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The Hard Truth You Need To Know About Success

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 September 2018

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What makes a person successful?

1. Skills and Knowledge

Many insurance and property agents have undergone professional training to acquire cutting-edge sales techniques and product knowledge. However, not all agents become successful in their trades.


In a property show flat, there are two people: one is a serious buyer, while the other is a passer-by. The serious buyer is assigned to a sales rookie who just joined the industry with zero sales experience, while the passer-by is assigned to a sales veteran. The outcome is obvious. The rookie closed the deal with breeze, but the veteran scored zero sales.  

2. Hard work

All successful people are hard working, but not all hard working people are successful. Hard work does not necessarily translate to success. Hard work is a cheap commodity. The lazy people will tell you they work smart. The hard working people will tell you they work hard and work smart. If everyone is working hard and working smart, then what is the differentiating factor? 

3. Decisions

We are logical in making decisions. We make decisions that are beneficial to our overall well-being. Decisions produce actions, which leads to results. Making the logical decisions does not help us become successful if the external circumstances are not favourable. 

For example, when we have multiple job offers, we will naturally choose the job offer that provides the highest remuneration, the best career prospects and the most ideal working environment. What happens if the job that we select turns out be a job with limited growth in the future? 

What happens if you have acquired the right knowledge, produced a lot of hard work and made many seemingly right decisions, yet did not achieve any measurable result?

What happens if all you need to succeed in life is to meet the right people at the right place at the right time - and be given the right opportunity to thrive and prosper?

 Luck is key to achieving success.


The role of luck in achieving success is often underplayed. As a society, we are rooted in our belief that success is attributed to these personal qualities. While this notion holds some truth, have you noticed that the most successful people are almost never the most talented ones? 

What is good luck?

Good luck refers to being at the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people and getting the right opportunity. These circumstances set us up for success. 


Good luck in careers translates to meeting benefactors such as bosses who provide opportunities to develop and excel; clients who appreciate and recognise good work; and colleagues who contribute to one's success and rapid progression at work.

"Hard work does not equate to success"

There's no doubt successful people are arguably 'intelligent', 'talented' and put in hard work to get to where they are. However, have you wondered why not all hardworking and intelligent individuals are successful? 

The answer - Unfavourable (bad luck) luck cycle.

If your luck cycle is going through your unfavourable element then it can be said that you are going through an unfavourable or bad luck cycle.  This is why you find yourself not getting the right opportunity, not meeting the right people or simply not doing the right thing at the right time despite being talented and hardworking. 

Want to get out of your bad luck cycle?

The solution - Imperial Fengshui to alter your luck 

At Imperial Harvest, we practise Imperial Fengshui to help our clients attain the state of good luck and eventually success and happiness. 

(click to read about Imperial Feng Shui) 

Curious to learn about your luck cycle? Book a free Bazi consultation with our Fengshui experts.

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What is Imperial Feng Shui?

Imperial Fengshui is one of the most closely guarded fengshui secrets that royal families of the past use to enhance their luck and personal well-being. 

Imperial Fengshui leverages the best earthly treasures (Jadeite, Agarwood and Sandalwood) to balance the elemental deficiency in individual's destiny and activate the state of good luck. 

For centuries, Imperial Fengshui remains one of the royal families's best kept secrets. 

Why Imperial Fengshui appeals the rich and wealthy 

Imperial Fengshui focuses on attainment of goals while classical fengshui focuses on prediction of the outcomes and delaying our plans. 

(Read about the differences between Classical and Imperial Fengshui here) 

A typical classical fengshui master will tell their clients to wait for their good luck cycle to arrive before acting on their plans. 

Master David, 3rd generation Imperial Fengshui master, will empower their clients to achieve their goals and aspirations in the shortest possible time. 

Many clients continue to seek Master David's advice as they continue to achieve breakthrough results and success. 

How does Imperial Fengshui work?

For enhancement of overall luck, Master David will prescribe Imperial Harvest Jadeite based on his client's destiny chart, goals and aspirations.

Fine Black Jadeite Cabochon Tiara Ring of Success Fine Black Jadeite Cabochon Tiara Ring of Success

Fine Green Jadeite Midas Touch

Fine Green Jadeite Midas Touch Pendant 

Exquisite Jadeite Clover Bracelet - Exquisite Green Jadeite Cabochon

Fine Green Jadeite Clover Bracelet 


Understanding their goals and aspirations 

Master David focuses on his client's goals and aspirations. He spends time listening to his clients' needs and wants before selecting suitable Jadeite design that will empower them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Imperial Fengshui Blessing 

Master David selects the auspicious date and time based on the most rigorous date selection method that comprises Zhu Ge Liang's San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia, Auxiliary Stars and Client's Destiny Chart to bless the jadeite with the highest order of vermillion prepared on Imperial White Inkstone. 



Raving Reviews for Master David  

Master David's fengshui approach leverages his three generations of Fengshui expertise. Many clients benefited from his time-tested and proven fengshui approach. 



To learn more about how Imperial Harvest can help you achieve good luck and massive breakthroughs in your life and career. Book a free Bazi consultation.

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