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Attracting powerful benefactors - The Imperial Fengshui Way

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 11 September 2018

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Importance of Benefactors

No man is an island. Therefore benefactors are critical for our success.

Benefactors provide us with timely advice and guidance to embark on the path of least resistance in wealth creation and relationship success.

Benefactors appear at strategic moments of our lives to guide us through our challenges and obstacles and eventually achieve our desired breakthroughs.

Benefactors inspire us with new business and investment ideas to accomplish breakthrough results in our ventures and investment returns. 

In short, benefactors bring us opportunities, wealth and success.

The secret that Emperor Qian Long did not want you to know

In the closely guarded texts of Imperial Fengshui, mountains govern the benefactor, harmony and health, while water (rivers, ocean and seas) governs the wealth accumulation and income growth.  

This is the reason why Emperor Qian Long’s counsel of Imperial Fengshui masters placed the Jadeite Mountains in his Chinese palaces to help Emperor Qian Long to amplify his benefactors’ support, health and relationship harmony.

The result: Emperor Qian Long is said to lead a prosperous, healthy and harmonious life, supported by many talented and honourable government officials. 

Emperor Qian Long’s favourite Jadeite Mountain 乾隆御用翡翠山

Qian long favorite jadeite mountain

Chance to prosper at the scale Chinese Royal Families enjoy

In the past, many commoners did not have the chance to prosper at the scale that royal families enjoy because Emperors like Qian Long forbade the dispensing of Imperial Fengshui to the commoners to consolidate and protect their powers and authority.

The world has changed. Master David Goh inherited his exclusive Imperial Fengshui knowledge from his grandfather, Imperial Grand Master Fu Tian Long and his father, Imperial Master Long De Ren.

Master David Goh sets his sights to changing the world of fengshui by delivering time-tested Imperial Fengshui principles and recommendations individualised for each person’s specific internal and external situations that work regardless of a person’s religious beliefs.

Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

In honour of Imperial Fengshui culture, Master David has specially designed the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain collection 乾隆御用翡翠山 for his blessed clients’ homes and offices.

Click here to read "Using Imperial Feng Shui for your home"

Master David will personally assess individual home or office fengshui to place the Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain using the Imperial Fengshui principles.

Wood Mountain Ref_ 2883

Metal Mountain Ref_ 2884

Earth Mountain Ref_ 2878

Very limited pieces available. Available for viewing at our galleries

If you are interested to learn more about the Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain collection or simply want to find out how you can attract benefactors in your life, book a free consultation.

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