine (9) is a supreme Yang number. Therefore the ninth day of the ninth Lunar month is deemed to be an extremely auspicious date. 


On this auspicious date, Chinese emperors celebrated the year of harvest and prayed for the following year of economic success (Bountiful Harvest) by honouring Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood to the heavens. 

The royal families did so by climbing a mountain of auspicious element, where the distance between Heaven and Earth is the shortest so that their prayers can be answered readily. 


As the Double Ninth Festival falls on the 7th of Oct in Singapore (ninth day of the ninth lunar month), Imperial Harvest would like to showcase three Imperial Harvest collections that the Royal families of the past had adopted to leverage the immense power to achieve abundance and prosperity.

1. Imperial Harvest Agarwood

Fun fact: Agriculture was the single most important economic activity in ancient China. Society considered the Chinese Emperor being worthy of the title, Heaven’s son, when agricultural activities flourished with good weather conditions. A bountiful harvest was a clear sign from the Heaven that the Emperor had the mandate to rule the country while a prolonged drought would signify that the Chinese emperor had lost their heavenly mandate to rule. 


During the Chong Yang Festival, Chinese emperors prayed to the heavens using their Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood. The Chinese emperors would roll each bead as they prayed. This sacred ceremony was conducted at the top of the mountain where the distance between the Heaven and Earth is the closest. 


As part of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition, the Chinese Royal family would usually wear their Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood beads together with their personalised jadeite to enhance their personal luck and to expand their direct wealth capacity. Direct wealth capacity refers to the income potential we derive from our career, business, sales and other regular sources of income.

Only Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood is worthy of prayers to the Heavens. 

In order for the Agarwood to be deemed Imperial Harvest grade, it has to be harvested from the wild forests of South-East-Asia, free of chemicals, man-made fragrance or fertilisers to induce growth of Agarwood resins.

Each Imperial Harvest Agarwood is unique like a fingerprint, with its colour and resin being its distinguishing characteristics.

Fallen Log Agarwood (Yellow Meat)

fallen log yellow meat_chongyang

Fallen Log Agarwood is an extremely rare Agarwood that can only be found in rare and dangerous old forests in deep mountains.

Fallen Long Agarwood (Yellow Meat) helps to accelerate growth in career and business.

Fallen Log Agarwood (Purple Meat)


The difference between Yellow Meat and Purple Meat is the years of fermentation, Purple Meat having been fermented for a longer period of time, giving it its signature purplish hue.

Fallen Log Agarwood (Purple Meat) accelerates the growth in career and business and to acquire powerful mentors.

Tiger Striped Agarwood

tigerstriped wood_chongyang

Tiger-striped Agarwood derives its name from the thick stripe of Agarwood resin across each Agarwood bead. It is formed when the fallen Agarwood tree is half buried underground.

Tiger Striped Agarwood assists its destined owner to accelerate the growth in their career and business, acquire powerful mentors and to grab powerful opportunities.

Red Earth Agarwood

red earth_agarwood_chongyang

Earth Category Agarwood is the second most premium grade Agarwood. It is exceptionally difficult to discover because the Agarwood is buried underground while it undergoes fermentation for a few centuries.

Stupendous growth in career and business, tremendous support from powerful mentors and high growth opportunities can be expected when acquired.

Dark Earth Agarwood


Dark earth Agarwood derives its name from the dark and intense colour. A myriad of complex rich soil minerals contribute to its rich and intense dark coloured resin.

The Dark Earth Agarwood is perfect for those looking for stupendous growth in their career and business, multiply career and business income by multi-folds, gain tremendous and firm support from powerful mentors and subordinates and also to grab and secure high growth million-dollar opportunities.

Near Sinking Agarwood


Near-sinking Agarwood is one of the finest Agarwood types in the world. It nearly sinks when it is placed in water. Typically owned by members of royal families in the past, its rich and intense resin is fully and evenly distributed.

This extremely rare Agarwood is ideal for individuals looking for accelerating million-dollar growth in their career and business, multiply career and business income by many folds, receive tremendous million-dollar support from powerful leading authorities in their industry, secure many million-dollar growth opportunities and eventually to reach the top of their industry.

2. Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

jadeite mountain combined_chongyang

The Chinese Emperors in the past have always faced these two common Feng Shui challenges. Firstly, it was difficult to construct Imperial palaces neighbouring auspicious elemental mountainous due to non practicality and lack of infrastructure. 

Secondly, sacred prayers for blessings were usually conducted at the top of a mountain where the distance between Heaven and Earth is the closest. The Royal families believed it was paramount to conduct sacred praying ceremony at the top of the mountain to ensure that their wishes were heard. However, like everyone, Chinese emperors age and as they grew older, they would no longer have the physical vitality to ascend mountains to conduct auspicious prayers.

During the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qian Long’s team of Imperial Feng Shui Masters devised an intelligent and elegantly powerful solution to solve these two challenges - the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain. 

qianlong jadeite mount installed_chongyang

The Qian Long Jadeite Mountain provided the Imperial Palaces with the auspicious elemental mountain 山管人丁 to bring prosperity and success to the royal occupants of the Imperial Palaces and also served as the wish amplifier when Emperor Qian Long placed his Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood on the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain to voice his goals and wishes for the dynasty to the universe. 

Similarly, in Singapore, there are no mountainous regions to tap on the auspicious energy of the mountain formations. Chong Yang Festival would be one of the most auspicious occasions to install the Imperial Harvest Jadeite Mountain.  Master David has specially designed three types of mountains based on Metal, Wood and Earth element.

auspicious mountain_chongyang

The Metal Mountain is specifically designed to optimise the influx of wealth and success.

metal mountain jadeite_chongyang

Wood mountain is specially designed for literati star and scholastic achievements.

wood mountain_chongyang
Earth mountain is ideal for benefactors and support.

earth mountain_chongyang

Master David will personally install the jadeite mountain based on the Feng Shui assessment of your home, shop or office on a precisely selected auspicious date. Master David’s meticulous approach and calculations reflects his utmost dedication to his clients.

3. Imperial Harvest-Grade Crystals - Galaxy of Wealth Crystal Collection


山管人丁,水管财. Mountain stars governs the benefactors and prosperity and water star governs the wealth. A good house or office Feng Shui would not be completed without the installation of Imperial Harvest-grade crystals. 

The Galaxy of Wealth Crystal Collection draws wisdom and inspiration from ancient Chinese and Western Philosophers. The collection is born out of the observation and study of the constellation of stars, where the movements of these celestial bodies have effects on human affairs and the natural world. 

galaxy of wealth crystal collection_chongyang

Imperial Harvest-grade crystal is the authentic method used to activate the water star position in your home or your office to usher in wealth and prosperity. The Galaxy of Wealth Crystal Collection plays a vital role in helping you to adjust and enhance the Qi in your surroundings.

activate water star_chongyang

Each crystal in Imperial Harvest  is painstakingly crafted over the course of nine months, stringently inspected by gemologists and then installed personally by Master David Goh on an auspicious day. Having Imperial Harvest Crystal blessed and installed during the auspicious Chong Yang Festival has a doubly effect of bringing prosperity and abundance for its destined owner and family.

All Imperial Feng Shui remedies will be personally blessed by Master David at an auspicious time and date. 

During the Chong Yang Festival, auspicious energies can be enjoyed by all during the festivities. However, those seeking to leverage on the energies and looking to amplify them should book a complimentary Bazi consultation to find out how you can achieve financial breakthrough. You can also contact your Imperial Harvest advisors at +65 9122 1826 (SMS / Whatsapp / Call) during our office hours.

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