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Bliss of Harvest - Fine Jadeite Bracelet

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 22 November 2019

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The Bliss of Harvest design is inspired by Master David’s visit to the Altar of Heaven in Beijing. The collection is one of Imperial Harvest’s most iconic designs. Breaking the conventions, Master David sets the bar for elegant and cutting-edge Feng Shui jewellery.

The Bliss of Harvest bracelet is designed with the contemporary female in mind, tailored specifically to be worn on the wrists to signify the accumulation of wealth. Each Bliss of Harvest bracelet comes set in 18k rose gold and adorned with the finest jadeites in colours which match an individual’s favourable element, adhering to Imperial Feng Shui principles.

Bliss of Harvest Design

Formed within the centre of a raw jadeite boulder, the heart of the jadeite is carefully and stringently carved out by expert jadeite craftsman each with 30 years of expertise. The earthly treasure known as the jadeite heart powerfully emanates potent Qi of an entire jadeite boulder to enhance its destined owner’s luck to bring wealth and prosperity.

Geometrical Heart-piece


The jadeite heart is clasped together by 18k rose gold rings, which symbolises harmony and wholesomeness, and is penned with an intricate architectural and oriental design. Masterfully designed by Master David, the Bliss of Harvest collection incorporates Chinese heritage together with modern luxurious jewellery. 


As the 18k rose gold rings encloses the jadeite heart, it further heightens the jadeite’s powers as auspicious Qi continuously cultivates and flourishes within the expertly sophisticated design of the Bliss of Harvest bracelet. 

Adorning Links for the Accumulation of Wealth


Affixed to the heart-piece is an 18k rose gold chain, epitomising the tethered fluidity by binding the brilliance of the design of the heart of the bracelet and linking it to its destined owner. The rose gold chain that symbolises perennial accumulation of wealth fastens the Bliss of Harvest’s heart to the wrist, symbolising the aspect of its destined owner’s vice-like grip on wealth.



Minimalist and refined, each Bliss of Harvest bracelet is an everlasting treasure that ushers in wealth and abundance. The Bliss of Harvest bracelet is the perfect embodiment of both sartorial elegance and versatility for the contemporary woman.

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