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A Cut Above The Rest

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 January 2020

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Like the most brilliant star in the milky way, the Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochon radiates extraordinary brilliance like no other gem. Carved out of the heart of a jadeite boulder, the jadeite cabochon emanates powerful energy to bestow a positive message of auspicious luck and prosperity to its wearer. 

Challenging industry benchmarks, Imperial Harvest is breaking new grounds with the release of the Imperial Harvest Cut. The newest innovative jadeite cut magnifies the level of sparkle of the Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochon. In gemological terms, the level of sparkle means levels pertaining to the fire, brilliance and scintillation exuded from the Imperial Harvest Cut.

The Imperial Harvest Cut allows light to traverse throughout the jadeite in a way that it would be reflected into the viewer’s eye. Additionally, it also fully maximises the usage of the jadeite, through exploiting the cut by magnifying the other 3Cs: Carat, Colour and Clarity.

The Science and Art of the Imperial Harvest Sparkle

duo ring

The innate power and brilliance of the Imperial Harvest Cut comes from within its sparkle. The sparkle of the Imperial Harvest Cut is derived from 3 principal factors - Fire, Scintillation and Brilliance. 

These 3 factors intertwine wonderfully in the Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cut design and increases the number of benefactors in your career, business and investments by leaps and bounds.

Fire - the light dispersion that appears as flashes of brilliant jadeite colours. It is beautifully seen in darker environments like at formal events during the night. The fire of an Imperial Harvest Jadeite refers to your 暗贵人 - people who assist you behind the scenes. 

Scintillation - the pattern of the dark and light facets that intensely sparkle when the jadeite is moved. It is usually seen in brightly-lit environments or during daytime. The scintillation of an Imperial Harvest Jadeite refers to your 明贵人 - people who assist you directly. 

Brilliance - the light reflected in and out of the jadeite. Having perfect proportions will prevent light leakage and thus, make the jadeite brighter. The brilliance determines the intensity and volume of wealth you attain. The stronger the brilliance, the larger the amount of wealth you will be able to attain. 

Five Signature Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cuts  

Oval Cut Jadeite 

oval cut

Oval Jadeite is a modified brilliant-cut. As the name suggests, oval jadeites are symmetrical, elongated rounded shapes which provide excellent fire and brilliance.

Why choose the Imperial Harvest Oval Cut Jadeite?

oval cut combo

Oval Cut Jadeite provides intense fire and brilliance which is ideal for clients who wish to attain massive financial breakthroughs and success with the support from many powerful benefactors, and from the aesthetic perspective, its elongated shape makes the finger of the wearer appear longer and slender, an effect often desired.  

With an increased surface area, an Oval Jadeite optimises carat weight; this means that oval jadeite appears larger than a round jadeite of the same carat weight - an impressive and prudent choice. 

Pear Cut 

pear cut

The modified brilliant cut pear-shaped jadeite is a combination of an oval and a marquise shape with a tapered point on one end. Its signature silhouette is instantly recognisable and much desired.

pear cut combo

Why choose the Imperial Harvest Pear Cut Jadeite?

Master David invented the jadeite polishing wheel that enabled every facet of the jadeite to be polished - a turning point in which all pear-shaped jadeite going forward had the opportunity to exhibit superb brilliance and fire and scintillation - which translates to powerful benefactors supporting you directly and behind the scenes and enabling torrents of wealth to be directed to your career, business and investments. 

Emerald Cut 

emerald cut

Emerald cut is an elegant jadeite shape and is sometimes referred to as a square emerald cut. Its long facets and large table are a window into its mesmerising beauty.  On top of the brilliance and sparkle, you will see flashes of light due to its linear and straight facets - this effect is known as the Hall of Mirrors - symbolising wealth, benefactors and opportunities coming to you from all directions. 

Why choose the Imperial Harvest Emerald Cut Jadeite?

emerald cut combo

The emerald cut jadeite is striking. The flashes of light attract powerful benefactors 明贵人 assisting you directly, enabling you to achieve million-dollar breakthroughs, wealth and success within a short period of time. 

The commanding aesthetic of an Imperial Harvest Emerald Cut Jadeite also enhances your authority and wealth, enabling you to achieve stature and authority. 

Asscher Cut

asscher cut

The Asscher cut jadeite has 72 facets which are larger and wider-set - three rows on top and three on the bottom. The elegant step cut draws your eyes into the centre of the jadeite - both captivating and mesmerising anyone who catches its gaze. 

Why choose the Imperial Harvest Asscher Cut Jadeite?

assher cut combo

The Asscher cut jadeite creates an incredibly stunning visual effect known as the Hall of Mirrors - ideal for attracting powerful benefactors support, opportunities for advancement and growth to achieve breakthroughs and success. 

72 facets of Asscher Cut Jadeite refers to 72 transformation. It offers the wearer excellent versatility to move and expand their businesses into regional markets or advancing into a regional or global role for job seekers. 

Radiant Cut

radiant cut

A radiant cut is a cutting technique that combines the best elements of emerald and round jadeite shape - allowing radiant cut jadeite to exhibit incredible brilliance and fire. With 70 facets, the radiant cut is one of the most brilliant jadeite shapes, that maximises wealth capacity and advancement in career.  

Why choose the radiant cut jadeite?

radiant cut combo

Radiant cuts are perfect for those who appreciate the contours of an emerald cut but also desire the sparkle of a round brilliant cut jadeite. It brings powerful benefactors to assist directly and guide you privately as well, enabling you to achieve rapid and massive financial success within a short period of time. 

Radiant cut jadeite possess a silhouette shape very similar to an emerald shape but its facets are cut in a more similar way to that of a round jadeite. That means that the appearance of the jadeite has a vivacious sparkle - attracting opportunities and success to your career, business and investment. 


Clarity of Imperial Harvest Jadeite

clarity scale

The term Jadeite Clarity refers to the rating given to a jadeite based upon how crystal clear it is on a clarity scale. Almost all jadeite have some inclusions on the inside of the stone that gemologists call “inclusions”. 

The impurities in jadeite are often due to the presence of minerals like calcium, chloromelanite and iron. 

Which Jadeite clarity is considered the best?


IH standard_revised

Imperial Harvest only accepts jadeite graded Flawless, Internally Flawless and VVS1 and rejects the 99.7% of the world’s jadeites; offering only the rarest and impeccable quality jadeites for our esteemed clients. 

Importance of Clarity of Jadeite 

Jadeite clarity translates to the speed of prosperity. The higher the clarity, the faster the results. As a commitment to help our clients achieve massive immediate breakthroughs within three to six months, Master David only selects the finest quality jadeite of impeccable quality for the Imperia Harvest Jadeite Cabochons. 

Carat Weight 

What is a jadeite carat weight?

caret size

Before grams and ounces, precious gemstones were weighed using carobs, a long green bean with seeds inside. The beans were nearly identical in size, making them ideal for Mediterranean traders to use when weighing gemstones. One carob weighed exactly 0.2grams, which eventually coined the term ‘carat’.

How does Jadeite Carat influence power?

Jadeite carat correlates to the size of wealth, opportunities and quality of benefactors you will be attracting with your Imperial Harvest Cut Jadeite Ring. In other words, the bigger the jadeite carat, bigger wealth opportunities, career advancements and more competent benefactors will be accessible to the wearer.



The colour of the Jadeite is the single most important factor when it comes to selecting your Imperial Harvest Jadeite Ring.

Master David and his team of senior consultants calculates your lifetime favourable elements and auspicious colours to determine your ideal choice of jadeite colours.

Selecting your lifetime favourable elemental colours

colour 2

Every destiny chart is unique. Hence there are five different elemental colours for clients who require to use wood, water, metal, fire or earth element to achieve the state of good luck and attract powerful benefactors, torrent of wealth and opportunities. 

 Only the rarest Fancy Vivid Colours 

The colour of the Jadeite decides the intensity and prowess of the Jadeite power. Master David rejects all faint or pale coloured jadeites offered to him for the cutting of Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochons. 

Only intense and pure jadeite colours are used to help clients achieve the best possible results. 

The Finishing Touch by Master David Goh 

tian di ren-2

To activate the energy of Imperial Harvest Jadeite, Master David Goh selects the auspicious date and time based on three date selection system 

  • Vedic Astrology 
  • San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia 
  • Bazi Auxiliary Stars and Favourable Elements

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